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immigration solicitorsSpecialist immigration solicitors and lawyers for all types of UK visa applications, extensions and ILR. And for appeals, administrative and judicial review to challenge refusals and 10-year ban.

How to challenge a UK visa and immigration refusal decision?

Quite certainly, if a visa application is refused, then one can either challenge the refusal decision or reapply. Accordingly, depending on the type of application, one can challenge the refusal decision by filing an appeal, administrative and judicial review.

Apparently, this category provides information on how immigration solicitors can help in reapplying after refusal, appeals and judicial review such as:

  • When and how immigration solicitors can reapply or challenge a refusal recision such as visitor visa refusal?
  • Rights of Appeal for Entry Clearance and Leave to Remain Applications
  • Grounds of Appeals in the light of Immigration Rules
  • UK Immigration Appeal Procedure: First Tier Tribunal
  • Filing Online Appeals from Inside and Outside the UK
  • Immigration Appeal and Judicial Review Statistics and Success Rate
  • How to Challenge Refusal Decisions with No or Limited Rights of Appeal such as student visa refusal?
  • UK Immigration Judicial Review Procedure
  • How to Remove 10 Year Ban?

Accordingly, this section covers most entry clearance and leave to remain UK Visa and Immigration Decisions such as:

  • In-Country Immigration Refusal Decisions relating to Leave to Remain, Human Rights, Extension and Settlement
  • Entry Clearance Visa Applications Refusal such as Spouse and Family Settlement, EEA, Asylum and Human Rights Claims
  • Visitor visa refusal decision such as a Family, General Tourist, Business Visitor etc
  • PBS applications such as Tier 1 Entrepreneur Entry Clearance and Extension Refusals
  • Administrative review and appeal against UK student visa refusal

How specialist immigration appeal solicitors can help?

Apparently, the Immigration Act 2014 provides a full right of appeal to challenge certain types of entry clearance and leave to remain applications. Accordingly, specialist UK visa and immigration solicitors and lawyers can professionally challenge an appealable refusal decision relating to:

  • Family and private life
  • Spouse and partners visa application
  • Human rights and asylum claim
  • Revocation of a protection claim
  • EEA Family Permit
  • Deprivation of British citizenship
  • Removals and deportations

Immigration solicitors can also help challenge a refusal with no appeal rights

The applicant may have no right of appeal or the appeal rights may be limited. However, specialist UK visa and immigration solicitors and lawyers can help challenge such refusal through judicial review.

Contact Specialist Immigration Solicitors London for Assistance

For applications, reapplication after refusals and to challenge UK visa refusal contact specialist immigration solicitors London by filling the UK Visa Enquiry Form.

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