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According to estimates, there are more than 3.8 million EU Citizens in UK. Perhaps Polish citizens are the single largest group with a population of one million living in the UK. Furthermore, the estimated number of Romanian and Irish nationals living in the UK is 411,000 and 350,000, respectively. Therefore, after the end of the free movement, there are glaring questions about the settled status of EU Citizens in the UK.

Status of EU Citizens in UK what you need to know?

EU Citizens in UK - Brexit Immigration Solicitors

Accordingly, the posts in this category highlight issues pertaining to EU Citizens in UK:

  • future after Brexit
  • after no deal Brexit
  • rights after Brexit
  • policy paper
  • registration
  • settled status
  • cut off date

EU Citizens UK Indefinite Leave to Remain

Perhaps the discussion will be helpful to EU citizens in UK for 10 years and less than five years. Especially for those EU nationals, who are intending to apply indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

EEA Family Permit Visa UK

Moreover, the category discusses EEA family permit requirements for non-EU citizens in the UK. Accordingly, provides information to EEA nationals and non-EEA family members relating to EEA Family Permit:

  • regulations
  • supporting documents
  • refusal reasons
  • refusal appeal
  • success rate
  • UK residence card
  • right to work

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EEA Family Permit Requirements for Non-EEA Family Members

This post explains the EEA Permit Requirements for Non-EEA Family Members in the light of Guidance on EEA Family Permit: EUN02. EEA Family Permit Requirements for Non-EEA Family Members Purpose of EEA Family Permit A European Economic Area (EEA) Family Permit is an immigration document that helps the holder to enter the UK as a family member of…