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UK Visas and Immigration Refusal Rates and Statistics

Know the latest visa and immigration information and updates for USA and UK relating to:

  1. US and UK visa and immigration statistics and refusal rates
  2. Reasons for visa rejection on general grounds
  3. Appeal and judicial review for refused applications
  4. Citizenship and nationality requirements
  5. Post-Brexit settlement of EEA/EU nationals in the UK

Immigration information and updates for making a better decision!

Perhaps, immigration information and updates can definitely help an applicant to make a better decision. Therefore, increase your chances of success by knowing more!

Visas and immigration statistics

Apparently, most of the applicants are keen to know about their chances of success. Therefore, this category provides all the latest information and updates relating to UK and USA visas and immigration refusal rates!

10-year ban and refusal on general grounds

Since a number of applications are refused on general grounds. Perhaps, due to false documents and statements, re-entry ban, breaching a condition of stay etc. Therefore, it is important for applicants to know about the general grounds for mitigating ban and refusal due to adverse behaviour!.

UK visa and immigration appeals and judicial review

Perhaps, many applicants don’t know: what to do after refusal? Therefore, posts in this category provide in-depth information on immigration appeals and judicial review. Accordingly, the applicant can know when to reapply or challenge a refused application with or without appeal rights.

EU citizens in the UK

Apparently, the posts cover all critical aspects of the post-Brexit settlement of EU/EEA citizens and their non-EEA family members.

Citizenship and nationality

The posts in this category also cover all the requirements for British citizenship and naturalisation!

UK visa and immigration specialist solicitors

Certainly, for case processing, contact the specialist immigration solicitors London.

Appeal against First Tier Tribunal Decision: IAFT-4 & IAUT-1 Form

First Tier Tribunal Appeal Refused- What to do Next?

This relates to appeal against First Tier Tribunal Decision. It is mandatory that an appellant must apply to the First-tier Tribunal Immigration and Asylum Chamber (FTTIAC) on IAFT-4 for permission to appeal before making an application or appeal to the Upper Tribunal. If the permission is granted by First Tier Tribunal then an appeal can be…

Form FLR(IR) – Applications for Extension of Stay in the UK

Form FLR(IR) - Applications for Extension of Stay in the UK

This relates to Form FLR(IR) for an extension of stay in the UK and FLR(IR) Guidance Notes. Please note: Form FLR(IR) covers different routes for the extension of stay in the UK, some of which, prior to Dec 1, 2016, were covered by Form FLR(O). It is important to note that the applicants need to apply…

UK Priority Visa Fast Tracking Service: what you need to know?

UK Priority Visa Service to Fast Track UK Visa Processing Time

This relates to UK Priority Visa Service (aka premium or express service) to Fast Track UK Visa Processing Time. Accordingly, the post explains the following aspects of UK priority and super-priority visa processing service: What is the purpose of Priority Service? Do I need to pay an additional amount for priority service? Can I Fast…

Naturalisation requirements for British Citizenship

Naturalisation Requirements u/s 6 of British Nationality Act 1981

This relates to UK Naturalisation Requirements for British Citizenship by Discretion. And explains the naturalisation requirements under Section 6(1) and 6(2) of the British Nationality Act 1981. And also naturalisation residency requirements, absences, refusal reasons in the light of statistics. Apparently, during the period 1,625,058 applicants granted British Citizenship and the average refusal rate was 5.10%. Perhaps, the…

UK Settlement Visa Statistics: ILR grants and refusal rate

UK Settlement Visa Statistics 2008-18 Success and Refusal Rate

This relates to UK settlement visa statistics from 2008 to 2018. Accordingly, provide the details of indefinite leave to remain (ILR) application decisions, grants, refusals, success and refusal rate. And also the details of ILR grants under the four broad routes. UK settlement visa statistics and ILR success and refusal rate According to the UK settlement…

British Citizenship Application: checking for automatic claims!

British Naturalisation Applications and Automatic Claims

During 2017 nearly 600 applications for British naturalisation either withdrew or refused as the applicant was deemed to be “British already”. Perhaps, this is a recurring patron and every year quite a few naturalisation applications are withdrawn or refused for the same reason. Therefore, this post explains consideration processing to check for automatic claims and…

TOEIC test victims: updates in the light of the court decision!

TOEIC Test Court Decision: Update for Victims & Affected Students

This relates to TOEIC Case Update 2017 and highlights the details and implications of the decision Ahsan v Secretary of State, on more than 45,000-50,000 TOEIC test victims, who now can challenge their deportation orders and refusal decisions so as not only to re-enter the UK but also to get compensation for their losses. If…

UK Visa Refusal Rate by Country 2017: what you need to know?

The ultimate free guide to UK visa refusal rate by country 2017

This relates to UK Visa Refusal Rate by Country 2017 Q2 for Entry Clearance Applications from outside the UK during April-June 2017. Perhaps, during 3-5 years time frame, UK visa refusal rate from a particular country usually oscillate within a narrow band. Therefore, the rejection rates may be helpful for future applicants to find out…

EU Citizens Rights after Brexit: Theresa May Speech 26 June 2017

EU Citizens Rights after Brexit

The British PM Theresa May’s agenda-setting speech in the House of Commons on June 26, 2017, reveals what ending freedom of movement means to more than three (3) million Europeans living in the UK. In her speech to the House of Commons on June 26, 2017, the British PM Theresa May sets out policy paper that states three (3) million EU citizens resident in Britain…

Bringing adopted child from overseas and UK child adoption visa

This relates to bringing an adopted child to the UK under the Immigration Rules. And also cursory explains the overseas child adoption process in the UK. Therefore, prospective parents first need to get the approval of the Department of Education (DfE) before applying for entry clearance under the immigration rules for the for bringing an…