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This category provides an overview of the UK Entry Clearance Visas by country, especially for those who are applying for the tourist, family, and business visitor visa for the very first time. Accordingly, the posts in this category provide the details of application charges in the respective local currencies, US Dollars (US$) and British Pound Sterling (£). And try to answer country specific FAQs relating to the UK visa requirements for visitors, processing time and refusal rates and the usefulness of priority and added-value premium services.

Millions of people apply for UK entry clearance visa for visiting, working, studying and settlement every year. However, due to lack of information and understanding, quite a few are unable to make a successful application. Therefore, the focus of the posts in this category is to provide detailed guidance and insight for making a successful application.

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UK Visa Fees 2020/21 for All Types of Applications

This provides the details of UK Visa Fees 2020/21 for Standard Visitor Visa applications for 6 months family, general tourists, and business visits. And the UK visa fees and application cost for...

UK Visa Success and Rejection Rate by Country 2019

This explains the UK visa success and refusal rate by Country for all Types of Entry Clearance Applications - Visitor, Family (Spouse), Work, Tier 1 High Value Migrants, Tier 2 Skilled Workers, Tier...

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UK Entry Clearance Visa Applications

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