UK Visa Blog- Standard Enquiry Procedure for Case Representation

Please read the Standard Enquiry Procedure before submitting your enquiry as due to a busy workload, incomplete, purposeless and vague inquiries will not be responded.  Otherwise, we strive to answer any enquiry as soon as practicable. Moreover, please read the details of the services and try to fill in the details required on the Contact Page correctly.

First Stage of the Enquiry Process- Explain Your Case

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At the first stage, it is recommended that an enquirer may provide some case-specific details, for instance:

  • If an enquirer intends to visit the UK after a previous refusal then may explain the reasons for the refusal mentioned in the refusal letter;
  • In case the enquiry pertains to Tier-1 Entrepreneur then the enquirer may provide few details about his/her present business activities and his/her business proposals in the UK i.e. what sort of business an enquirer intends to do establish or carry out in the UK as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Migrant in the UK;
  • For fresh visitor visa applications, an enquirer may provide some details of his/her travel history;

Likewise for any other UK Visa Category such as Settlement of Spouse, Unmarried or Same-Sex Civil Partner in the UK, Post Brexit Settlement of EU Nationals in the UK, Tier-1 Investor, Tier-2 Work Permit, Tier-4 Student, Extensions or Leave to Remain in the UK, ILR, Asylum, Citizenship etc. the enquirer is expected to provide the necessary requisite details for a better understanding and advice.

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Second Stage of Enquiry Process- Relevant Documents and Case Fee

Once the enquiry is submitted then a qualified UK Visa and Immigration Adviser will contact the enquirer. An adviser may ask for the provision of relevant Case Specific Document(s) such as Refusal Letters, Deportation Orders, Application Forms etc.

This will certainly enable the enquirer not only to explain the nature of the enquiry but also enable the Adviser to understand the case better, more efficiently and to assess and assist better. Having reviewed the papers and information provided, the legal advisor will then be in a position to process the enquiry and get in touch with the enquirer with an appropriate course of action to be taken and the relevant case fees.

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