UK Visa Entry Clearance Statistics: what you need to know?

All you need to know about UK visa entry clearance statisticsThis relates to UK Visas Entry Clearance Statistics 2017 and provides the details of UK work, immigration, family, study and visitor visa applications submitted during the Second Quarter (April-June) 2017 from outside the UK.

Refusal of Entry Clearance UK Visa

According to Official Statistics during the Second Quarter (April-June) 2017, 1,036,552 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from Outside the UK.

977,989 applications were Resolved during the Quarter, and 885,794 Visas were Granted and as many as 89,731 applications were Refused. The overall UK Visa Refusal Rate during the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2017 was 9.18%. Moreover, 2,427 applications were withdrawn and 37 applications lapsed during the quarter.

The 885,794 Visas were granted, under five broad categories, to applicants from Outside the UK i.e. work and immigration (46,582), study (86,837), family (7,383),  dependants (1,818) and others (743,374). The ‘Other‘ Category mostly covers UK Visitor Visa as 726,115 visitor visas issued during the quarter.

Work and Immigration Visas- 46,582

46,582 Work & Immigration visas were granted during Q2 2017 with a Refusal Rate of 5.07%.

UK Study Visa- 86,837

As many as 86,837 study visas, including Short-Term Study, were issued during the Q2 2017with a Refusal Rate of 4.45%;

UK Family Visas- 7,383

7,383 family visas were issued during the second quarter of 2017 with a Refusal Rate of 15.83%.

Dependants Joining or Accompanying- 1,818

During Q2 2017, 1,818 visas were issued to Dependants Joining or Accompanying with a Refusal Rate of 7.40%.

Visitor and Others- 743,374

743,374 visas were issued in ‘OTHER’ Category with a Refusal Rate of 9.87%, during the Q2 2017.  The ‘Other‘ Category mostly comprised of Visitor Visa. As many as 621,701 and 104,414 visitor visas were issued to the Main Applicants and to their Dependants, with a Refusal Rate of 10.22% and 6.86%, respectively. Therefore, the total number of visitor visa granted during Q2 2017 stood at 726,115 and accounts for 81.97% of the total visas issued during the three months period from April to June 2017.

A detailed break-up of 743,374 UK Visa Grants in Other Category is as under:

  1. EEA Family Permits- a total of 5,545 visas were granted under EEA Family Permits during Q2 2017 with a refusal rate of 30.22%;
  2. Visitors (Main Applicants)- a total of 621,701 visas were granted to Visitors (Main Applicants) during Q2 2017 with a refusal rate of 10.22%;
  3. Visitors (Dependant)– a total of 104,414 visas were granted to Visitors (Dependant) during Q2 2017with a refusal rate of 6.86%;
  4. Transit- a total of 5,676 visas were granted to Visitors (Dependant) during Q2 2017 with a refusal rate of 5.86%;
  5. Other Temporary- a total of 5,280 visas were granted to Visitors (Dependant) during Q2 2017 with a refusal rate of 0.77%;
  6. Certificate of Entitlement to Right of Abode- a total of 434 visas were granted to Visitors (Dependant) during Q2 2017 with a refusal rate of 13.93%;
  7. Other settlement (indefinite leave)- a total of 324 visas were granted to Visitors (Dependant) during Q2 2017 with a refusal rate of 22.57%.