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UK Visas and Immigration Refusal Rates and Statistics

Know the latest visa and immigration information and updates for USA and UK relating to:

  1. US and UK visa and immigration statistics and refusal rates
  2. Reasons for visa rejection on general grounds
  3. Appeal and judicial review for refused applications
  4. Citizenship and nationality requirements
  5. Post-Brexit settlement of EEA/EU nationals in the UK

Immigration information and updates for making a better decision!

Perhaps, immigration information and updates can definitely help an applicant to make a better decision. Therefore, increase your chances of success by knowing more!

Visas and immigration statistics

Apparently, most of the applicants are keen to know about their chances of success. Therefore, this category provides all the latest information and updates relating to UK and USA visas and immigration refusal rates!

10-year ban and refusal on general grounds

Since a number of applications are refused on general grounds. Perhaps, due to false documents and statements, re-entry ban, breaching a condition of stay etc. Therefore, it is important for applicants to know about the general grounds for mitigating ban and refusal due to adverse behaviour!.

UK visa and immigration appeals and judicial review

Perhaps, many applicants don’t know: what to do after refusal? Therefore, posts in this category provide in-depth information on immigration appeals and judicial review. Accordingly, the applicant can know when to reapply or challenge a refused application with or without appeal rights.

EU citizens in the UK

Apparently, the posts cover all critical aspects of the post-Brexit settlement of EU/EEA citizens and their non-EEA family members.

Citizenship and nationality

The posts in this category also cover all the requirements for British citizenship and naturalisation!

UK visa and immigration specialist solicitors

Certainly, for case processing, contact the specialist immigration solicitors London.

USA visa refusal rate by country and type of application!

USA visa refusal rate by country and type of application!

This relates to the USA visa refusal rate during FY 2018 for all types of nonimmigrant applications such as B1/B2, H1B, F1, J1, C1, K1 etc. And also provides the details of the adjusted USA visa rejection rate by country 2018. Accordingly, the post covers the following topics: Overview of US immigrant and nonimmigrant visa…

UK residence card and EEA registration certificate guidance!

UK residence card and EEA registration certificate guidance!

This relates to UK residence card, EEA registration and PR card under the EEA Regulations 2016. And, covers the details of EEA registration certificates, UK residence card for the non-EEA family members, a document certifying permanent residence (aka EEA PR card), derivative and UK permanent residence card. And accordingly, provides the details of frequently asked…

EU settlement scheme family permit for non-EEA family members

EU settlement scheme family permit

This relates to EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit 2019 guidance and requirements. Accordingly, the post covers the following aspects of EUSS family permit entry clearance application from outside the UK: EU settlement scheme family permit guidance and FAQs Meaning of an EU national having a settled status in the UK The specified date for EU…

How many British citizens living abroad and migrants in the UK?

British Citizens Living Abroad have increased to 4.92 million

This relates to British citizens living abroad statistics from 1990 to 2017. And also provides the details of immigrants living in the UK by country of origin. Moreover, the post also tries to answer: how long British Citizen can stay outside the UK in the light of the British Nationality Act 1981 and immigration rules.…

Immigration Judicial Review procedure, decisions and success rate

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa ILR Judicial Review Success 2018

This relates to the UK Immigration Judicial Review Procedure, decisions and success rate. Certainly, an applicant can file an immigration judicial against a UK visa and immigration refusal and decision with no or limited right of appeal. Accordingly, the post covers the following topics: Immigration judicial review frequently asked questions (FAQs) UK Immigration Judicial Review…

UK immigration appeal FAQs, waiting times and success rate!

UK Immigration Appeal: waiting time, visa decisions, success rate

This relates to UK Immigration Appeal FAQs, waiting time, visa decisions and success rate from 2010 to 2018. And provides information on notice of appeal, time limits to lodge an appeal and related frequently asked questions. The latest information relating to UK visa appeal waiting and processing time for First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber),…

Appeal Against Entry Clearance Refusal on IAFT 6 Form online

Appeal Against ECO Decision on IAFT 2 or IAFT 6 Appeal Form

This relates to¬†appeal against entry clearance refusal i.e. appeal against ECO decision on IAFT 6 notice of appeal form. Usually, caseworker encloses appeal against entry clearance refusal form with the Refusal Letter for an application with a right of appeal. Moreover, these include an appeal for a spouse visa, EEA, human rights and asylum claim…

Appeal against an in country decision on IAFT 5 Form online!

This relates to File Immigration Appeal Against an In-Country Decision. An appellant can file immigration appeal online. An in-country immigration appeal can file against asylum, protection, human rights claim, deprivation of British citizenship. IAFT 1 Appeal Form is for exercising a suspensive right of appeal against an in-country decision made before April 6, 2015. However,…

UK Visa Appeal Solicitors: challenge immigration refusal and ban!

This relates to how specialist UK visa appeal solicitors can help challenge immigration refusal and 10-year ban? Perhaps, most of the applicants, especially visitor visa applicants are not familiar with the UK immigration rules and the legal system. Therefore, the post tries to explain: how UK visit visa solicitors can help challenge decisions? And how…

Appeal against First Tier Tribunal Decision: IAFT-4 & IAUT-1 Form

First Tier Tribunal Appeal Refused- What to do Next?

This relates to¬†appeal against First Tier Tribunal Decision. It is mandatory that an appellant must apply to the First-tier Tribunal Immigration and Asylum Chamber (FTTIAC) on IAFT-4 for permission to appeal before making an application or appeal to the Upper Tribunal. If the permission is granted by First Tier Tribunal then an appeal can be…