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UK Visas and Immigration Refusal Rates and StatisticsThis relates to UK Visas and Immigration statistics, refusal rates and refusal on general grounds. And also British Citizenship and Naturalisation requirements. Moreover, also covers details of less frequent types of visa and immigration applications.

Perhaps, in order to provide a better understanding, a number of posts provide information relating to country-specific immigration statistics and refusal rates.

Since a number of applications are refused due to General Grounds for Refusal. Therefore, details of general grounds for refusal is a major subject of posts in this category.

Finally, for case processing, you may contact Specialist UK Visas and Immigration Socilotors.

Naturalisation Statistics UK: what you need to know for success?

Naturalisation Statistics UK 2008-17 and Reasons for Refusal

This relates to Naturalisation Statistics UK & British Citizenship by Registration 2008-17. Apparently, during the period 1,625,058 applicants granted British Citizenship and the average refusal rate was 5.10%. Perhaps, the highest number of grants (843,579) made under naturalisation based on residence. Most noteworthy: the single most significant reason for British Citizenship Application Refusal is “not of good…

UK Visa Entry Clearance Statistics: what you need to know?

All you need to know about UK visa entry clearance statistics

This relates to UK Visas Entry Clearance Statistics 2017 and provides the details of UK work, immigration, family, study and visitor visa applications submitted during the Second Quarter (April-June) 2017 from outside the UK. Refusal of Entry Clearance UK Visa According to Official Statistics during the Second Quarter (April-June) 2017, 1,036,552 Applications were made for…

UK Visa Refusal Rate by Country 2017: what you need to know?

The ultimate free guide to UK visa refusal rate by country 2017

This relates to UK Visa Refusal Rate by Country 2017 Q2 for Entry Clearance Applications from outside the UK during April-June 2017. Perhaps, during 3-5 years time frame, UK visa refusal rate from a particular country usually oscillate within a narrow band. Therefore, the rejection rates may be helpful for future applicants to find out…

UK Visa Pakistan: what you need to know before applying?

What is the most popular UK visa type in Pakistan?

This relates to the details of UK visa and immigration applications from Pakistan. Approximately more than hundred thousand applicants every year apply for UK visa from Pakistan. Perhaps, the purpose of more than 70% of UK visa applications from Pakistan is to visit the UK for tourism, business and family. However, UK visa refusal rate from Pakistan…

Re-Entry Ban UK: what to know, how to challenge? Best Free Advice

Re-Entry Ban 320(7b) for a previous breach of UK immigration laws

An applicant usually gets UK reentry ban 320(7b) or for a previous breach of UK immigration laws. Perhaps, the previous breach could be due to overstaying, breaching a condition attached to the leave, illegal entry to the UK and using deception in an application. Accordingly, depending on the nature and severity of the previous breach an…

Deception Ban UK under paragraph 320(7A): Can I Apply Again?

Deception Ban UK under paragraph 320(7A): Can I Apply Again?

Usually, an applicant gets 10-year deception ban UK due to an adverse behaviour under paragraph 320(7A) of the Immigration Rules. However, a visit visa applicant gets 10-year deception ban under paragraph V 3.6 of Appendix V. Therefore, the post explains the possible reasons for deception ban UK. And also if an applicant can apply again or…

UK Visa Purpose: what you need to know? Best Free Advice!

What are the most popular types and purposes of UK visa?

This post relates to consideration when an applicant is applying for entry clearance, or when a passenger is seeking entry to the UK in a category which is not covered by the Immigration Rules, or when an applicant applies to change his/her permission to stay in the UK for a purpose which is not covered by the Immigration Rules in…

Refusal on General Grounds: what you need to know? Free Advice!

General Grounds for Refusal under Immigration Rules

Apparently, paragraphs 320 to 322 of the Immigration Rules explain the general grounds for refusal for entry clearance and leave to remain applications. Perhaps, an applicant’s background, character, behaviour, conduct or associations lead to a refusal on general grounds. Therefore, the best strategy for mitigating or avoiding a refusal on general grounds is to maintain…

UK Visa Statistics: what you need to know? Best Free Advice!

UK Visa Statistics 2008-18 for entry, extension and settlement

Perhaps, most of the applicants are quite interested in knowing the details of UK Visa Statistics. Therefore, the post provides the statistical details of the total number of entry clearance, leave to remain, extension and settlement applications from 2008 to 2018. UK Visa and Immigration Entry Clearance Statistics According to the Official Statistics as many as more…