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The UK Visitor Visa is the most common type of entry clearance visa for temporary visiting the UK. Since 2015 it is officially known as Standard Visitor Visa. UK Visa. However, there are other types of temporary visas to the UK such as Permitted Paid Engagement, Marriage Visitor Visa, Parent of Tier 4 Child Visa. Nevertheless, the Standard Visitor Visa remains the most popular visa for visiting for a short duration.

UK Visitor Visa

Probably the most important element of applying the visitor visa is to establish the purpose of visiting the UK. Most noteworthy, the inability of the applicants to establish the purpose and credibility in the application form leads to refusal. Accordingly, the posts in this category discuss the application assessments and provide the reasons for refusals.

Furthermore, details elaborate the details of:

  • documentary evidence
  • sponsorship, especially for the family visitor visa
  • long-term visitor visa rules
  • proof of ties to the home country
  • evidence of family member remaining in the home country

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Business Visitor Visa UK Requirements | C Visit Business Visa UK

UK Business Visitor Visa Rules

Since the UK is one of the leading economic centres, therefore, business people around the globe visit the UK for attending conferences or meetings, arranging deals, negotiating or signing trade contracts or agreements, checking details or goods, undertaking fact-finding missions, or conducting on-site visits and promotional activities. Moreover, apart from the aforesaid general business activities, there are a host of Corporate and Sector Specific permitted business activities allowed under the Immigration Rules. Apart from specifying a clear purpose of visiting the UK, a business visa applicant needs to prove that he/she has ample funds to support himself/herself during the trip, intends to leave the United Kingdom at the end of the visit and can meet the costs of his/her return or onward journey.

UK Visit Visa 2018 | How hard is it to get a Standard Visa?

UK Visit Visa 2018 | How Hard is it to Get a UK Visitor Visa?

If an applicant is not able to establish his/her bona-fide in the application then instead of a visa, the passport is returned with a Refusal Letter stating the reasons for refusing the visitor visa application. In more than 80–90% of the visitor visa applications the common reasons relate to establishing income i.e. origination of funds in the bank statement from employment or business, especially large deposits in the bank statements, which do not commensurate with the stated income of an applicant. Moreover, quite a few applications are refused/banned on General Grounds due to past adverse immigration history- over-stayers, deportation, removals- or submitting false documents or making false statements in the application/during the interview. Please note: in case of a BAN, any future applications are automatically refused up-to 10 years. Therefore, if an applicant deems that the BAN is not justified then he/she needs to the challenge the refusal through a Judicial Review, as there is No Right of Appeal even for the Family Visitors since June 25, 2013.

Short Term Student Child Visa UK for Children under 18 years

Child Student's Arrangements for Travel, Reception and Care

The Short-Term Student Child route is for children under the age of eighteen (18) years, who intend coming to the United Kingdom for studying for up to six (6) months on a course that does not include either a work placement or a work experience. The applicants should be accepted for a course of study by an accredited institution. The applicant needs to provide an acceptance letter from the institution with course details. It is a statutory duty of Her Majesty’s Home Office to take care of children u/s 55 of the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act 2009. The applicant is required to show that suitable arrangements have been made for his/her travel to, and arrival and care in, the United Kingdom. During the application assessment process, the genuineness of documents is thoroughly scrutinised by the examining officer.

Child Visitor Visa UK Requirements, Cost and Guidance Notes

UK Child Visitor Visa Requirements

This post relates to UK Child Visitor Visa Requirements, which are essential to consider whilst making a UK Child Visitor Visa Application for Children Under 16 Years of Age. Accordingly, the post provides details of the following aspects of UK Child Visitor Visa Application: Child Welfare Duty, Child Travelling or Residing without a Parent or a Guardian, Parental Consent and Responsibility for Care, Private Foster Care, Child Visiting to Stay with a Host Family, Charity Organising a Child’s Visit to the UK, Accompanied Children with Visa Nationals and Unaccompanied Children.

UK Visitor Visa Cancelled After Suitability Becomes Doubtful

Visitor visas are not refused on general grounds but are refused due to inability to meet the suitability requirements as per Part V3 or Part V9 of Appendix V for visitors. It is important to note that there is no single set of requirements that apply to all the different types of visitor visa whether for: visit visa application, for leave to enter at the UK border as a visitor or for an extension of a visitor visa in the UK. Therefore, when a visit visa application is refused on suitability grounds or a visa or leave to enter or leave to remain is cancelled/curtailed it is under Part V3 of Appendix V or Part V9 of Appendix V. A leave to enter/remain as a visitor can be either be cancelled before or on arrival at the UK border or can be curtailed if the visitor is unable to satisfy the requirements of Part V9 of Appendix V.

UK Medical Visa Requirements for Private Treatment and Checkup

UK Medical Visitor Visa Requirements for Private Treatment

This relates to UK medical visitor visa requirements for private medical treatment and checkup. Certainly, the UK medical visa is a standard visitor visa for the purpose of private medical treatment, consultation or checkup. Accordingly, the first section highlights the requirements and duration of UK medical visa for private treatment, consultation and medical checkup. Moreover,…

UK Visitor Visa Sponsor Documents: Trip Cost & Maintenance Funds

How Much Bank Balance to Show for Visitor Visa?

This relates to UK visitor visa sponsor financial requirements. Perhaps, for a successful UK Visitor Visa Application, sufficient funds for UK  visa and proof of accommodation UK visa are important. Accordingly, this post explains the details of UK visitor visa maintenance funds, UK visitor visa accommodation proof and UK visitor visa sponsor documents in terms of Paragraphs V 4.2 (Sufficient Funds), V…