UK Family Visitor Visa | UK Tourist Visitor Visa General Guidance

This relates to general guidance for UK Visitor Visa Applications as a Family and Tourist Visitor and provides information relating to permitted and prohibited activities inside the UK on a Family and Tourist Visit Visa.

Permitted Activities as Family and Tourist Visitor

General Tourism is a Permitted Activity

Permitted Activities on UK Family Visitor Visa

For visit visa applications as a tourist, the applicants are not required to provide an itinerary. However, usually, an applicant may provide some details of his/her stay in the UK on the application form. Moreover, at the border, the visitor/tourist may expect to be questioned about his/her planned activities in the UK.

Prohibited Work and Business Activities on UK Visitor Visa

The information provided by an applicant relating to the purpose of visit/activities to be undertaken are scrutinised so as to ensure that these do to prohibited work under V4.5 (unless these activities are allowed under the permitted activities in Appendices 3, 4 or 5 of the Immigration Rules): 

  • taking either full time or part time employment in the United Kingdom;
  • doing/undertaking work for any organisation or business in the United Kingdom;
  • establishing/running a business as a self-employed person;
  • doing an internship or job/work placement;
  • selling any goods or services directly to the general public;
  • providing all types of goods and services in the United Kingdom or elsewhere.

Moreover, permitted activities under Appendix 3 should not amount to employment or filling a role even on a temporary basis.

If at the border, it may transpire that a tourist intends to undertake prohibited work under Para V4.5 of Appendix V of the Immigration Rules then his/her entry is refused.

For family members, there is no provision to stay with individuals for either the duration of the visit or for an extended period of time. If a family member intends to live in the UK then he/she needs to apply through the dependant routes, for instance, either as partners or children or as a dependant of an academic visitor for more than six (6) months. Moreover, family members should not be either making frequent or successive visits to the UK or residing in the United Kingdom for extended periods.

Child Care is a Permitted Activity for a Genuine Visitor/Relative

Where a family member is coming to look after a child in the UK, this is a permitted actively provided it is for a short duration and the relative should not be intending to employed as child-minder. The applicant is required to satisfy the ECO that the visit is for a short period and the applicant is a genuine visitor/relative.

Volunteering for a Registered Charity is a Permitted Activity

Appendix 3 of the Immigration Rules allows a visitor to undertake volunteering (not voluntary work); however, volunteering must not be the main purpose of the visit. Volunteering should only be for a registered charity and cumulatively during the stay period must not be longer than 30 days. Applications of those applicants/visitors are refused who are visiting the UK only for volunteering. It is pertinent to note that if an applicant is visiting the UK for either volunteering or voluntary work, then the applicant should apply through the Tier 5 Charity worker route of the Points Based System (PBS).

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