UK Visa Refusal on General Grounds DER, DVR 320(7A-7B), V3.6-3.11

Document Examination (DER), Document Verification Report (DVR)

Paragraph 320(7A), 320(7B), V 3.6-3.11 of Appendix V for Visitors

This post explains when document examination or document verification report needs to be filled for UK Visa Refusal on Mandatory General Grounds under paragraphs 320(7A) and 320(7B) of the rules. For visitors, refusal under paragraph V 3.6 and V 3.7-11 of Appendix V.

UK Visa Refusal Under Paragraph 320(7A) and 320(7B)


When an application is refused under paragraph 320(7A) or 320(7B), either a document examination report (DER) or a document verification report (DVR) needs to be filled. This is because it is to ensure that there is a clear audit trail which shows how the decision has been reached.

In some cases when an application is refused on these grounds, deception might also be known from another source, for example, from a report or through an interview. In such cases, DER or DVR still needs to be filled, even if that means simply referring to a question and answer interview or another report. It is not required to confirm that a document is false if a DVR has been filled completely.

If an applicant, third party or appeal case asks for a copy of the DER or DVR, it must be depersonalized.

Reasons for UK Visa Refusals on Mandatory General Grounds and Appealing/Challenging a Refusal and 10 Year Ban Decision

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