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This relates to discussing your matter relating to Entry Clearance, Leave to Enter, Extension and Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK with qualified Immigration Consultants, Lawyers and Solicitors for the best advice and subsequent case processing and representation.

As detailed in our immigration services page, you can discuss the details relating to UK Visas and Immigration such as:

  • UK Visitor Visa- Family, General Tourist, Business.
  • Spouse/Civil Partner Entry Clearance Application, Refusal, Appeal, Settlement.
  • Business Visa UK such as Tier 1 Investor, Entrepreneur.
  • Tier 2 Work.
  • Tier 4 Student.
  • Post-Brexit Settlement of EU Citizens in the UK.
  • Reapplications, Refusals, 10 Year Ban, Appeal, Judicial Review.
  • Human Rights Applications.
  • Any other matter relating to leave to enter or remain in the UK.

UK Visa Contact | UK Visas and Immigration Lawyers London

UK Visa Contact | Specialist Immigration Solicitors London

You can contact the Specialist Immigration Solicitors by completing the UK Visa and Immigration Enquiry Form. It is advised that you go through our Standard Enquiry Procedure in order to obtain the best results through this interaction.

At present we are entertaining enquiries relating to UK Visas and Immigration around the globe. In the recent months, we have received immigration enquiries from central London and its abutting areas, Poland, EU8, Eastern Europe, UAE, USA, Malaysia, KSA, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, Palestine, Algeria, Afghanistan.

UK Visas and Immigration Enquiry Form

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How the Enquiry Procedure Works?

This explains how the enquiry procedure works for discussing your UK Visas and Immigration matter.

Multilingual qualified Immigration specialists deals in all matters relating to UK Visas and Immigration such as Entry Clearance, Extensions, ILR, Reapplications, Refusals, 10 Year Ban, Appeals, Judicial Reviews, post-Brexit settlement of EU Citizens in the UK.

If you like to discuss your immigration matter, then fill the Enquiry Form, explaining the details of your enquiry such as past applications and refusals, the purpose of fresh application from inside or outside of the UK.

For a meaningful interaction and enabling immigration specialists to understand your immigration issue, please ensure that the enquiry details are complete and correct.

A qualified immigration specialist will get back to you, usually within two working days either through email or telephone.

Have a nice day!

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Challenge Refusal Decisions: Immigration Appeals and Judicial Review

  1. Immigration Appeal UK | Tribunal Decisions | Success Rate 2010-18.
  2. Appeal a UK Visa Decision | UK Immigration Appeal Procedure.
  3. Appeal Against Entry Clearance Refusal.
  4. File Immigration Appeal Against an In-Country Decision.
  5. Appeal Against an In-Country Decision from Outside the UK.
  6. UK Visa Appeal Solicitors | Immigration Appeal Success Rate.
  7. Appeal against First Tier Tribunal Decision.
  8. Judicial Review Procedure Immigration Cases.
  9. TOEIC Test Court Decision | In Country Right of Appeal.
  10. Right of Appeal Human Rights Claim Refusal.
  11. Rights of Appeal Immigration Act 2014.
  12. UK Visa Refusal Appeal or Reapply | Reapplying after Rejection.
  13. UK Immigration Appeal Process: Appealing Against UK Visa Refusal.
  14. UK Immigration Grounds of Appeal- Section 84 Immigration Act 2002.
  15. Notice of Appeal UK Visa and Immigration Refusal Decision.
  16. Appeal Against Immigration Decision: Immigration Appeal Solicitor.
  17. UK Visa Refusals: How to Challenge Decisions?.
  18. UK Visa Appeal Tribunal.
  19. UK Visa Judicial Review | How to Remove 10 Year Ban?.
  20. Appeal for UK Family Visit Visa Refusal Abolished on June 25, 2013
  21. Lodging an Immigration Appeal Online | UK Visa Appeal Solicitors.

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UK Standard Visitor Visa:

  1. UK Visit Visa Solicitors for Applications, Reapply, Refusals, JRs
  2. Standard Visitor Visa UK
  3. Parent of Tier 4 Child Visa
  4. Permitted Paid Engagement Visitor Visa
  5. UK Visit Visa Extension- Can I Extend My UK Visitor Visa?
  6. Proof of Ties to Home Country UK Visa
  7. UK Visa Document Requirements | UK Visitor Visa Checklist
  8. Add’l Supporting Documents for Specific Type of UK Visitor Visas
  9. UK Visitor Visa Refusal Reasons for Family, Business and Tourists
  10. UK Visitor Visa Assessment, Requirements and Refusal Reasons
  11. Long-Term Visit Visa UK Multiple Entry Visa Rules
  12. UK Sponsor Documents | UK Visitor Visa Funds Requirements
  13. UK Family Visitor Visa | UK Tourist Visitor Visa General Guidance
  14. UK Business Visitor Visa Requirements: Permitted Activities
  15. Can I Study in the UK on a Visitor Visa?
  16. UK Medical Treatment Visa Requirements | Permitted Activities
  17. Long-Term Private Medical Treatment Visitor Visa UK
  18. UK Child Visitor Visa Application for Children Under 16 Years
  19. UK Visit Visa 2018 | How hard is it to get a Standard Visa?
  20. UK Visitor Visa | Can I Switch a Visitor Visa to a Work Visa?
  21. Applying for UK Visitor Visa after Tier 4 Student Visa
  22. Business Visitor Visa UK Requirements | UK C Visit Business Visa
  23. Suitability of UK Visitor Visa | Visa Cancellation UK

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UK Immigration Statistics and Refusal Rates:

  1. UK Visa Refusal Rate 2017 by Geographical Regions
  2. UK Visa Refusal Rate by Country 2017 | Middle East
  3. UK Visa Refusal Rate 2017 from South Asia
  4. UK Visa Applications from East Asia
  5. UK Visa Refusal Rate by Country 2017 South East Asia
  6. UK Visa Applications from North African Countries
  7. UK Visa Applications from Central and South American Countries
  8. UK Visa Applications from Europe
  9. UK Visa Applications from Sub-Saharan African Countries
  10. UK Visa Applications from Australia and New Zealand
  11. UK Visa Applications from Refugees and Stateless
  12. UK Visas Entry Clearance Statistics
  13. UK Work Visa Statistics April-June 2017
  14. UK Visa Refusal Rate from Pakistan and Reasons for Refusal
  15. UK Visa for Egyptian Nationals | UK Entry Clearance Grants 2017
  16. Details of UK Immigration and Work Visas during 2005-15
  17. Non-PBS Domestic Worker, UK Ancestry Visas Issued During 2005-15
  18. Visa for UK | UK Visa Refusal Rate During 2005-17

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UK Visa, Immigration and Appeal Waiting Times:

  1. UK Immigration Appeal Waiting Time 2018 | First Tier Tribunal
  2. UK Priority Visa, Premium Service- How to Fast Track UK Visa?
  3. UK Settlement Visa Processing Time | UK Spouse Visa Timelines
  4. Long-Term Visitor Visa UK | Processing Time, Fee, Refusals
  5. UK Business Visitor Visa Processing Time 2018
  6. UK Tourist Visa Processing Time 2018 | UK Visa Processing Times
  7. UK Visit Visa Processing Time 2018- Family, Tourist, Business
  8. UK Family Visitor Visa Processing Time 2018
  9. UK Visa Appeal Processing Time
  10. UK Visa Delay Reasons- Why UK Visa Getting Delayed 2018?
  11. UK Visit Visa Processing Time India | Tourist, Family, Business
  12. UK Visit Visa Processing Time from Saudi Arabia
  13. UK Spouse Visa Processing Time from Dubai | EEA Family Permit
  14. UK Spouse Visa Saudi Arabia Processing Time | EEA Family Permit
  15. UK Visa Russia Processing Time
  16. UK Visa Processing Time Saudi Arabia- Tier 1, 2, 4, 5
  17. UK Visa Processing Time Dubai and Abu Dhabi | Tier 1, 2, 4, 5
  18. Tier 1 Entrepreneur Processing Time from Pakistan
  19. UK Visa Processing Time Russia | Tier 1, 2, 4, 5
  20. UK Visit Visa Processing Time from Dubai and Abu Dhabi- UAE
  21. UK Spouse Visa Processing Time Russia | Settlement, EEA Family
  22. UK Visit Visa Processing Time Pakistan General Tourist, Family
  23. UK Spouse Visa Processing Time Pakistan, EEA Family Permit
  24. UK Visa Egypt Processing Time | Cairo
  25. UK Visa Processing Time Jordan
  26. UK Visa Processing Time in Lebanon 2016
  27. UK Visa Processing Time Islamabad 2016
  28. UK Visa Processing Time Karachi 2016
  29. UK Visa Baghdad Processing Times from Iraq
  30. UK Visa Application Iraq | Processing Times Basra
  31. UK Visa Erbil Processing Times | UK Visa for Iraqi Citizens
  32. UK Visa Processing Time Lahore 2016
  33. UK Visa Processing Times Mirpur 2016
  34. UK Visa from Alexandria Egypt Processing Time
  35. UK Visa Processing Time Ankara 2016
  36. UK Visa Priority Service Processing Time- UK Visa Timelines

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UK Visitor Visa, Immigration, ILR, Naturalisation and British Citizenship Fee:

  1. Home Office Fees 2018 | Immigration & Nationality Charges 2018/19
  2. UK Visa Fees 2018 from OUTSIDE the UK | Home Office Fees 2018/19
  3. UK Visa Fast Track Fees 2018/19 | Priority and Premium Visa Fees
  4. UK Visit Visa Fee from Pakistan 2018 | Price in Pakistani Rupees
  5. UK Visit Visa Fees in Indian Rupees 2018
  6. UK Visa Fees 2017 | Home Office Fees 2017/18 Premium Service
  7. UK Work Visa for Egyptian- UK Visa Fee 2017/18.
  8. UK Visa Fees from Lebanon 2017/18
  9. UK Visit Visa Fees from Iraq 2017/18
  10. UK Visa Fee Egypt 2017/18
  11. UK Visit Visa Fee from Pakistan 2017- Family, Tourist, Marriage
  12. UK Work Visa Fees for Pakistan 2017-18 in Pakistani Rupees
  13. UK Visa Fees in Indian Rupees 2017 | Standard Visitor Visa Fee
  14. UK Work Visa Fees for Pakistan 2016/17 in Pakistani Rupees
  15. UK Visit Visa Fee from Pakistan 2016/17
  16. Home Office Fees 2016/17 from Outside the UK

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Spouse, Fiancé Visa UK and Marriage Visitor Visa:

  1. Spouse Visa Refusal Reasons UK
  2. Spouse Visa English Requirement
  3. Spouse Visa Accommodation Requirements
  4. Fiancé Visa UK | Requirements of Fiancé Visa in UK
  5. Marriage Visitor Visa UK
  6. Spouse Visa Domestic Violence UK | Set DV Application
  7. Requirements for ILR as a Spouse | Set M Guidance
  8. UK Spouse Visa Extension Requirements 2018 | FLR (M) Guidance
  9. Spouse Visa UK 2018: Entry Clearance Requirements for Spouse
  10. Spouse Settlement Visa UK Grants During 2006-16
  11. Requirements for Leave to Enter the UK as Spouse of a Refugee
  12. Leave to Enter/Remain, ILR in the UK as Spouse of a PBS Migrant
  13. Spouse Visa UK Success Rate | UK Settlement Statistics 2006-16

Posts on PBS Tier 1 Immigration:

  1. Requirements of UK Tier-1 Investor Visa for High-Value Migrants
  2. Tier 1 Investor Visa Indefinite Leave to Remain
  3. Application for Tier 1 Investor Visa for High-Value Migrants
  4. Details of UK PBS Tier 1, Entrepreneur and Investor Visas Granted
  5. Criminal Record Certificate Tier 1 Investor and Entrepreneur
  6. Requirements of UK PBS Tier-1 Exceptional Talent Visa
  7. Immigration Judicial Review Success Rate | Tier 1, Visitor Visa
  8. Tier 1 Visa Refusal Rate 2017- Extensions and Settlement Grants
  9. UK Entrepreneur Visa Success Rate
  10. Tier 1 Entrepreneur English Requirement | Appendix B
  11. Tier 1 Entrepreneur Maintenance Funds | Appendix C
  12. Attributes for Tier 1 Entrepreneur Immigration Rules Appendix A
  13. Leave to Enter/Remain, ILR in the UK as Child of a PBS Migrant
  14. Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK
  15. Tier 1 Entrepreneur Extension Application | Leave to Remain
  16. Tier 1 Entrepreneur Entry Clearance Guidance | 245DB
  17. How to Apply for Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa?
  18. Tier 1 Entrepreneur Requirement of Scoring 95 Points
  19. Tier 1 Entrepreneur Business Visa Applications by Nationality
  20. Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Requirements, Processing Times, Fee
  21. Tier-1 Entrepreneur Money held in Regulated Financial Institution
  22. Tier 1 Entrepreneur- Fresh and Already Invested Funds
  23. Tier 1 Entrepreneur Maintenance Funds Proof
  24. Tier 1 Entrepreneur Team- UK Business Immigration
  25. Genuine Entrepreneur Test- Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa UK
  26. UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa- Requirements and Immigration Rules

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Posts on PBS Tier 2 Work Visas

  1. Tier 2 Priority Service Timeline | UK Priority Visa Fee
  2. Genuineness Test Tier 2 Visa UK | Add’l Documents & Interview
  3. Tier 2 Visa Statistics April-June 2017
  4. Tier 2 Minister of Religion Visa
  5. Tier 2 Sportsperson Visa | Visa Tier 2 Work Permit UK
  6. Tier 2 Intra-company Transfer Visa
  7. Tier-2 General for Skilled Workers | Work Permit Tier UK Visa

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Posts on Family Reunion and Settlement:

  1. Leave to Enter the UK as a Child of a Relative of a Refugee
  2. ILR in the UK as a Parent, Grandparent, or Relative of a Refugee
  3. Leave to Enter in the UK as Parent or Relative of a Refugee
  4. Family Reunion Rules- ILR as Family of Refugee Settled in the UK
  5. Requirements for Leave to Enter the UK as a Child of a Refugee
  6. Leave to Enter/Remain, ILR in the UK as Child of a PBS Migrant
  7. Applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain as a Parent
  8. Bringing Adopted Child to UK | Visa for Adopted Child to UK
  9. Child Born in the UK to Non British Parents
  10. Bringing Child of a Fiance(e) to the UK- Family Reunion Rules UK
  11. Bringing Your Child to the UK- Limited Leave to Enter or Remain
  12. UK Settlement Visa for Child- Indefinite Leave to Enter or Remain
  13. Indefinite Leave to Remain as the Unmarried or Same-Sex Partner
  14. Leave to Remain in the UK as Unmarried or Same-Sex Partner
  15. Leave to Enter the UK as Unmarried or Same-Sex Partner
  16. Form FLR(IR) – Applications for Extension of Stay in the UK
  17. Human Rights Application UK Visa- Leave to Remain and Enter

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Posts on Naturalisation and British Citizenship:

  1. Naturalisation Residency Requirements- British Citizenship u/s 6
  2. Requirements to Naturalise as a British Citizen u/s 6 of 1981 Act
  3. British Citizenship Application under Section 6 of 1981 Act
  4. British Citizenship Grants by Previous Country of Nationality
  5. British Citizenship, Naturalisation, Registration Types & Grants
  6. Full Capacity Requirement for British Citizenship
  7. British Citizenship Refusal Rate
  8. British Citizenship Reasons for Rejection

Posts on Short-Term Study Visa UK:

  1. Short Term Student Child Visa UK
  2. Short-Term Study Visa Rules UK
  3. UK Student Visa Types | Student Visitor Visa UK Types
  4. Short-Term Study Visa UK Requirements
  5. English Language Student Visa UK Requirements
  6. UK Short Term Study Visa Multiple Entry for a Genuine Student
  7. Short-Term Study Visa UK Statement of Changes Jan 11, 2018

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Refusal on General Grounds:

  1. Types of UK Visa Refusal on General Grounds
  2. Reasons for Refusing UK Visa on General Grounds Paragraph 320
  3. Purpose NOT Covered in the Rules
  4. Deportation Order, Conviction
  5. Deception- Paragraph 320(7A) and V3.6
  6. False Representations
  7. False Documents
  8. Material Facts Not Disclosed
  9. DER, DVR 320(7A-7B), V3.6-3.11
  10. EEA Family Permits
  11. Previous Breach of UK Immigration Rules
  12. Paragraph 320(7B) does not apply
  13. Standard of Proof- UK Visa Refusal under 320(7B), V3.9
  14. Removals 320(7D), AVR (V3.10)
  15. Working Holidaymakers- Working in Breach UK Visa Refusal 320(7B)
  16. Failure To Attend Interview- UK Visa Refusal on Rule 320(7D)

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Related Posts on EU Citizens in the UK Blog:

  1. UK Residence Card for EEA Family Member
  2. EU Citizens Living in the UK | Position Paper
  3. Definition of British Citizenship, Permanent Residence and ILR
  4. EU Citizens Settled Status in UK: Application Process
  5. EU Citizens Rights After Brexit | Safeguarding EU Citizens in UK
  6. EU Citizens Rights in the UK After Brexit | Public Services
  7. Benefits for EU Nationals in UK After Brexit
  8. The Future of Brexit Deal after May 2017 UK Elections
  9. Status of EU Citizens in UK: Who Arrive After the Cut-off Date
  10. Status of EU Nationals: Who are UK Resident Before Cut-off Date
  11. BREXIT Avoiding a Cliff-Edge | Rights of EU Citizens in the UK
  12. A New Status in UK Law to Protect the Rights of EU Citizens in UK
  13. Safeguarding the Position of EU Citizens Living in the UK
  14. Safeguarding the Position of EU Citizens in UK: Summary Proposals
  15. Implications of PM Speech on Rights of EU Citizens Resident in UK
  16. Theresa May Speech June 26, 2017: Rights of EU Citizens in UK
  17. Implications of Brexit and EU Citizens in UK
  18. Brexit EU Citizens Resident Applications in the UK Rejection Rate
  19. Net Migration Falls after UK Brexit Vote, EU Applications Doubled
  20. EU Citizens Stand Firm Against Brexit Business Cannot Run
  21. EU Citizens Resident in UK Lobby for Post-Brexit Residency Law
  22. Zero Chance EU Citizens To Keep Same Rights After Brexit

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Related Posts on EEA Family Permits

  1. EEA Family Permit Requirements
  2. EEA National’s Core and Extended Family Members
  3. EEA Family Permit Establishing Dependency under EEA Regulations
  4. EEA Family Permit Marriage of Convenience
  5. Can Adopted Children Qualify for an EEA Family Permit?
  6. Can Family of British Citizens Qualify for an EEA Family Permit?
  7. Family Members of Dual EEA, British, Irish Nationals
  8. EEA Family Permit Interview | EEA Family Permit 6 Months
  9. EEA Family Permit Refusal Grounds, Reasons and Wordings
  10. Do Applicants for EEA Family Permit get a Full Right of Appeal?

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