Tier 1 Visa Refusal Rate 2017- Extensions and Settlement Grants

This relates to Tier 1 Visa Statistics for entry clearance, extension and settlement grants during the second quarter (April-June) 2017. All in all, 4,120 UK visa granted i.e. 1,184 entry clearance (or leave to remain) visas, 2,097 extensions and 839 settlements to Main Applicants (2,020 Grants) and Dependants (2,100 Grants).

Tier 1 Visa Statistics Entry Clearance Grants- 1,184

Tier 1 Visa Refusal Rate 2017

During Q2 2017, as many as 565 and 619 grants were made with a refusal rate of 34.32% and 25.09% to Tier 1 & pre-PBS equivalent Main and Dependant applicants, respectively. The grants were made to Tier 1 General, Tier 1 Investor, Tier 1 Entrepreneur, Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur, Tier 1 Exceptional Talent, and Other Permit Free Employment– High-Value applicants.

Tier 1 General- 32

Although applications for entry clearance under Tier-1 General have long been discontinued; however, one (1) visa was granted to the Main Applicant under Points Based System (PBS) Tier-1 General during Q2 2017 and 31 Visas were granted to the  Dependants of PBS Tier-1 General with a refusal rate of  35.29%.

Tier 1 Investor Visa Statistics- 202

A total of 85 and 117 visas were granted to the Main Applicants and Dependants under  Points Based System (PBS) Tier 1 Investor during Apr-Jun 2017, respectively. The refusal rate for the Main Applicants was 11.46% and 16.43% for Dependant Applicants.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Statistics- 623

During April-June 2017, 222 and 401 visas were granted to the Main and Dependant applicants, respectively, under Points Based System (PBS) Tier 1 Entrepreneur. The respective refusal rates for the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Main and Dependant applicants were 47.33%  and 29.03%. (See Also: Tier 1 Entrepreneur Success and Refusal Rate 2008-15, and Tier 1 Entrepreneur Business Visa Applications by Nationality)

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur- 64

53 and 11 visas were granted to the Main and Dependant Applicants under Points Based System (PBS) Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur during  Q2 2017 with a respective refusal rate of 11.67% and 8.33%.

Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Statistics- 144

As many as 85 and 59 visa applications of the Main and Dependants applicants were successful under Points Based System (PBS) Tier 1 Exceptional Talent during April-June 2017 with a  refusal rate of 1.14% and 3.28%, respectively.

Other Permit Free Employment- 119

A total of 119 visas were approved for the Main Applicants under pre-PBS Tier 1 equivalent: Other Permit Free Employment (High Value) during April-June 2017 with a refusal rate of 38.73%.

Tier 1 Visa Statistics Extension Grants- 2,097

During April-June 2017, a total of 1,018 and 1,079 extensions to stay in the UK were granted with a refusal rate of 27.03% and 12.77% to Tier 1 & pre-PBS equivalent Main and Dependant applicants, respectively. The extensions were granted to Tier-1 General, Tier-1 Investor, Tier-1 Entrepreneur, Tier-1 Graduate Entrepreneur, Tier-1 Exceptional Talent and Tier 1 Post Study (Work) applicants.

Tier 1 General Extensions- 193

20 and 173 extensions were granted to the Main and Dependant applicants under Points Based System (PBS) Tier 1 General during April-June 2017 with a refusal rate of 9.09%  and 6.99%, respectively.

Tier 1 Investor Extensions- 623

As many as 233 and 390 extensions were granted to Main and  Dependant applicants under Points Based System (PBS) Tier 1 Investor during April-June 2017 with a refusal rate of  7.54% and 3.47%, respectively.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Extension- 1,011

591 extensions to stay in the UK were granted to Main Applicants with a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Extension Refusal Rate of 36.86%; whereas, 420 extensions were granted to Dependant Applicants with a refusal rate of 23.22% under Points Based System (PBS) Tier 1 Entrepreneur.

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Extensions- 177

120 extensions were granted to Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur (Main Applicants) with a refusal rate of 7.69%; whereas, 57 extensions were granted to their Dependant Applicants with a refusal rate of 6.56% under Points Based System (PBS) during April-June 2017 quarter.

Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Extensions- 92

53 and 39 extensions were granted to the Main and Dependant applicants under Points Based System (PBS) Tier 1 Exceptional Talent during April-June 2017. The refusal rate for the Main Applicants was  1.85%, and there was no refusal for the Dependant applicants during the quarter.

Tier 1 Post Study (Work) Extension- 1

Since this category has long been discontinued; however, one (1) extension was granted to the Main Applicant under Points Based System (PBS)  Tier 1 Post Study during April-June 2017 quarter.

Tier 1 Visa Statistics Settlement Grants- 839

As many as 437 and 402 settlement grants were made to the Main and Dependant applicants under Points Based System (PBS) Tier 1 High-Value Migrants during April-June 2017.

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