A Complete Guide to UK Visa and Immigration Statistics 2008-18

This relates to UK visa and immigration statistics 2008-18 for entry clearance, leave to remain (extension and switching) and ILR (settlement) applications. During 2008-18 a total of 30.28M, 3.47M, and1.52M Entry Clearance, LTR (Switching and Extensions), and ILR (Settlement) applications decided by the Home Office (UKVI).

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UK visa and immigration statistics
UK Visa and Immigration Statistics

UK Visa and Immigration Statistics

During 2008-18 more than thirty million (30,253,870) Entry Clearance Visa Applications were made from outside the UK. 30,282,225 applications decided, 26,104,387 visas granted, 4,006,913 applications refused, 145,737 applications withdrawn, and 25,188 applications lapsed. Accordingly, during the period, the UK visa success and refusal rate for all types of entry clearance visa applications is 86.20% and 13.23%, respectively.

Contrary to the general perception, the number of UK entry clearance visa applications and success rate are showing an upward trend in recent years. Accordingly, the greatest number of 3.29m and 3.06m applications were made in 2018 and 2017, which is 19.67% and 11.30% higher than the 10-year period average 2.75m applications per year. The UK visa success rate success rate in 2017 and 2018 is 88.74% and 88.20%, respectively, which is more than 2% higher than the period average of 86.20%. The UK visa refusal rate in 2017 and 2018 is 10.95% and 11.54%, respectively, which is lower than the period average of 13.23%.

Year UK Visa Refusal Rate
2008 17.84%
2009 17.48%
2010 14.86%
2011 12.26%
2012 12.67%
2013 11.68%
2014 11.13%
2015 13.06%
2016 13.79%
2017 10.95%
2018 11.54%
UK Visa and Immigration Statistics
UK Visa and Immigration Statistics 2021

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    Leave to Remain Applications

    During 2008-18, the Home Office decided a total of 3,478,048 leave to remain and extension applications. Accordingly, the Home Office granted 2,990,092 leave to remain and refused 487,956 applications. Therefore, the leave to remain (extension and switching) success and refusal rate from inside the UK was 85.97% and 16.32%, respectively.

    Year Leave to Remain Refusal Rate
    2008 6.75%
    2009 15.20%
    2010 16.78%
    2011 13.82%
    2012 10.29%
    2013 22.30%
    2014 18.47%
    2015 17.78%
    2016 12.96%
    2017 8.30%
    2018 8.77%

    UK Visa and Immigration Statistics: ILR

    During 2008-18 period, the Home Office decided a total of 1.52 m ILR applications under the four broad categories i.e.

    1. Work
    2. Asylum
    3. Family Formation and Reunion (Spouse and Dependants)
    4. Other

    Accordingly, the Home Office granted 1.44 m (i.e.,1,447,513) Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and refused 75,079 ILR applications. Therefore, the ILR success and refusal rate has been 95.07% and 5.19%, respectively. However, it has oscillated within a narrow band. In 2013 the ILR success rate was as high as 96.94% but in 2016 it was as low as 91.89%. Afterwards, in 2017 and 2018 the ILR success rate has slightly improved to reach a level of 94.65% and 95.69%, respectively. This is good news for prospective ILR applicants.

    Year ILR Acceptance Rate
    2008 94.10%
    2009 93.94%
    2010 95.59%
    2011 95.40%
    2012 96.94%
    2013 95.86%
    2014 95.40%
    2015 94.70%
    2016 91.89%
    2017 94.65%
    2018 95.69%
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