Home Office Fees 2024: ILR, BRP & UK Naturalisation

1. ILR Fees 2024: Complete Overview

As of October 4, 2023, there’s been an update in the ILR application fees. This section offers a comprehensive breakdown of the new fee structure, including standard application costs and options for expedited processing. Whether you’re a main applicant, a dependent, or applying for a child’s ILR, this guide provides essential information to help you navigate the fee changes and processing times effectively.

Standard ILR Application Fees

  • For Main Applicants and Dependents: The fee has increased to £2,885 (previously £2,404).
  • For Child ILR Applications: The fee is now set at £2,885.

Standard processing time for ILR applications is approximately six months.

Expedited ILR Processing Options

  • 5-Day Priority Service: As of October 4, 2023, this service costs £3,385, combining the ILR fee of £2,885 and an additional priority service fee of £500. This option is available through UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS) for specific ILR categories, including SET(O) and Innovator visa holders and their dependents.
  • Super-Priority Service: The super-priority fee has been revised to £1,000, making the total cost for next-day processing £3,885 (ILR fee plus super-priority fee). Note: This service is not available for applications verified through the UK Immigration: ID Check App.

ILR Service or Requirement: Fees and Processing Times

ILR Service or RequirementFees and Details
ILR Application Fee for Main Applicants and Dependents£2,885 (Effective from October 4, 2023)
Child ILR Application Fee£2,885
Standard ILR Processing TimeApproximately six months
5-Day Priority ILR Application Fee£3,385 (Total: ILR fee £2,885 + priority service fee £500)
Super-Priority ILR Application Fee£3,885 (Total: ILR fee £2,885 + super-priority fee £1,000)
Applicable Categories for Super Priority ServiceIncludes UK Ancestry, HM Forces, Child under 18, Long Residence, various SET(O) categories, SET(M), Innovator visa holders, and their dependents
ILR Service or Requirement: Fees and Processing Times
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    BRP Renewal Fees, ILR Indefinite Leave to Remain Fee 2024
    BRP Renewal Fees, ILR Indefinite Leave to Remain Fee 2024

    2. BRP Renewal Costs 2024: Essential Details

    In 2024, those needing to renew or replace their Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) in the UK will find the fees unchanged from the previous year. This section offers a clear overview of the fees involved for various BRP-related services, ensuring individuals are well-informed about the costs associated with maintaining their residency documentation in the UK.

    UK Residence Permit Renewal Fee

    • Standard BRP Renewal Fees: The cost to renew a UK Residence Permit remains at £19, effective from October 4, 2023.
    • BRP Replacement Fee: The same £19 fee applies for replacing a Biometric Residence Permit within the UK.

    ILR BRP Renewal Fee 2024

    • Renewal for ILR Holders: There is no specific renewal fee for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) itself. However, the BRP, which proves ILR status, typically expires after 10 years. The replacement fee for this BRP is £19.

    Service or Requirement: Home Office Fees 2024

    Service or RequirementHome Office Fees 2024
    UK Residence Permit Renewal£19
    Replacement of Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) within the UK£19
    Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) BRP RenewalNo renewal fee for ILR itself; BRP replacement after 10 years is £19
    Circumstances when a BRP is IssuedIssued for stays over six months, visa extensions, settling in the UK, transferring a visa, and certain travel documents
    Biometric Residence Card (BRC) for EU Settlement Scheme Renewal£19
    BRC Replacement Fee under the EU Settlement Scheme£19
    Service or Requirement: Home Office Fees 2024

    Understanding BRP and BRC

    The BRP is an essential document issued for various circumstances, including long-term stays, visa extensions, and settlement in the UK. Similarly, the Biometric Residence Card for those under the EU Settlement Scheme also carries a renewal and replacement fee of £19.

    This breakdown of BRP renewal costs for 2024 provides clarity for individuals navigating the process, ensuring they are aware of the financial requirements for maintaining their residency status in the UK.

    3. British Citizenship Fees 2024: Updated Info

    The fees for UK Naturalisation and British Citizenship applications have been updated as of October 4, 2023. This section presents a detailed overview of the new fee structure for a range of nationality registration categories, including a specific mention of the Adult Nationality Registration fee, commonly known as the British Citizenship Fee. Understanding these fees is vital for applicants planning to apply for British citizenship or naturalisation in 2024.

    Revised Fee Structure for UK Naturalisation and British Citizenship

    • UK Naturalisation Fees: Increased to £1,500 (from £1,250), with the total cost including the citizenship ceremony fee now at £1,580.
    • Adult Nationality Registration (British Citizenship Fee): The fee for Adult Nationality Registration, often referred to as the British Citizenship Fee, has risen to £1,351 (from £1,126). Including the ceremony charge, the total fee is £1,431. This specific fee applies to adult applicants seeking to register as British citizens, encompassing the costs associated with the processing and formalities of acquiring British citizenship.
    • Child Registration Fees: Now set at £1,214 (previously £1,012), plus an additional £80 for the ceremony if the child turns 18 during the application process.

    Detailed Breakdown of Fees

    CategoryHome Office Fees 2024
    UK Naturalisation£1,500
    Naturalisation with Ceremony£1,580
    British Overseas Territory Citizens£1,000
    Adult Nationality Registration (British Citizenship Fee)£1,351
    Registration with Ceremony (Adults)£1,431
    Child Registration£1,214
    Additional Ceremony Fee (if applicable)£80
    British Overseas Citizenship (Adults)£901
    British Overseas Citizenship (Children)£810
    Detailed Breakdown of UK Naturalisation and British Citizenship Fees 2024

    Fees for Additional Nationality Services

    • Citizenship Ceremony: £80
    • Oath Administration Outside Ceremony: £5
    • Renunciation of Nationality: £372
    • Certificate of Entitlement (Right of Abode): £372
    • Nationality Review: £372
    • Status Letter (Nationality): £250
    • Non-acquisition Letter (Nationality): £250
    • Correction to Nationality Certificate: £250
    • Certified Copy of Nationality Document: £250

    Note: Priority or super-priority services are not available for British Citizenship applications, and the standard processing time is approximately six months.

    With these updates, applicants can precisely budget for their application process, ensuring they are fully aware of all the costs associated with obtaining British Citizenship and UK Naturalisation in 2024.

    4. Student Visa Fees 2024: Full Breakdown

    In 2024, students planning to extend or switch their visa status within the UK will encounter specific fee structures. This section provides an in-depth look at the Student Visa application fees, including options for expedited processing. Understanding these fees is crucial for students budgeting for their educational journey in the UK.

    Detailed Fee Structure for Student Visa Applications

    • Standard Student Visa Extension or Switching: The fee remains at £490. This fee applies to students who are already in the UK and need to extend their visa or switch to a student visa from another visa category.
    • 5-Day Priority Service: For faster processing, students can opt for this service at a cost of £990. This service aims to process the application within five working days, offering a quicker turnaround for those with time-sensitive needs.
    • Super-Priority Service: Priced at £1,490, this premium service (formerly £1,290) processes applications by the next working day, catering to students who require an immediate response.

    Key Insights for Student Visa Applicants

    • Processing Times: The standard processing time for student visa extensions within the UK is approximately eight weeks. However, opting for priority services can significantly reduce this timeframe.
    • Fees Unchanged for Applications Inside the UK: As of October 4, 2023, there has been no increase in fees for student visa applications made from inside the UK.
    • Eligibility for Priority Services: Students should check their eligibility for priority or super-priority services, as these options may not be available for all types of student visa applications.

    Additional Considerations

    • Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS): In addition to the application fees, students are also required to pay the IHS, which grants access to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) during their stay. The exact amount depends on the duration of the visa.
    • Supporting Documentation: To ensure a smooth application process, students should prepare all necessary documentation, including proof of acceptance from a UK educational institution, financial evidence, and previous educational records.
    • Application from Outside the UK: Students applying for a visa from outside the UK should be aware of the different fee structures and processing times applicable to their specific country.

    With this comprehensive overview of the Student Visa application fees for 2024, students can more effectively plan and prepare for their academic pursuits in the UK, ensuring they have accounted for all potential costs and timeframes associated with their visa application.

    5. Work Permit Renewal 2024: Detailed Insights

    In 2024, migrants in the UK looking to extend or switch their work permits will encounter various fee structures, depending on their specific visa route. This section aims to provide clarity on the costs involved in renewing different types of work visas. Whether you’re on a Skilled Worker, Health and Care, or a Global Business Mobility visa, understanding these fees is crucial in planning your stay.

    Eligibility and Visa Categories

    Before delving into the fees, it’s important to note that eligibility criteria vary for each work visa category. Applicants should ensure they meet the specific requirements of the visa they are applying for. Standard processing times also differ per category and should be considered when planning your application.

    Table: Work Permit Renewal and Application Fees for 2024

    Work Permit CategoryHome Office Fees 2024
    Skilled Worker Visa
    CoS up to three years£827
    CoS over three years£1,500
    Shortage Occupation (up to 3 years)£551
    Shortage Occupation (over 3 years)£1,084
    Health and Care Visa
    CoS up to three years£284
    CoS over three years£551
    Global Business Mobility Visa
    Senior/Specialist Worker (up to 3 years)£719
    Senior/Specialist Worker (over 3 years)£1,420
    Graduate Trainee£298
    UK Expansion Worker£298
    Service Supplier£298
    Secondment Worker£298
    Other Work and Business Visas
    Start-Up Visa£584
    Innovator Founder Visa£1,191 + Endorsement Fee £1,000
    Tier 1 Investor Visa£1,884
    High Potential Individual (HPI) Visa£822
    Scale-Up Visa£822
    Global Talent Visa£524 (Initial Application for Approval Letter)
    £192 (Main Applicant with Approval Letter)
    £716 (Main Applicant without Approval Letter + Dependents)
    T2 Minister of Religion Visa£719
    International Sportsperson Visa (up to 12 months)£298
    International Sportsperson Visa (over 12 months)£719
    T5 (Temporary Worker) Visa£298
    Post Study Work Visa (Graduate Route)£822
    Table: Work Permit Renewal and Application Fees for 2024

    This comprehensive breakdown provides a clear understanding of the financial requirements for maintaining or changing work status in the UK for the year 2024. For more detailed information on each visa type, including eligibility and application procedures, applicants are encouraged to refer to the official UK government immigration website.

    6. Other UK Immigration Fees 2024

    In 2024, the Home Office fee structure encompasses a range of immigration applications beyond the standard visas. These fees cater to specific circumstances, from Leave to Remain applications to various travel document fees. This section offers a detailed overview of these costs, ensuring applicants are well-prepared for their respective immigration processes.

    Table: Home Office Fees 2024 for Other Immigration Applications

    Service/ApplicationHome Office Fees 2024
    Leave to Remain UK Fees (2024)
    Standard Application£1,048
    Priority Service (5-Day Processing)£1,548
    Super-Priority Service (Same-Day Processing)£2,048
    Additional Fees for Various Services and Applications
    Visitor Visa Extension (Main Applicant and Dependants)£1,000
    Leave to Enter for Those Liable to Immigration Detention£1,258
    Hong Kong British National (In-country) Visa – 30 Months£180
    Hong Kong British National (In-country) Visa – 5 Years£250
    Retired Person of Independent Means Visa£1,964
    Fee for Processing an Invalid Application£25
    TOC or Document Confirming Identity and Status – Limited Leave to Remain£161
    Travel Document Fees
    Certificate of Travel (Adult)£280
    Certificate of Travel (Child)£141
    Convention Travel Document (Adult)£82
    Convention Travel Document (Child)£53
    Other Costs
    Administrative Review£80
    Life in the UK Test£50
    Table: Home Office Fees 2024 for Other Immigration Applications

    These fees reflect the Home Office’s commitment to covering a wide range of immigration needs. From those extending their visitor visas to individuals applying for travel documents, this table provides the necessary financial information for 2024. It’s advisable for applicants to check the latest updates on fees and requirements on the official UK government immigration website to ensure they have the most current information.

    7. Sponsorship Fees 2024: Comprehensive Guide

    Effective from October 4, 2023, the Home Office has updated its Sponsorship Fees. This includes fees for the Premium Sponsor Service, Sponsor Licence applications, renewals, and Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) and Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS) costs. This section outlines these fees, offering clarity for businesses and educational institutions engaging in sponsorship activities.

    Table: Home Office Fees 2024 for Sponsorship Services

    Service/ApplicationHome Office Fees 2024
    Premium Sponsor Service (12 months)
    Worker and Temporary Worker (Large Sponsor)£25,000
    Worker and Temporary Worker (Small Sponsor)/Student Sponsor£8,000
    Expedited Processing Fees
    Worker or Temporary Worker Sponsorship Management Requests£200
    Sponsor Licence Applications via Priority Service£500
    Sponsor Licence Renewal Fees
    Worker (Large Sponsor)£1,476
    Worker/Temporary Worker/Student (Small Sponsor)£536
    Worker and Student (Large Sponsor)£1,476
    Temporary Worker and Student£536
    Worker Sponsor Licence (Large Sponsor) with Existing Temporary Worker/Student Licence£940
    Student Sponsor Basic Compliance Assessment£536
    Sponsor Action Plan£1,476
    Scale-up Sponsor Licence Fee
    Endorsement Fee (Excluding VAT)£1,500
    Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) Fees
    Skilled Worker/Minister of Religion/Global Business Mobility£239
    Temporary Work Routes including Global Business Mobility£25
    Scale-Up Route£25
    International Sportsperson (Over 12 Months)£239
    International Sportsperson (Up to 12 Months)£25
    Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS) Fee
    Students and Child Students£25
    Table: Home Office Fees 2024 for Sponsorship Services

    This comprehensive table delineates the various fees associated with sponsorship services, ensuring that sponsors are well-informed about the financial aspects of their sponsorship duties. Whether it’s for workers, students, or temporary workers, these fees cater to a wide range of sponsorship needs in the UK.

    8. FAQs: UK Home Office Fees 2024

    1. What are the new ILR application fees for 2024?

      The ILR application fees have risen to £2,885 for both main applicants and dependents.

    2. How much does it cost to renew a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) in 2024?

      The BRP renewal fees remains at £19.

    3. What are the fees for British Citizenship and Naturalisation in 2024?

      UK Naturalisation fees are £1,500, and British Citizenship fees for adults are £1,351. Both include additional costs for citizenship ceremonies.

    4. Are there any expedited processing options for ILR applications?

      Yes, there’s a 5-day priority service at £3,385 and a super-priority service at £3,885.

    5. What are the fees for Student Visa applications in 2024?

      The standard Student Visa extension or switching fee is £490, with priority services available at higher costs.

    6. How much does it cost to renew or switch a UK work permit in 2024?

      Fees vary depending on the visa category, with Skilled Worker Visas starting from £827.

    7. Are there any changes to the fees for other immigration applications in 2024?

      Yes, fees for various immigration services like Leave to Remain and Visitor Visa extensions have been updated.

    8. What are the Sponsorship fees for 2024?

      Sponsorship fees range from £25 for CoS in certain categories to £25,000 for the Premium Sponsor Service for large sponsors.

    9. Is there an increase in fees for the Global Business Mobility Visa in 2024?

      Yes, fees have been adjusted. For example, the Senior or Specialist Worker visa under this category costs £719 for up to 3 years.

    10. What are the processing times for UK visa applications?

      Standard processing times vary, but expedited options can reduce processing to 5 days or even the next working day for an additional fee.

    These FAQs provide a snapshot of the key fee-related information for various UK visa applications and immigration services for 2024 explore UK Government website.