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UK immigration rules appendix v for visitors

Since April 2015 Appendix V of UK Immigration Rules for visitors is the reference guide for applying different types of short-stay visa such as standard visitor, marriage, PPE and transit visa. Therefore, for any applicant, it is quite beneficial to go through Appendix V modernised guidance for increasing the chances of success! Accordingly, all the posts in this section are in the light of UK Immigration rules Appendix V for visitors.

Appendix V immigration rules for 4 types of applications

Apparently, Appendix V covers the immigration rules for all types of visit visa applications such as:

  1. Standard visit visa for tourism, family, business meetings etc. and also for
    • Approved Destination Status (ADS) – only for Chinese nationals
    • Private medical treatment in the UK
  2. Permitted paid engagement (PPE) visa
  3. Marriage or civil partner visitor visa
  4. Transit visa

Accordingly, Appendix V for visitors consists of 9 Parts (from V1 to V9) and 5 Appendixes.

Who needs to apply and how to apply?

Perhaps, Part V1 explains who needs to apply for a UK visit or transit visa. And Part V2 explains how to make or withdraw an application. Moreover, Part V3. explains the suitability requirements for all types of visitors. Therefore, irrespective of the type of visit visa application, all applicants need to adhere to Part V1 to V3 of Appendix V.

Eligibility requirements

The Part V4 to V6 explains the eligibility requirements for standard, PPE and marriage or civil partnership visit visa.

Transit visitors

Apparently, Part V7 of Appendix V explains the additional requirements for transit visitor.

Extension of stay in the UK as a visitor

Perhaps, at times a person visiting the UK need to extend the visa. Therefore, Part V8 of Appendix V of Immigration Rules explains the requirements for the extension of stay as a visitor in the UK.

Visa cancellation

Apparently, Part V9 provides guidance on grounds for cancellation of a visit visa or leave before or on arrival at the UK border. And also curtailment of leave.

Appendix 1 to 5 of Appendix V immigration rules for visitors

Certainly, for clarification purpose, Appendix 1 provides the definitions and interpretations of terms used in Appendix V. Moreover, Appendix 2 provides the list of visa nationals i.e. nationals of countries, who require a visa to visit the UK.

Furthermore, Appendix 3 and 4 explain the permitted activities for all visitors and permitted paid engagements, respectively.

Finally, Appendix 5 provides a list of permit-free festivals in the UK.

When an applicant gets a visa?

Certainly, the ECO officer grants a visitor visa on the principle of balance of probability. However, the onus of proof is on the applicant. Most noteworthy: in terms of Appendix V Paragraph 4.2 the discussion in this section is only for those applicants who have a Genuine Intention to Visit the UK!

Immigration specialist solicitors

Certainly, for case processing, reapplication or judicial review after visitor visa refusal, you may contact immigration specialists solicitors London for best results!

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