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According to estimates, there are more than 3.8 million EU Citizens in UK. Perhaps Polish citizens are the single largest group with a population of one million living in the UK. Furthermore, the estimated number of Romanian and Irish nationals living in the UK is 411,000 and 350,000, respectively. Therefore, after the end of the free movement, there are glaring questions about the settled status of EU Citizens in the UK.

Status of EU Citizens in UK what you need to know?

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Accordingly, the posts in this category highlight issues pertaining to EU Citizens in UK:

  • future after Brexit
  • after no deal Brexit
  • rights after Brexit
  • policy paper
  • registration
  • settled status
  • cut off date

EU Citizens UK Indefinite Leave to Remain

Perhaps the discussion will be helpful to EU citizens in UK for 10 years and less than five years. Especially for those EU nationals, who are intending to apply indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

EEA Family Permit Visa UK

Moreover, the category discusses EEA family permit requirements for non-EU citizens in the UK. Accordingly, provides information to EEA nationals and non-EEA family members relating to EEA Family Permit:

  • regulations
  • supporting documents
  • refusal reasons
  • refusal appeal
  • success rate
  • UK residence card
  • right to work

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Implications of PM Speech on Rights of EU Citizens Resident in UK

Rights of EU Citizens Resident in UK after Brexit | PM Speech

Rights of EU Citizens Resident in Britain after Brexit EU Nationals to Reapply for Permanent Status, Application Process Cutoff Date, Right to Bring Spouse, Min Income Threshold In the light of PM Theresa May’s Speech to the British House of Commons on June 26, 2017, this post relates to Rights of EU Citizens after Brexit and…

Brexit Implications for EU Citizens Working in the UK

This relates to the implications of Brexit on European Citizens working in the UK and covers the following topics: Brexit and the Great Repeal Bill; Future of EU Nationals Already in Britain; The possibility of Guaranteeing Residency Rights to EU Nationals; Tourist Visiting UK from the European Union; Immigration from EU to the UK; Impact on…

Brexit EU Citizens Resident Applications in the UK Rejection Rate

EU Citizens Resident Applications in the UK Rejection Rate

Post Brexit Referendum EU Resident Applications Rejection Rates 28% Residents Applications in the UK by EU Citizens Refused This post relates to the Rejection Rate of the settlement applications made by EU Citizens resident in the UK after the Brexit Referendum and covers the following topics: A) Post Brexit Referendum | EU Citizens Rejection Rate; Estimates…

Net Migration Falls after UK Brexit Vote, EU Applications Doubled

Net Migration Falls after UK Brexit Vote, EU Applications Doubled

Net migration to the UK decreased by forty-nine thousand (49,000) to two hundred and seventy-three thousand (273,000) last year- from Oct 2015 to Sept 2016, according to official figures that include the three (3) months after the Brexit vote in June 2016. The plunge in annual net immigration to below three hundred thousand (300,000) is the first tangible drop in the politically sensitive figure for more than four (4) years. And it may come as a relief to PM Theresa May, who has recently renewed her target to get it below hundred thousand (100,000). The quarterly migration figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that on a yearly basis. Immigration Decreased by 23,000 – Immigration fell by twenty-three thousand (23,000) to reach a leave of five hundred and ninety-six thousand (596,000) in the twelve (12) months to September 2016. Emigration Increased by 26,000 – Emigration rose by twenty-six thousand (26,000) to reach a level of three hundred and twenty-three thousand (323,000) by the end of Sept 2016.