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UK visa requirements for family, tourist and business visitorsThis covers the UK visitor visa requirements for family, general tourist, business, marriage and PPE. Perhaps, the UK Visitor Visa is the most common type of entry clearance visa for temporary visiting the UK. Since 2015 it is officially known as Standard Visitor Visa. However, there are other types of temporary visas to the UK such as Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE), Marriage, Parent of Tier 4 Child Visa. Nevertheless, the Standard Visitor Visa remains the most popular visa for visiting for a short duration.

Probably the most important requirement of applying the visitor visa is to establish the purpose of visiting the UK. Most noteworthy, the inability of the applicants to establish the purpose and credibility in the application form leads to refusal. Accordingly, the posts in this category discuss the UK visitor visa requirements. And also indicate the possible refusal reasons.

Furthermore, details elaborate on eligibility requirements, sponsorship documents, multiple entry and long-term visa rules, documents checklist etc. 

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UK Visitor Visa Application Assessment: what you need to know?

What is the UK visitor visa application assessment process?

Perhaps, there could be a host of reasons for visiting the UK. Accordingly, the UK visitor visa application process starts with the reason or need of visiting the UK and culminates when an applicant gets the decision. Certainly, the decision is an outcome of the UK visitor visa assessment process, which evaluates the overall credibility of…

UK Tourist Visa: how to make a successful application?

Can you reapply for a UK tourist visa a month after leaving?

The relates to successfully applying and reapplying for UK tourist visa. Accordingly, provides general and basic information for making a UK tourist visa application for the very first time. Perhaps, the post tries to clarify a few common questions relating to the UK tourist visa. UK Tourist Visa 2019: how to apply and reapply successfully?…

Business Visitor Visa UK: how to make a good application?

Business Visitor Visa UK Requirements | C Visit Business Visa UK

This explains the requirements of UK business visitor visa, in the light of Appendix V of the Immigration Rules. Perhaps, the standard visitor visa for business purpose is also commonly referred to a business visa UK. Accordingly, 6 months standard visitor visa for a business purpose usually refers to as short term business visa. However,…

UK Visit Visa 2019: how hard is it to get it? The Best Advice!

UK Visit Visa 2019 | How hard is it to get a Standard Visa?

For visiting the UK one needs to Apply for UK Standard Visitor Visa for different permissible visit activities. However, the most common purposes are meeting family, attending a business meeting or just tourism for enjoying the sights and sounds of Great Britain. Accordingly, the post highlights the UK visa requirements and applying for standard visitor…

Child Visitor Visa UK: what you need to know? Best Expert Advice!

Child Visitor Visa UK Requirements, Cost and Guidance Notes

This relates to UK Child Visitor Visa Requirements, which are essential to consider whilst making a UK Child Visitor Visa Application for Children Under 18 Years of Age. Accordingly, the post provides details relating to Child Welfare Duty, Child Travelling or Residing without a Parent or a Guardian, Parental Consent and Responsibility for Care, Private Foster…

Why UK Visitor Visa Cancelled? The ultimate killer advice!

UK Visitor Visa Cancelled After Suitability Becomes Doubtful

Usually, a UK visitor visa cancelled after the suitability of a visitor becomes doubtful. Certainly, it is important for a visitor to continue to meet the suitability requirements throughout the validity of a visitor visa. However, if a visitor fails to meet the suitability requirements then leave to enter as a visitor can be cancelled before…