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UK Visas and Immigration Refusal Rates and Statistics

Know the latest visa and immigration information and updates for USA and UK relating to:

  1. US and UK visa and immigration statistics and refusal rates
  2. Reasons for visa rejection on general grounds
  3. Appeal and judicial review for refused applications
  4. Citizenship and nationality requirements
  5. Post-Brexit settlement of EEA/EU nationals in the UK

Immigration information and updates for making a better decision!

Perhaps, immigration information and updates can definitely help an applicant to make a better decision. Therefore, increase your chances of success by knowing more!

Visas and immigration statistics

Apparently, most of the applicants are keen to know about their chances of success. Therefore, this category provides all the latest information and updates relating to UK and USA visas and immigration refusal rates!

10-year ban and refusal on general grounds

Since a number of applications are refused on general grounds. Perhaps, due to false documents and statements, re-entry ban, breaching a condition of stay etc. Therefore, it is important for applicants to know about the general grounds for mitigating ban and refusal due to adverse behaviour!.

UK visa and immigration appeals and judicial review

Perhaps, many applicants don’t know: what to do after refusal? Therefore, posts in this category provide in-depth information on immigration appeals and judicial review. Accordingly, the applicant can know when to reapply or challenge a refused application with or without appeal rights.

EU citizens in the UK

Apparently, the posts cover all critical aspects of the post-Brexit settlement of EU/EEA citizens and their non-EEA family members.

Citizenship and nationality

The posts in this category also cover all the requirements for British citizenship and naturalisation!

UK visa and immigration specialist solicitors

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EU Citizens Rights after Brexit: Theresa May Speech 26 June 2017

EU Citizens Rights after Brexit

The British PM Theresa May’s agenda-setting speech in the House of Commons on June 26, 2017, reveals what ending freedom of movement means to more than three (3) million Europeans living in the UK. In her speech to the House of Commons on June 26, 2017, the British PM Theresa May sets out policy paper that states three (3) million EU citizens resident in Britain…

Bringing adopted child from overseas and UK child adoption visa

This relates to bringing an adopted child to the UK under the Immigration Rules. And also cursory explains the overseas child adoption process in the UK. Therefore, prospective parents first need to get the approval of the Department of Education (DfE) before applying for entry clearance under the immigration rules for the for bringing an…

Human Rights UK visa application for entry and leave to remain

Human Rights UK Visa Applications and Claims FLR(O) & Set(O)

This post relates to human rights UK visa applications and appeals for leave to enter or remain in the UK. Accordingly, the post discusses leave to remain applications on human rights grounds. And also claims on Form FLR(O) and Set (O) outside the Immigration Rules. Moreover, the post also discusses the appeal rights against the…

UK Visa Reapply or Appeal after Refusal: what you need to know?

UK Visa Reapply or Appeal: what to do after UK visa refusal?

This relates to UK Visa Reapply or Appeal: what to do after UK visa refusal? After receiving a UK visa refusal letter, most of the applicants are not really sure whether to reapply or appeal against a UK visa refusal decision. The post elaborates on when reapplying is better than challenging a refusal decision and vice versa. This will help…

UK Immigration Appeal Process for filing appeal against refusal

UK Immigration Appeal Process for Filing Appeal Against Refusal

The relates to UK Immigration Appeal Process for appeal against a visa or immigration decision UK under Section 82 of the Nationality Immigration and Asylum Act 2002. Section 82 provides the details of Right of appeal against a visa or immigration decision UK. The refusal decision may relate to entry clearance and leave to enter the UK, spouse visa,…

Immigration Appeal Grounds Against UK Visa Refusal Decision

Immigration Appeal Grounds Against UK Visa Refusal Decision

This relates to UK Immigration Grounds of Appeal available under Section 84 of the Nationality, Immigration & Asylum Act 2002. Accordingly, the post explains grounds of appeal available against a UK Visa and Immigration Refusal Decision, Residual Rights of Appeal, Asylum Claim, limits against decisions made under section 82(2), exceptions under section 88 of the…

Refusal Letter UK Visa and notice of appeal

Refusal Letter UK Visa & Immigration Decision | Notice of Appeal

Perhaps applicants don’t feel good after receiving a UK visa refusal letter. However, it is a requirement to serve a written notice to an applicant for an appealable as well as for a non-appealable immigration decision. And also for a void or invalid entry clearance, leave to enter or remain application and administrative review. Accordingly,…

Appeal Rights UK under Immigration Act 2014 | Right to Appeal

Appeal Rights UK under Immigration Act 2014 | Right to Appeal

This relates to appeal rights immigration UK after the implementation of the Immigration Act 2014. Accordingly, the post covers right to appeal against refusal of human rights and protection claim, entry clearance and leave to remain applications, EEA Family permit and deprivation of British Citizenship. Appeal Rights Immigration UK after the Immigration Act 2014 The Rights…

Brexit Implications for EU Citizens Working in the UK

Brexit Implications for EU Citizens Working in the UK

This relates to the implications of Brexit on European Citizens working in the UK. Apparently, the British Prime Minister Theresa May will trigger Article 50 on March 29, 2017, which paves the way for Britain to initiate the formal two (2) year exit process from the European Union. Perhaps, the British exit from the EU is a pretty complicated process. Therefore, there are…

EEA family permit 2019: guidance, requirements and FAQs!

EEA Family Permit Requirements for Non-EEA Family Members

This relates to EEA family permit requirements and guidance in the light of Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2016 for non-EEA direct and extended family members. And also provides details of supporting documents, refusal reasons checklist, marriage or civil partnership of convenience. And that of EEA family permit refusal and success rate during 2005-17. Accordingly,…