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UK Visas and Immigration Refusal Rates and StatisticsThis relates to UK Visas and Immigration statistics, refusal rates and refusal on general grounds. And also British Citizenship and Naturalisation requirements. Moreover, also covers details of less frequent types of visa and immigration applications.

Perhaps, in order to provide a better understanding, a number of posts provide information relating to country-specific immigration statistics and refusal rates.

Since a number of applications are refused due to General Grounds for Refusal. Therefore, details of general grounds for refusal is a major subject of posts in this category.

Finally, for case processing, you may contact Specialist UK Visas and Immigration Socilotors.

UK Visa Refusal Rate by Country 2017 Entry Clearance Applications

UK Visa Rejection Rate by Country 2017

This relates to UK Visa Refusal Rate by Country 2017 Q2 for Entry Clearance Applications from outside the UK during April-June 2017. Perhaps, during 3-5 years timeframe, UK visa refusal rate from a particular country usually oscillate within a narrow band. Therefore, the rejection rates may be helpful for future applicants to find out their…

Non-PBS Domestic Worker, UK Ancestry Visas Issued During 2005-15

Details of Non-PBS Work, UK Ancestry Visas Issued During 2005-15

A Total of 255,407 Non-PBS Visas Issued During 2005-15 A total of 253,486 visas (12.79% of the total work visas) were issued to the Main Applicants (outside the UK) under Non-PBS during 2005-15. And 1,921 visas (0.10% of the total work visas) to their Dependants during 2005-15. Therefore, all in all, 255,407 visas (12.89% of the total work visas) were…

UK Visa Pakistan: Visitor, Work, Settlement Application Grants

How can I apply for UK visas and immigration from Pakistan?

This relates to the details of UK visa and immigration applications from Pakistan. Approximately more than hundred thousand applicants every year apply for UK visa from Pakistan. Perhaps, the purpose of more than 70% of UK visa applications from Pakistan is to visit the UK for tourism, business and family. However, UK visa refusal rate from Pakistan…

Deception Ban UK 10 year under paragraph 320(7A) & Appendix V 3.6

This relates to Deception Ban UK for 10 years under general grounds for refusal, immigration rules and Appendix V for visitors. If it is proved that an applicant has used deception in his/her application that the application is refused under paragraph 320(7A) of the Immigration Rules. Likewise, a visit visa application is refused under paragraph…

General Grounds for Refusal under Immigration Rules & Appendix V

General Grounds for Refusal under Immigration Rules & Appendix V

The post explains the details of immigration refusals on general grounds under Paragraph 320 and refusals of visitor visa applications under Appendix V for Visitors. General Grounds for Refusal under Immigration Rules & Appendix V The Immigration Rules have two (2) types of refusal on general grounds. It depends on the grounds an immigration officer…

UK Visa Statistics 2005-17 indicates an ave refusal rate of 14.46%

This post relates to the details of the number of entry clearance applications made for UK Visa and Immigration between Jan 1, 2005, and Dec 31, 2017, under various categories such as Visits, Immigration, Settlement, Work, Study (including Short Term), Family, Dep. joining or accompanying, EEA Family Permits, and Others (Visitors). The post provides the number of UK…