UK Visa Fees Iraq 2019: what are the charges in Iraqi Dinar?

UK Visa Application Fee Iraq 2019/20 in US$This relates to UK visa fees Iraq 2018/19. Accordingly, in terms with the announcement of the Home Office dated March 16, 2018, UK visa application fees Iraq has been revised from  April 6, 2018. Perhaps, for all types of the UK visa and immigration from Iraq, applicants need to pay the application fee online in US$ and submit applications at UKVAC in Baghdad, Basra and Erbil. Therefore, the post provides the details of UK Visit, Spouse, Student, Work Visa Fee from Iraq in US$.

UK Visa Fees Iraq | UK Visa Application Fee Iraq 2018/19

Perhaps, the visa application fee may vary from time to time depending on the USD exchange rate vis-à-vis British Pound Sterling or any annual or otherwise revision of the UK Visa Application Fee announcements by HM’s Government.

Apparently, the UK visa fees from Iraq 2018 for 6 months multiple entry visa is US$126. Usually, most of the people refer to the 6 months visit visa price as UK Tourist Visa fee. Accordingly, it is commonly known as England visit visa price in Iraq, London visa price in Iraq.

Furthermore, the price of long-term visit visa fee from Iraq 2018 are as under:

  • 2 years visit visa fee US$474
  • 5 years visit visa fee US$862
  • 10 years visit visa fee US$1,081

 Visa Fee from Iraq in US$

UK Visitor Visa Application from Iraq UK Visa Fees Iraq 2018
Short-term (up to 6 months, single or multiple entry) US$126
2 Year Standard Visitor Visa Fee from Iraq US$474
5 Year Standard Visitor Visa Fee from Iraq US$862
10 Year Standard Visitor Visa Fee from Iraq US$1,081
Visiting academic – more than 6 months but less than 12 months US$252
Marriage visitor visa US$126
Permitted paid engagement visa US$126
Private medical treatment – up to 11 months US$252

UK Visit Visa Fee from Iraq for Child Visitor

  • Short-term (up to 6 months, single or multiple entry) US$126
  • Longer-term (valid for up to 2 years) US$474
  • Longer-term (valid for up to 5 years) US$862
  • Longer-term (valid for up to 10 years) US$1,081

Fee for other UK Visitor Visa and Services from Iraq

  • Clinical attachments, dental observation and PLAB/OSCE test US$126
  • Diplomatic Courier US$126
  • Prospective Entrepreneur US$126
  • Right of abode – certificate of entitlement US$526
  • Vignette transfer (transfer of a valid visa vignette to a new passport or replace a lost/stolen document) – US$209

UK Transit Visa from Iraq

The UK Transit visa fee 2018 from Iraq is:

  • Direct Airside Transit (DATV) US$47
  • Visitor in Transit visa US$87
  • Visit purpose of joining a ship or aircraft as a member of crew of that ship or aircraft (fee also applicable to the Isle of Man) US$87

Short-Term Study Visa UK from Iraq

  • Short-term study (up to 6 months) US$131
  • Short-term study – To study English Language USD252

UK Tier 4 Student Visa Fees from Iraq 2018

The visa application fee for Tier 4 (General) student visa (Main applicant and dependants) is US$471.

UK Spouse Visa Fee from Iraq

Spouse Visa UK Fee from Iraq 2018

Settlement Visa UK from Iraq UK Visa Fees Iraq
Family visas – Joining your partner, parent, proposed civil partner or child US$2,063
Settlement – other dependant relative US$4,403
Settlement – refugee dependant relative US$526
Adult who needs to be looked after by a relative US$4,403

UK Priority Visa Service Fee from Iraq

Apparently, priority non-settlement visa fee from Iraq is US$287. And also priority settlement visa fee from Iraq is US$776. If an application is straightforward and the applicant can afford the UK priority visa fee to fast-track settlement application then it is advisable to opt for the priority service from Iraq. However, the priority service does affect the decision.

Priority Visa Fee Iraq 2018

User Pay Services Price in USD
Priority service for settlement applications US$776
Priority service for non-settlement US$287
Super Priority Service US$1,295
International contact centre – via telephone (per minute) US$2
International contact centre – via email (per query) US$7
Registered Traveller (UK only) – adult US$68
Child Registered Traveller (UK only) US$33
Registered Traveller (UK only) – registration of new documents US$27

UK Immigration & Work Visa Fee from Iraq in US$

Certainly, applicants from Iraq can apply for UK immigration under PBS Tier 1. And also UK work visa under PBS Tier 2 and Tier 5. Accordingly, the price of UK immigration and work visa in US$ from Iraq is as under:

PBS Tier 1 UK Immigration Visa Fee from Iraq

UK Immigration Fee from Iraq 2018

PBS Tier 1 Immigration Visa UK Visa Fees Iraq
Tier 1 investor – main applicant and dependants US$2199
Tier 1 entrepreneur – main applicant and each dependant US$1383
PBS Tier 1 graduate entrepreneur – apply (outside the UK) main applicant and dependants US$492
PBS Tier 1 exceptional talent -Stage 1 – endorsement application – main applicant US$618
Tier 1 exceptional talent Stage 2 – entry clearance application – main applicant US$206
Exceptional talent – subsequent applications US$824
Exceptional talent – dependants US$824
Tier 1 (General) – dependants only US$1,383
Tier 1 Post Study Work – dependants only US$818

Tier 2 UK Work Visa Fee from Iraq

Tier 2

PBS Tier 2 UK Work Visa from Iraq UK Visa Fees Iraq
Tier 2 (General), (Minister of Religion) and (Sportsperson) and (Intra-Company Transfer) – Long Term Staff for a period of 3 years or less – main applicant and dependants US$826
Intra-Company Transfer – Short-Term Staff dependants only US$653
Intra-Company Transfer – Graduate Trainee – main applicant and dependants US$653
Tier 2 (General) and (Intra-company Transfer) – Long Term Staff (over 3 years) – main applicant and dependants US$1,653
PBS Tier 2 (General) – shortage occupation for a period of 3 years or less – main applicant and dependants US$629
Tier 2 (General) – shortage occupation for the period of more than 3 years – main applicant and dependants US$1,257

Tier 5 Temporary Work Visa Fee from Iraq

Temporary Worker Visa Fee from Iraq 2018

Tier 5 Temporary Worker UK Visa Fees Iraq
Charity Worker – main applicant and any dependents US$331
Creative and sporting – main applicant and any dependents US$331
Government Authorised Exchange – main applicant and any dependants US$331
Religious Worker – main applicant and any dependents US$331
Youth Mobility Scheme – main applicant only US$331
International Agreement main applicant and dependant US$331

EEA Family Permit Fee in US$

UK Visa Fees Iraq for EEA Family Permit 2018

EEA Visa from Iraq UK Visa Fees Iraq
Family member of an EEA national Free of charge
Family member of a Swiss national Free of charge
Parent / primary carer of an EEA national child Free of charge


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