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This post relates to the details of the number of entry clearance applications made for UK Visa and Immigration between Jan 1, 2005, and Dec 31, 2015, under various categories such as Visits, Immigration, Settlement, Work, Study (including Short Term), Family, Dep. joining or accompanying, EEA Family Permits, and Others (Visitors). The post provides the number of UK Visa Granted during the year and the respective yearly UK Visa Refusal Rate. 

28.84 m Entry Clearance Applications Made During 2005-15

24.36 m Visas Granted with a Refusal Rate of 16%

Visa for UK UK Visa Refusal Rate During 2005-15

According to the Official Statistics as many as more than 28.84 million (i.e. 28,842,433) Entry Clearance Applications were made from outside the UK during 2005-2015 and  24.36 million (i.e. 24,368,475) Visas were grantedTherefore, during the eleven years period, the overall UK Visa Success Rate for All Types of UK Visa Applications made from outside the UK for Entry Clearance was 84%. Accordingly, the cumulative eleven years’ UK Visa Refusal Rate was 16% i.e. at an average, one in every six applications for UK Visa was refused.

Yearly Fluctuations in the Refusal Rate

The annual refusal rates during 2005-2015 had been 2005 (19.5%), 2006 (18.4%), 2007 (18.9%), 2008 (19.9%), 2009 (18.5%), 2010 (15.2%), 2011 (12.7%), 2012 (13%), 2013 (11.8%), 2014 (10.9%), and 2015 (13.1%). Therefore, the annual refusal rate has fluctuated randomly during the eleven year period with highest and lowest during 2008 and 2014, respectively. Although the data relates to all the applications submitted throughout the world for entry clearance to the UK and success and refusal rate may vary from country to country.

A year-wise summary from 2005 to 2015 of the Total Visa Applications made from outside the UK, along with respective yearly Success Rate and Refusal Rate are as under:

UK Visa Refusal Rate 2017

UK Visa Refusal Rate 2013-17

UK Visa Refusal Rate 19.5% during 2005

During 2005, more than 2.56 million (2,564,252) Visa and Immigration Applications were made outside the UK, and an affirmative decision was made on 80.5% of the submitted applications.  Therefore, approx. 2.06 million (2,065,424) visas for work, immigration, visits (including tourist and business), family, were granted. Accordingly, the visa refusal rate remained at less than 20%, which means only less than one out of five UK Visa applications was refused during 2005.

UK Visa Refusal Rate was 18.4% during 2006

Approximately, more than 2.73 million (2,731,079) applications were made under different categories for entry clearance at the post during 2006, and as many as 2,228,261 visas were granted. The success rate increased from the preceding year to reach a level of 81.6%. Therefore, the ratio of refused applications further decreased to a level of 18.4% at the entry clearance.

UK Visa Refusal Rate was 18.9% during 2007

2,541,865 applications were made at the post for entry clearance under all types of UK Visas during 2007. Out of these UK visa applications, visas were granted to 2,062,634 applicants. Therefore, the success and refusal rate hovered in the range of 81.1% and 18.9%, respectively, during 2007.

UK Visa Refusal Rate was 19.9% during 2008

During 2008, the UK government introduced a five-tier point based system (PBS) for processing applications relating to immigration, work, study and temporary or seasonal workers. During the year, 2.44 million (2,440,369) applications were made, and a visa was granted to 1,954,605 applicants. The success rate shed a few points to post a level of 80.1% and accordingly the refusal rate slightly increased from 18.9% to 19.9% during the year.

UK Visa Refusal Rate was 18.5% during 2009

2,447,391 applications were submitted, and 1,995,353 visas were granted for visits, work, immigration, study, settlement, family, etc during 2009. The success rate increased to 81.5%, and refusal rate decreased to a level of 18.5%.

UK Visa Refusal Rate was 15.2% during 2010

Approx. more than 2.5 million (2,529,962) applications were made under various categories for entry clearance at the post during 2010, and as many as 2,144,621 visas were granted. During the year, the success rate experienced a marked improvement as it reached a level of 84.8% as during the preceding five years from 2005 to 2009 it hovered in the range of 80-81%. Accordingly, the refusal rate reduced to only 15.2% for the applications submitted at the entry clearance outside of UK.

UK Visa Refusal Rate was 12.7% during 2011

2,607,142 applications were submitted, and 2,275,417 visas were granted for visits, work, immigration, study, settlement, family, etc. The success rate marked a new high of 87.3%; whereas, the refusal rate decreased to a level of 12.7% during 2011.

UK Visa Refusal Rate was 13% during 2012

2,561,623 applications were made under various categories for entry clearance at the post during 2012, and as many as 2,228,762 visas were granted. During the year, the success rate slightly decreased to post a level of 87%. Accordingly, the refusal rate increased to 13%.

UK Visa Refusal Rate was 11.8% during 2013

During 2013, the visa success and refusal rate posted a new high and a new low to reach a level of 88.2% and 11.8%, respectively, as a visa was granted on 2,496,488 applications out of the total 2,830,012 applications made at the post.

UK Visa Refusal Rate was 10.9% during 2014

The visa success rate reached its zenith at 89.1%, and the refusal rated its lowest ebb of 10.9% as 2,448,563 applications were deemed successful out of the total submitted applications of 2,748,348 for entry clearance at the post outside of UK. In turn, this means that approx. 9 out of 10 applicants were granted a visa.

UK Visa Refusal Rate was 13.1% during 2015

Since during 2013 and 2014, the visa success rate increased to a high level of 88.2% and 89.1%, respectively, therefore, it experienced a slight reduction to post a level of 86.9% as out of 2.84 million (2,840,390) applicants submitted a visa was granted to 2.46 million (2,468,347) applicants.

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