UK Visa Refusal Rate by Country 2017 South East Asia

This relates to UK Visa Refusal Rate from South East Asian Countries for the UK Visa and Immigration Applications made from BruneiBurmaCambodiaEast TimorIndonesiaLaos, MalaysiaThe PhilippinesSingapore, Thailand and Vietnam during the  April-June 2017 quarter.

UK Visa Statistics 2017 South East Asian Countries

UK Visa Refusal Rate from South East Asian Countries

According to the Official Statistics in April-June 2017 quarter,  76,834 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from South  East Asian Countries. 75,514 applications were  Resolved during the Quarter, and 70,167 Visas were  Granted and as many as 5,139  applications were Refused. Therefore, the overall UK Visa Refusal Rate during the  Second Quarter (Q2) of 2017 was 6.81%. Moreover,  206 applications were withdrawn and 2 applications lapsed during the quarter from South East Asian Countries.


24 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from Brunei. 21 applications were  Resolved during the Quarter, 21 Visas were Granted.


1,185 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from Burma. 1,162 applications were Resolved during the Quarter, 940 Visas were Granted and as many as 220  applications were Refused. 1 application was withdrawn and ONE application lapsed during the period. Therefore, the overall  UK Visa Refusal Rate from Burma during the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2017 was 18.93%.


471 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from Cambodia. 411 applications were Resolved during the Quarter, 357 Visas were Granted, 53 applications were  Refused and ONE application was withdrawn. Therefore, the overall  UK Visa Refusal Rate from Cambodia during the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2017 was 12.90%.

East Timor

Applications were made for Entry Clearance from East Timor. 2 applications were  Resolved during the Quarter, 1 Visa was Granted, application was Refused. The UK Visa Refusal Rate from East Timor during the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2017 was 50%.


18,406 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from Indonesia. 18,602  applications were Resolved during the Quarter, 18,011 Visas were Granted, 559  applications were  Refused and 32 applications were withdrawn. Therefore, UK Visa Refusal Rate from Indonesia during the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2017 was 3.01%.


291 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from Laos. 269 applications were  Resolved during the Quarter, 244 Visas were Granted and as many as 25 applications were Refused. The overall  UK Visa Refusal Rate from Laos during the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2017 was 9.29%.


657 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from Malaysia. 513 applications were  Resolved during the Quarter, 461 Visas were Granted, 47 applications were Refused and 5 applications were withdrawn. Therefore, the overall  UK Visa Refusal Rate from  Malaysia during the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2017 was 9.16%.

The Philippines

24,529 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from the Philippines. 23,864  applications were Resolved during the Quarter, 21,525 Visas were Granted, 2,251  applications were  Refused and 88 applications were withdrawn. The UK Visa Refusal Rate from The Philippines during the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2017 was 9.43%.


469 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from Singapore. 338 applications were Resolved during the Quarter, 313 Visas were Granted, 22 applications were  Refused and 3 applications were withdrawn. Therefore, the overall  UK Visa Refusal Rate from Singapore during the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2017 was 6.51%.


23,672 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from Thailand. 23,751 applications were Resolved during the Quarter, 22,588 Visas were Granted, 1,113 applications were  Refused and 50 applications were withdrawn. Therefore, UK Visa Refusal Rate from  Thailand during the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2017 was 4.69%.


7,127 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from Vietnam. 6,581 applications were Resolved during the Quarter, 5,706 Visas were Granted, 848 applications were  Refused, 26 applications were withdrawn and ONE application lapsed. Therefore, UK Visa Refusal Rate from Vietnam during the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2017 was 12.89%.

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