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This category explains UK family visa requirements under Appendix FM of Immigration Rules for spouse, civil partner, fiancé, and dependent family members such as children, parents, brothers, sisters etc. The 5-year route under Appendix FM is for those who meet all the requirements of Immigration Rules at every stage. If applicants do meet all the requirements, then they are not eligible under the 5-year route. However, if exceptional circumstances may apply then the decision-maker can consider such applications under the 10-year route. Applicants can apply for settlement under the 10-year route on private life only from inside the UK. Accordingly, the posts in this category only relate to settlement on the basis of family and private life under Appendix FM. Therefore, the category does not cover settlement grants under other routes such as:

  • Claim to the right of abode upheld and other grants
  • Own right or on a discretionary basis relating to work, asylum, special vouchers
  • Commonwealth citizens resident on 1 Jan 1973

Every year 50-60K people apply for settlement in the UK on the family route. However, due to lack of information and understanding, quite a few are unable to make a successful application. Therefore, the focus of the posts is to provide free guidance and insight for making successful applications.

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