UK Visa South Africa Cost 2024 Tips and Entry Requirements

UK Visa South Africa Cost 2024 provides an essential guide on the fees and requirements for South Africans applying for a UK visa. The fee for a 6-month visitor visa in 2024 is R2,747. For those planning to study or join a spouse, the costs are R11,703 and R44,088, respectively. Additionally, a priority service is available for R11,941, offering faster processing. Generally, the visa processing time in South Africa post-biometrics for visit, study, and work visas is about 3 weeks.

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UK Visa South Africa Cost 2024

1. Overview: UK Visa from South Africa 2024

South Africans must obtain the appropriate UK visa for visits, work, or studies. Visa requirements vary based on the visa category.

How much is visa to UK from South Africa?

The cost of a UK visa for South African citizens depends on the visa type. Here’s a breakdown:

Visa TypeUK Visa Cost South Africa 2024
Standard Visitor VisaAround R2,747 for up to 6 months.
Long-term Standard Visitor VisaR9,553 to R22,999, depending on length.
Skilled Worker VisaR13,160 to R33,914, depending on specifics.
Student VisaAround R11,703.
Marriage Visitor VisaApproximately R2,747.
Spouse or Partner VisaAround R44,088.
An Overview of UK Visa Cost South Africa 2024

Note: Additional costs for South Africans may include the Immigration Health Surcharge, translation services, and legal advice.

UK Visa Processing Time in South Africa 2024

  • Non-settlement visas typically take around three weeks.
  • Priority non-settlement applications take about five working days for an extra R11,941.
  • Settlement visas usually process within 12 weeks after biometrics.
  • Priority settlement visas take around six weeks for an extra R11,941.

Duration of Stay for South Africans in the UK

  • Visitor visas allow a stay of up to 180 days per visit.
  • Spouse, student, or work visas have specific validity periods.
  • Extension options exist for those meeting Leave to Remain (LTR) criteria.

Cost of Travel to UK from South Africa

Travel costs from South Africa to the UK range from US$1,750 to US$5,225 per person for a 7-15 day trip. This includes visa fees, optional priority service fees, flights, living expenses, and travel insurance.

6-Months Passport Validity for South Africans Travelling to the UK

The United Kingdom generally does not enforce a strict 6-month passport validity rule for South Africans. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to have a passport that remains valid throughout the entirety of your intended stay in the UK. Following this guideline can help you avoid potential complications during immigration checks and throughout your visit. Always consult the latest travel advisories for the most current and accurate information.

What Visa Do I Need to Live in the UK from South Africa?

The visa type you need depends on your specific situation:

Visa TypePurpose for South Africans
Family VisaFor South Africans to join a family member in the UK.
Spouse or Partner VisaFor South Africans moving to live with a spouse or partner in the UK.
Skilled Worker VisaFor South Africans with a job offer in the UK.
Student VisaFor South African students intending to study in a UK institution.
Business VisasIncludes Innovator, Start-up, and Investor visas for South African entrepreneurs and investors.
Retirement VisaAlthough the UK doesn’t offer a specific retirement visa, South African older individuals may opt for an Investor visa.
Ancestry VisaAvailable to South Africans with a UK-born grandparent.
Youth Mobility SchemeLimited availability for South Africans aged 18-30 to experience life in the UK.
Overview of UK Visa Types for South Africans Seeking to Live in the UK

    Our multilingual, qualified London-based immigration specialists will get back to you, usually within 2-3 working days. If you have not attached any documents, the UK-based law firm may ask for relevant case-specific documents such as refusal letters, deportation orders, application forms, etc. After reviewing the documents and information, the legal advisor may suggest a course of action and quote the fees for processing the application.

    UK Visa from South Africa 2023
    Gateway To The Uk: Essential Insights On Visa Success, Fees, And Processing For South Africans In 2024

    2. Visitor Visa UK from South Africa 2024

    South Africans must apply for a visa to enter the United Kingdom. The only exception is for South Africans with dual citizenship from visa-exempt countries like the USA, Australia, New Zealand, or EU Member States.

    Standard Visitor Visa from South Africa to UK

    The standard visitor visa allows South Africans to engage in various activities, including tourism, family visits, business engagements, and short-term studies. Understanding the eligibility criteria is crucial before submitting an application.

    Essential Criteria: UK Visitor Visa Requirements for South African Citizens

    UK immigration personnel scrutinize multiple elements, like the objective of the trip, the applicant’s financial status, and their lodging and exit strategies.

    In the year ending September 2022, a total of 79,129 South Africans applied for visitor visa UK. 75,902 applications resolved, 73,667 visit visas granted to South African nationals, and 1,742 applications rejected. Therefore, the UK visitor visa success and refusal rate from South Africa are 97.06% and 2.30%, respectively.

    How Much is Visa from South Africa to UK?

    In 2024, the UK visa application fees from South Africa are categorized as follows: R2,747 for a 6-month visa, R9,553 for a 2-year visa, R18,414 for a 5-year visa, and R22,999 for a 10-year visa. All these visa categories limit your stay to a maximum of 180 days per visit.

    Under normal circumstances, the processing time for a standard visitor visa is around three weeks. For quicker processing, there’s a one-week priority option available for R11,941, and for even faster service, a next working day super priority option at R23,883.

    Tourist Visa to UK from South Africa

    For South African citizens applying for a UK tourist visa, the procedure entails filling out an online application form, paying the necessary visa fee, and submitting biometric data at a local visa application center. Additionally, applicants are required to submit various supporting documents.

    Required Documentation for Tourist Visa to UK from South Africa

    • Proof of intent to return to South Africa, supported by employment or educational commitments
    • Bank statements verifying adequate funds for the stay
    • A detailed travel itinerary and proof of accommodation, such as hotel reservations

    Show Money for UK Tourist Visa for South African Citizens

    Applicants are required to have sufficient financial resources, typically between GBP 3,000 and 5,000, to support all expenses during their UK trip. The precise amount needed depends on the trip’s duration and the number of people involved.

    Can My South African Girlfriend Visit Me in the UK?

    A Standard UK Visitor Visa is required for your South African girlfriend to visit the UK. The process involves an online application, payment of the visa fee, and biometric data submission.

    London Visa Requirements for South African Citizens

    The standard visitor visa caters to trips particularly to London. This entails an online application, document verification, and providing biometric information.

    Other Visit Visa from South Africa to UK

    Details for South African ApplicantsUK Visa Cost South Africa 2024
    Marriage Visitor Visa: For South African citizens planning marriages or civil partnerships in the UK. Duration: Up to 180 days.R2,747
    Private Medical Treatment Visa: For South Africans traveling to the UK for medical treatment lasting 6-11 months. Note: Attendants must apply as visitors.R4,777
    Visiting Academics: For South African academic professionals engaging in research or educational exchange in the UK for up to 12 months.R4,777
    Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE) Visa: For South Africans undertaking short-term paid tasks like lecturing in the UK, valid up to 30 days.R2,747
    Parent of Child Student Visa: For South African parents whose children are enrolled in UK fee-paying day schools, valid for 12 months.R15,213
    Transit Visas: Essential for South Africans passing through the UK en route to another nation. Types: Airside Transit and Visitors in Transit.R836 (Airside Transit)
    R1,529 (Visitors in Transit)
    Other Visit Visa from South Africa to UK

    3. Student Visa UK from South Africa 2024

    The UK Student Visa permits South Africans to pursue a range of educational opportunities in the UK, from higher education to Student Union roles.

    In the year ending September 2022, a total of 892 South Africans applied for student visa UK. 925 applications resolved, 863 student visas granted to South Africans, and 57 applications rejected. Therefore, the UK student visa success and refusal rate for South Africans are 93.30% and 6.16%, respectively.

    Cost of British Visa in South Africa for Student Applications

    South African students applying for a UK Student Visa will need to pay a standard fee of R11,703. The usual processing period for this visa is approximately 3 weeks. For those in need of quicker processing, an expedited service is offered at an additional cost of R11,941.

    Additionally, it’s mandatory for students from South Africa to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), which is set at £624 annually, as part of their student visa application.

    Short-term English Language Visa from South Africa to UK

    The short-term study visa is designed for South Africans studying English in the UK for 6-11 months, costing R4,777. A 6-month course costs R2,747.

    Work Rights for South African Students

    Student Status and RightsDetails for South African Students
    Work Rights During Term (Degree-Level Students)Up to 20 hours of work per week allowed.
    Work Rights During Academic Breaks (Degree-Level Students)Full-time work allowed.
    Work Rights (Sub-Degree Level Students)Limited to 10 hours of work per week.
    Dependent’s Work Rights (Degree-Level Students)Dependents can work.
    Dependent’s Work Rights (Sub-Degree Level Students)Dependents cannot work.
    Post-Study Work Opportunities (Graduates)Eligible for a 2-year post-study work visa.
    Post-Study Work Opportunities (PhD Holders)Eligible for a 3-year post-study work visa.
    UK Visa from South Africa 2024: Work Rights for Students

    4. Family Visa UK for South Africans 2024

    The family route is for those South Africans who can apply for a UK visa because of their relationship to a person settled in the UK or a British citizen. This includes spouse settlement visa, adult dependent relative, parent of a British Child visa etc.

    In the year ending September 2022, a total of 2,224 South Africans applied for family settlement visa UK. 1,812 applications resolved, 1,708 family settlement visas granted to South Africans, and 89 applications rejected. Therefore, the UK family (spouse) settlement visa success and refusal rate from South Africa are 94.26% and 4.91%, respectively.

    UK Spouse or Partner Visa for South African Citizens

    • Application Criteria for South Africans: South African citizens must adhere to the Appendix FM of the UK Immigration Rules. Essential aspects of the UK Spouse Visa include proving a genuine relationship, ensuring financial stability, having secure accommodation, and meeting English language proficiency standards.
    • Visa Validity and Extension: The spouse visa for South Africans is initially valid for 33 months and can be extended for an additional 30 months. After 5 years, South African applicants are eligible for Indefinite Leave to Remain under partner route, contingent on continual adherence to visa requirements. A 10-year settlement route is also an option if certain criteria such as financial stability or English proficiency are not initially met.
    • Spouse Visa Fees for South Africans: The base application fee for South Africans is R44,088. For expedited processing within 6 weeks, an additional charge of R11,941is applicable, totaling R56,029.

    Other Family Visa from South Africa to UK

    Details for South African ApplicantsUK Visa Cost South Africa 2024
    Fiancé(e) Visa: For South Africans planning to marry or engage in a civil partnership in the UK. Valid for 6 months, with an option to switch to a spouse or civil partner visa post-marriage/partnership.R44,088
    Parent of a British Child: For South Africans with sole guardianship of a British child.R44,088
    Adult Dependent Relative: For South Africans needing extended care from a UK relative.R77,620
    Returning Residents: For South Africans who were previously settled in the UK and wish to return.R15,213
    Other Family Visa from South Africa to UK

    5. Working Visa for UK from South Africa 2024

    The primary route for South Africans seeking UK employment is through the Skilled Worker Visa. Other options include visas like Innovator, Startup, Global Business Mobility, and Health and Care Worker.

    In the year ending September 2022, a total of 10,015 South Africans applied for work visa UK. 9,862 applications resolved, 9,593 work visas granted to South African nationals, and 216 applications rejected. Therefore, the UK work visa success and refusal rate from South Africa are 97.27% and 2.19%, respectively.

    Skilled Worker Visa UK from South Africa

    South Africans can work in the UK under the Skilled Worker Visa. This visa is for those sponsored by a licensed Home Office sponsor for specific skilled roles. It offers a path to permanent UK settlement. The cost of the UK work visa for South African in 2024 stands at R17,172 for up to three years and R33,914 for longer durations.

    Skilled Worker (Shortage Occupation) Visa

    This is a specialized category of the Skilled Worker Visa with reduced fees. The cost is R13,160 for up to three years and R25,889 for durations longer than three years.

    Health and Care Work Visa UK from South Africa

    This visa is specifically designed for qualified doctors, nurses, or allied health professionals from the South Africa who are sponsored by a licensed Home Office sponsor. It also provides a route to permanent UK settlement. The UK Work Visa for South African cost for this category in 2024 is R6,783 for up to three years and R13,160 for more extended periods.

    Global Business Mobility Visa UK from South Africa

    A brief overview of UK work visas available for South Africans under the Global Business Mobility category, along with their 2024 fees.

    Details for South African ApplicantsUK Visa Cost South Africa 2024
    Senior or Specialist Worker: High-level South African managers or specialists transferring to a UK branch.R17,172 (up to 3 years)
    R33,914 (over 3 years)
    Graduate Trainee: Individuals in graduate programs leading to specialist roles in the UK.R7,117
    UK Expansion Worker: South African Specialists or senior personnel expanding a business into the UK.R7,117
    Service Supplier: Individuals providing services as per UK trade commitments.R7,117
    Secondment Worker: South Africans seconded to the UK for high-value contracts or investments.R7,117
    Global Business Mobility Visa UK from South Africa

    Quick Guide to Other Work and Business Visas

    Below is a brief overview of various UK visa categories along with their associated fees for South Africans looking to work or do business in the UK.

    Details for South African ApplicantsUK Visa Cost South Africa 2024
    Start-Up Visa:
    For South Africans starting an innovative business in the UK.
    Innovator Visa:
    For South Africans with innovative, viable, and scalable businesses. Requirements include an endorsement, £50,000 investment, and B2 IELTS level.
    Innovator Founder Visa (Introduced April 2023):
    Streamlined for international entrepreneurs. Leads to potential permanent UK residency for family members. Endorsement and Application Fees included.
    Endorsement: R23,883
    Application: R28,445
    Investor Visa:
    For high-value South Africans investing in the UK.
    High Potential Individual (HPI) Visa:
    For South African graduates from top-50 global universities seeking employment in the UK.
    Scale-Up Visa:
    For South Africans with a job offer from an authorised UK scale-up company. Leads to potential UK settlement after 5 years.
    Global Talent Visa:
    For South Africans who are leaders or potential leaders in academia, research, arts, or digital technology. UK Visa Cost South Africa vary based on application type.
    Approval Letter: R12,515
    Main Applicant with Letter: R4,586
    Without Letter/Dependents: R17,100
    T2 Minister of Religion Visa:
    For South Africans intending to undertake preaching and pastoral work.
    International Sportsperson Visa:
    For elite South African sportspersons or coaches contributing to UK sports.
    Up to 12 months COS: R7,117
    More than 12 months COS: R17,172
    T5 (Temporary Worker) Visa:
    For South Africans in various sectors, such as seasonal, religious, or creative workers.
    Quick Guide to Other Work and Business Visas
    How to Apply UK Visa from South Africa
    Embarking On A Uk Visa Journey: Insider Tips And Guidelines For South African Applicants In 2024

    6. How to Apply for a UK Visa in South Africa?

    A comprehensive guide tailored for South Africans outlining the steps to apply for a UK visa. Follow this guide from determining your visa type to getting ready for your UK trip. Note: The estimated cost is based on a UK visitor visa, and priority service could shorten the process to 15 working days from 30.

    Total Time: 30 days

    1. Determine the Visa Type

      Determine the Visa Type

      Firstly, ascertain the specific visa category that aligns with your reason for traveling from South Africa to the UK.

    2. Create an Online Account

      Create an Online Account

      Access the UK government’s official website for visa and immigration services and create an account on the UK Visas and Immigration platform.

    3. Fill Out the Application Form

      Fill Out the Application Form

      South African applicants are required to precisely complete the designated online application form, ensuring all information aligns with their supporting documents.

    4. Pay the Application Fee

      Pay the UK Visa Application Fee

      South African applicants, after filling out the UK visa application form, will be navigated by the UKVI online system to a secure gateway for application fee payment.

    5. Assemble Your Supporting Documents

      Assemble Your Supporting Documents

      Depending on the type of visa, collect key documents such as your South African passport, proof of financial status, and UK accommodation details.

    6. Schedule a VAC Appointment in South Africa

      Schedule a VAC Appointment

      South Africans are not qualified to use the Immigration App for identity verification. As a result, it’s vital to book an appointment at a UK Visa Application Centre (UKVAC) in South Africa.

    7. Attend the VAC Appointment

      Attend the VAC Appointment

      Approach your local UKVAC with all necessary documentation and engage in the biometric verification process as directed in your appointment.

    8. Await Visa Decision

      Await Visa Decision

      Your UK visa application will be processed immediately after submission. The decision is generally made within 3 weeks, or 5 working days for those with priority service.

    9. Passport Collection or Delivery

      Passport Collection or Delivery

      Opt for either collecting your passport with the visa from the VAC or having it delivered by a courier service. If you face a visitor visa rejection, options to reapply or undertake a Judicial Review are available. Be aware that appeals are applicable only to cases on human rights grounds, and familiarize yourself with common visa refusal reasons like suspicious intentions and unexplained bank transactions.

    10. Prepare for Your UK Journey

      Prepare for Your UK Journey

      With your visa secured, plan your UK travel and familiarize yourself with the terms of your visa.

    Estimated Cost: 2747 R


    • Application form
    • Valid South African Passport
    • Recent passport-sized photos
    • Invitation letter (if applicable)
    • Payment for visa fee in USD
    • Proof of UK accommodation


    • Internet access
    • South African Passport
    • Financial documents

    Materials: Carbon copies of primary documents, Hard-copy application confirmation, Mail envelope for documentation.

    UK Visa Application Centres in South Africa

    Durban430 Peter Mokaba Ridge, 3rd Floor, The Atrium, Durban.
    Cape TownUpper Ground Floor, Media Quarter Building, Corner of De Smit Street and Somerset Road, De Waterkant, Cape Town.
    Johannesburg2nd – 3rd Floor, 24 Central Building, Gwen Lane and Fredman Drive, Sandton, Johannesburg.
    Port ElizabethGround Floor Building 66, Fairview Office Park, Greenacres, Port Elizabeth.
    Pretoria1st Floor, Menlyn Corner, Growth Point building, Corner of Lois/Atterbury Road, Menlyn, Pretoria.
    UK Visa Application Centres in South Africa

    7. Documents Required for UK Visa from South Africa

    Applying for a UK visa requires careful preparation and submission of several supporting documents. The type of documents required may vary based on the visa category and individual circumstances. Below is a general list of documents that South Africans may need to submit for a UK visa application:

    Document TypeDetails
    General Documents
    Visa Application FormPrint out of the UK visa online application form
    PassportCurrent valid South African passport and previous passports, if applicable
    Translation of DocumentsTranslation of documents not in English/Welsh
    Contact DetailsResidential address and telephone or mobile number in South Africa
    Financial EvidenceBank statements demonstrating sufficient funds, evidence of assets, if applicable
    Tax InformationTax registration certificate and tax returns
    Additional Documents for Specific Visa Categories
    Visitor Visa
    Invitation LetterIf visiting friends, family or for a specific event
    UK AddressA UK address for staying during the visit
    Travel ItineraryTravel itinerary or plans
    Work Visa
    Sponsorship CertificateCertificate of Sponsorship reference number from your UK employer
    English ProficiencyProof of your knowledge of English
    Salary EvidenceSalary slips (for employed persons)
    Study Visa
    CASConfirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from your course provider
    English ProficiencyProof of your knowledge of English
    Financial CapabilityEvidence of financial capability to support your studies and living costs
    Family Visa
    Relationship ProofMarriage or civil partnership certificate, proof of your relationship with your family member
    Family Member’s StatusEvidence of the family member’s immigration status in the UK
    Documents Required for UK Visa from South Africa

    Note: This is not an exhaustive checklist and providing false or forged supporting documents can result in a 10-year ban under General Grounds for UK visa refusal.

    8. FAQs: UK Visa South Africa Cost 2024

    1. What is 10 year UK visa South Africa?

      A 10-year visa allows multiple entries, with each stay under 6 months. Applicants must prove frequent UK visits, intention to leave after each visit, and financial stability. The cost of a 10-year UK visa for South Africans is around R22,999.

    2. How long does it take to process a UK visitor visa in South Africa?

      Regular visitor visa applications usually take 10-15 working days. However, a priority service is available which reduces the processing time to about 5-7 working days. In some cases, processing might extend up to 12 weeks due to factors like document verification, interviews, administrative delays, and other considerations.

    3. What can South Africans do if their visa application remains unresolved after 12 weeks?

      If an application remains unresolved after 12 weeks, applicants should contact UKVI. They can be reached via phone or email.

    4. Can South Africans work in the UK on a visitor visa?

      No, working on a visitor visa is prohibited.

    5. What happens if visa conditions are violated?

      Violations can result in visa cancellation and possible re-entry bans.

    6. What is the procedure for South Africans wishing to study or work in the UK?

      South Africans need to apply for a Student or Work visa, respectively. They must fulfill the specific financial and documentation requirements for each visa type. For a work visa, they can bring dependents but must demonstrate the ability to financially support them.