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In the light of Immigration Rules, this category provides information relating to different types of UK Visas and Immigration applications. Most noteworthy apart from immigration statistics this category does not directly address issues relating to UK Visitor Visa.

UK Visas and Immigration

Accordingly, the posts discuss the eligibility requirements for:

  • Entry Clearance
  • Leave to Remain and Extension
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain and Settlement

Furthermore, the subject matter of posts mainly pertains to:

  • Family Visa UK
  • UK Spouse Visa
  • Tier 1 Investor
  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur
  • PBS Tier 2 Visa
  • Tier 4 Student Visa
  • Short Term Student Visa
  • Naturalization and British Citizenship

Moreover, in order to provide a better understanding, a number of posts provide information relating to Immigration Statistics, Refusal Reasons, UK Visa Refusal Rate.

Since a number of applications are refused due to General Grounds for Refusal. Therefore, details of general grounds for refusal is a major subject of posts in this category.

Finally, for case processing, you may contact Specialist UK Visas and Immigration Socilotors.

Spouse Settlement Visa UK Grants During 2006-16

UK Spouse Settlement Visa Grants 2006-2016

This relates to Grants of Settlement to Spouses on the Basis of Marriage during 2006-2016. According to Official Statistics, during 2006-16, 406,952 Spouse Settlement Visas were granted to Husbands (142,856 Grants i.e. 35.10% of the Total Grants) and Wives (264,096 Grants i.e. 64.90% of the Total Grants) under TEN (10) categories as detailed below. Here it is important to note that 345,075 Settlement Visas were granted to Husbands (123,561 Grants) and Wives (221,514 Grants) whose Spouse is a British Citizen, which constitutes 84.80% of the Total Spouse Settlement Grants during 2006-16. During the period 2006-2016, the highest number of spouse visas were granted in 2009 (55,600) and the lowest number of spouse visas were granted in 2016 (5,271). On a year to year basis in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 a total of 42,717, 36,983, 41,329, 55,600, 53,147, 41,684, 37,399, 50,498, 28,230, 14,094 and 5,271 spouse settlement visas were granted, respectively.

British Citizenship Grants by Previous Country of Nationality

Indians, Pakistanis, Nigerians Get Most British Citizenship

This relates to British Citizenship Grants during 1990-2016 in the light of the Official Statistics. Indian, Pakistani and Nigerian nationals topped the list for the grant of British Citizenship. During the period Indians, Pakistani and Nigerian nationals were granted 373,318,  288,128 and 139,145 British Citizenships, which constitutes 12.32%, 9.51% and 4.59% of the Total British Citizenship Grants 3,031,133 during 1990-2016, respectively. Therefore, nationals from these three (3) countries were conferred with more than one fourth (26.42%) of the British Citizenship Grants during 1990-2016.

British Citizenship Refusal Rate

British Citizenship Application Refused

This relates to British Citizenship Refusal Rate during 2004 to 2016, which indicates that the Refusal Rate was highest in 2005 (9.33%) and lowest in 2013 (3.38%). On an average, during the period (2004-16), the Refusal Rate was 6.18%. During 2016 a total of 162,729 Decisions were made on the British Citizenship Applications submitted for the consideration of Her Majesty’s Home Office. 149,421 Decisions Taken to Grant British Citizenship, as many as 13,308 applications were Refused. Accordingly, during 2016 the British Citizenship Refusal Rate was 8.18%.

British Citizenship, Naturalisation, Registration Types & Grants

Types of British Naturalization and Registration Grants

According to Official Statistics, during 2004 to 2016, 2,130,570 British Citizenship Grants were made under Naturalisation Based on Residence (1,081,124 Citizenship Grants or 50.74% of Total Citizenship Grants), Naturalisation Based on Marriage (460,053 Grants or 21.59% of Total Grants), Entitlement to Registration as an Adult, (2,025 Grants or 0.10% of Total Grants), Entitlement to Registration as a Child (237,407 Grants or 11.14% of Total Grants) Entitlement to Registration on Other Grounds (70,175 Grants or 3.29% of Total Grants), Entitlement to Registration under Section 5 (2,030 Grants or 0.10% of Total Grants), Discretionary Registration as an Adult, (55 Grants or 0.0026% of Total Grants) Discretionary Registration as a Child (272,859 Grants or 12.81% of Total Grants) and Discretionary Registration on Other Grounds (4,842 Grants or 0.23% of Total Grants).

British Citizenship Reasons for Rejection

British Citizenship Applications Reasons for Rejection

This relates to the details of the reasons for the refusal of applications for British Citizenship during 2002-16 in light of the empirical evidence. From 2002 to 2016, cumulatively, 145,974 applications for British Citizenship were refused. British Citizenship Application Refusal Reasons 2002-2016 On a year to year basis, 6,927, 8,976, 12,118, 14,531, 13,610, 14,723, 8,734, 9,902, 7,593,…

Full Capacity Requirement for British Citizenship

Assessment of Full Capacity Requirement for British Citizenship

This relates to the assessment of full capacity requirement for British Citizenship Applications for Naturalisation submitted under Section 6 of the British Citizenship Act 1981. Full Capacity Requirement for British Naturalisation Full capacity is defined in section 50(11) of the British Nationality Act 1981 as being ‘not of unsound mind’. It is not further defined in…

UK Visa India Refusal Rate: How to Apply Visit Visa Successfully?

UK Visas and Immigration from India 2017: UK Visa Refusal India

This relates to the details of UK visas and immigration from India. Approximately more than half a million applicants every year apply for UK visa from India. Perhaps, more than 80% of applicants apply for UK visit visa from India. However, UK visa refusal India is showing a rising trend. Therefore, the aim of the post…

UK Visas Entry Clearance Statistics

Refusal of Entry Clearance UK Visa

This relates to UK Visas Entry Clearance Statistics 2017 and provides the details of UK work, immigration, family, study and visitor visa applications submitted during the Second Quarter (April-June) 2017 from outside the UK. Refusal of Entry Clearance UK Visa According to Official Statistics during the Second Quarter (April-June) 2017, 1,036,552 Applications were made for…

UK Visa Refusal Rate by Country 2017 Entry Clearance Applications

UK Visa Rejection Rate by Country 2017

This relates to UK Visa Refusal Rate by Country 2017 Q2 for Entry Clearance Applications from outside the UK during April-June 2017. Perhaps, during 3-5 years timeframe, UK visa refusal rate from a particular country usually oscillate within a narrow band. Therefore, the rejection rates may be helpful for future applicants to find out their…

Leave to Enter the UK as a Child of a Relative of a Refugee

Leave to Enter, Remain, ILR as a Child of a Relative of a Refugee

Requirements for Leave to Enter or Remain as a Child of a Relative of a Refugee or Beneficiary of Humanitarian Protection and an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) as – Paragraphs 319X to 319Y of the Immigration Rules Part 8: Family Members Home Office, UK Government. Published on 29 February 2016 Updated on 02 May 2017. Child of a Relative of Refugee or Beneficiary…