UK Visa Refusal Rate 2017 from South Asia

This relates to UK Visa Refusal Rate by Country 2017 for the UK Visa and Immigration Applications made from South Asian Countries viz. Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, The Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka during the April-June 2017 quarter.

UK Visa Refusal Rate from South Asian Countries

UK Visa Refusal Rate from South Asia 2017

According to the Official Statistics in April-June 2017 quarter, 280,943 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from South Asian Countries.

270,228 applications were Resolved during the Quarter, and 233,529 Visas were Granted and as many as 36,082 applications were Refused. Therefore, the overall UK Visa Refusal Rate during the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2017 was 13.35%. Moreover, 614 applications were withdrawn and 3 applications lapsed during the quarter from South Asian Countries.


7,312 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from Bangladesh. 6,248 applications were Resolved during the Quarter, and 4,403 Visas were Granted and as many as  1,815 applications were Refused and 30 applications were withdrawn. Therefore, the overall  UK Visa Refusal Rate from Bangladesh during the Second Quarter of 2017  was  29.05%.


48 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from Bhutan. 42 applications were  Resolved during the Quarter, and 38 Visas were Granted and as many as 4 applications were Refused. Therefore, the overall  UK Visa Refusal Rate from Bhutan during the  Q2 of 2017 was 9.52%.


223,405 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from India. 218,481 applications were  Resolved during the Quarter, and 197,975 Visas were Granted and as many as  20,058 applications were Refused and 447 applications were withdrawn. Therefore, the overall  UK Visa Refusal Rate from India during the Second Quarter of 2017 was  9.18%.

The Maldives

Applications were made for Entry Clearance from The Maldives. 4 applications were Resolved during the Quarter and 4 Visas were Granted.


4,177 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from Nepal. 3,714 applications were  Resolved during the Quarter, and 2,801 Visas were Granted and as many as 900  applications were Refused and 13 applications were withdrawn. Therefore, the overall  UK Visa Refusal Rate from Nepal during the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2017 was  24.23%.


36,890 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from Pakistan. 33,513 applications were Resolved during the Quarter, and 21,817 Visas were Granted and as many as 11,596 applications were Refused, 98 applications were withdrawn and 2 applications lapsed. Therefore, the overall  UK Visa Refusal Rate from Pakistan during the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2017 was 34.60%.

Sri Lanka

9,104 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from Sri Lanka. 8,226 applications were Resolved, 6,491 Visas were Granted, 1,709 applications were Refused and 26  applications were withdrawn during the quarter. Therefore, the overall  UK Visa Refusal Rate from Sri Lanka during the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2017 was 20.78%.

UK Visa Refusal Rate 2017 from South Asia

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