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UK Visa for Bangladeshi Citizens 2024 offers an in-depth guide on application fees and entry criteria for Bangladeshi travelers to the UK. For 2024, the fees are ৳15,882 for a tourist visa, ৳67,671 for a student visa, and ৳254,939 for a spouse visa. An additional ৳69,052 is charged for priority service on visit, study, and work visas. After biometric submission, the expected processing time is around 3 weeks. This article provides a detailed, step-by-step approach to smoothly navigate the UK visa application process.

UK Visa for Bangladeshi Citizens 2024

1. Overview of UK Visa for Bangladeshi Citizens 2024

Bangladeshi citizens planning to visit, work, or study in the UK in 2024 need to secure the appropriate visa, with requirements varying based on the visa type.

UK Embassy Fee in Bangladesh 2024

The cost of a UK visa for Bangladeshi citizens varies according to the visa type. Specifically, tourist visas cost ৳15,882, student visas ৳67,671, and spouse visas ৳254,939.

Processing Times for UK Visas in Bangladesh

Travel Cost to the UK from Bangladesh

For varying durations and group sizes, the anticipated budget is as follows:

  • Individual (7-15 days): ৳190,000 – ৳575,000
  • Couple: ৳380,000 – ৳1,150,000
  • Family of Four: ৳775,000 – ৳3,000,000

Duration of Stay for Bangladeshis in the UK

UK Visa from Bangladesh 2023
Infographic Detailing The Costs, Processing Time, Success Rates, And Priority Service Options For Uk Visa For Bangladeshi Citizens.

2. London Visit Visa Requirements from Bangladesh

Bangladeshis must apply for a visa to enter the United Kingdom. The only exception is for Bangladeshis with dual citizenship from visa-exempt countries like the USA, Australia, New Zealand, or EU Member States.

UK Visit Visa from Bangladesh

The standard visitor visa allows Bangladeshis to engage in various activities, including tourism, family visits, business engagements, and short-term studies. Understanding the eligibility criteria is crucial before submitting an application.

When processing applications, UK immigration officials consider several criteria, such as the intent of the visit, the applicant’s financial security, and their accommodation and departure plans.

In the year ending September 2022, a total of 27,116 Bangladeshis applied for visitor visa UK. 23,655 applications resolved, 17,551 visit visas granted to Bangladeshi nationals, and 5,922 applications rejected. Therefore, the UK visitor visa success and refusal rate from Bangladesh are 74.20% and 25.03%, respectively.

Visit Visa to UK from Bangladesh Fees

In 2024, the UK visit visa fee from Bangladesh is categorized as follows: ৳15,882 for a 6-month visa, ৳55,241 for a 2-year visa, ৳106,478 for a 5-year visa, and ৳132,994 for a 10-year visa. All these visa categories limit your stay to a maximum of 180 days per visit.

The standard visitor visa processing time is approximately three weeks. However, applicants can opt for expedited services. A one-week priority service is available at a charge of ৳69,052.

UK Tourist Visa from Bangladesh: A Detailed Guide

Bangladeshi citizens applying for a UK tourist visa need to follow a comprehensive process, which involves completing an online application, paying the visa fee, and submitting biometric data at a visa application center. Alongside these steps, several supporting documents are required to strengthen the visa application. The UK tourist visa fee from Bangladesh is ৳15,882.

Required Documentation for Tourist Visa to UK from Bangladesh

  • Proof of Intent to Return
    • Evidence of employment or educational commitments in Bangladesh.
  • Financial Evidence
    • Bank statements to verify adequate funds for the stay.
  • Travel Itinerary and Accommodation
    • Detailed travel plans and proof of accommodation, such as hotel reservations.

Show Money for UK Tourist Visa from Bangladesh

To qualify for the visa, applicants must demonstrate they have sufficient financial means for their visit. The required amount typically ranges between GBP 3,000 and 5,000, depending on the trip’s duration and the number of travelers.

London Visit Visa Requirements for Bangladeshi Citizens

For those specifically visiting London, the application process for a standard visitor visa remains the same. This includes the online application, document verification, and biometric data submission. While the general requirements are similar, applicants should ensure all their travel plans within London are well documented and included in their visa application.

Other Visit Visa to UK from Bangladesh Fees

3. UK Student Visa from Bangladesh

The UK Student Visa permits Bangladeshis to pursue a range of educational opportunities in the UK, from higher education to Student Union roles.

UK Student Visa Ratio from Bangladesh

In the year ending September 2022, a total of 20,958 Bangladeshis applied for student visa UK. 20,975 applications resolved, 20,464 student visas granted to Bangladeshis, and 451 applications rejected. Therefore, the UK student visa success and refusal rate for Bangladeshis are 97.56% and 2.15%, respectively.

UK Student Visa Fee for Bangladeshi Students

Bangladeshi students applying for a UK Student Visa need to pay a standard application fee of ৳67,671. The usual processing time is about 3 weeks. However, for those requiring faster processing, an expedited service is available for an additional ৳69,052. Besides these fees, students are also required to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), which is £776 annually.

The short-term study visa caters to Bangladeshis studying English in the UK for 6-11 months, with a fee of ৳27,621. For a 6-month course, the cost is ৳15,882.

Work Rights for Bangladeshi Students

Bangladeshi students in degree-level programs in the UK are permitted to work part-time, up to 20 hours per week, during school terms and can work full-time during holidays. Those enrolled in sub-degree level courses are limited to 10 hours of work per week.

Post-Study Work Opportunities

Upon graduation, Bangladeshi students can access a 2-year post-study work visa. Those who complete a PhD can obtain a 3-year visa, offering a significant period to gain professional experience in the UK. Afterwards, Bangladeshis can switch to the skilled worker route, which enables permanent settlement in the UK.

4. UK Family Visa from Bangladesh

The family route is for those Bangladeshis who can apply for a UK visa because of their relationship to a person settled in the UK or a British citizen. This includes spouse settlement visa, adult dependent relative, parent of a British Child visa etc.

In the year ending September 2022, a total of 2,467 Bangladeshis applied for family settlement visa UK. 1,701 applications resolved, 1,555 family settlement visas granted to Bangladeshis, and 130 applications rejected. Therefore, the UK family (spouse) settlement visa success and refusal rate from Bangladesh are 91.42% and 7.64%, respectively.

Spouse Visa from Bangladesh to UK

Other Family Visa from Bangladesh to UK:

5. London Work Permit Visa from Bangladesh

The primary route for Bangladeshis seeking UK employment is through the Skilled Worker Visa. Other options include visas like Innovator, Startup, Global Business Mobility, and Health and Care Worker.

To secure a UK work visa, Bangladeshis need to meet varying requirements based on the type of work visa they are applying for.

In the year ending September 2022, a total of 2,761 Bangladeshis applied for work visa UK. 2,309 applications resolved, 1,951 work visas granted to Bangladeshi nationals, and 343 applications rejected. Therefore, the UK work visa success and refusal rate from Bangladesh are 84.50% and 14.85%, respectively.

UK Work Permit Visa for Bangladesh 2024 Requirements

Skilled Worker Visa UK for Bangladeshi Citizens

Bangladeshis can work in the UK under the Skilled Worker Visa. This visa is for those sponsored by a licensed Home Office sponsor for specific skilled roles. It offers a path to permanent UK settlement. The cost of the UK work visa for Bangladeshi in 2024 stands at ৳99,297 for up to three years and ৳196,107 for longer durations.

As a distinct category within the Skilled Worker (Shortage Occupation) Visa has lower fees, set at ৳76,095 for visa durations of up to three years, and ৳149,704 for timeframes beyond three years.

Health and Care Work Visa UK from Bangladesh

This visa is specifically designed for qualified doctors, nurses, or allied health professionals from Bangladesh who are sponsored by a licensed Home Office sponsor. It also provides a route to permanent UK settlement. The UK Work Visa for Bangladeshi cost for health and care route is ৳39,221 for up to three years and ৳76,095 for more extended periods.

Global Business Mobility Visa UK for Bengalis

A brief overview of UK work visas available for Bangladeshis under the Global Business Mobility category, along with their 2024 fees.

Other Work and Business Visas for Bangladeshis

Below is a brief overview of various UK visa categories along with their associated fees for Bangladeshis looking to work or do business in the UK.

How to Apply UK Visa from Bangladesh?
Step-By-Step Guide On Applying For A Uk Visa From Bangladesh.

6. How to Apply for UK Visa from Bangladesh

A comprehensive guide tailored for Bangladeshis outlining the steps to apply for a UK visa. Note: The estimated cost is based on a UK visitor visa, and priority service could shorten the process to 15 working days from 30.

Total Time: 30 days

  1. Determine the Visa Type

    Determine the Visa Type

    Firstly, ascertain the specific visa category that aligns with your reason for traveling from Bangladesh to the UK.

  2. Create an Online Account

    Create an Online Account

    Visit the UK’s official visa and immigration website and set up an account on the UK Visas and Immigration portal.

  3. Fill Out the Application Form

    Fill Out the Application Form

    For Bangladeshi applicants, it’s essential to accurately complete the online application form, making sure each detail corresponds with their provided supporting documents.

  4. Pay the Application Fee

    Pay the UK Visa Application Fee

    Bangladeshi users completing the UK visa application will be taken by the UKVI online system to a secure payment portal to safely process their application fee.

  5. Assemble Your Supporting Documents

    Assemble Your Supporting Documents

    Depending on the type of visa, collect key documents such as your Bangladeshi passport, proof of financial status, and UK accommodation details.

  6. Schedule a VAC Appointment in Bangladesh

    Schedule a VAC Appointment

    Bangladeshis are not qualified to use the Immigration App for identity verification. As a result, it’s vital to book an appointment at a UK Visa Application Centre (UKVAC) in Bangladesh.

  7. Attend the VAC Appointment

    Attend the VAC Appointment

    Head to the closest UKVAC, equipped with all supporting documents, and complete the biometric verification as per the guidelines of your appointment.

  8. Await Visa Decision

    Await Visa Decision

    Post-submission, the processing of your UK visa application commences. A decision is usually reached within 3 weeks, or 5 working days if you have chosen priority service.

  9. Passport Collection or Delivery

    Passport Collection or Delivery

    You have the option to pick up your passport with the visa from the VAC or arrange for courier delivery. If your visitor visa application is unsuccessful, consider reapplying or initiating a Judicial Review. Remember, appeals are possible only for cases based on human rights grounds. Key reasons for visa refusal include suspicious intentions and significant unexplained bank transactions.

  10. Prepare for Your UK Journey

    Prepare for Your UK Journey

    With your visa secured, plan your UK travel and familiarize yourself with the terms of your visa.

Estimated Cost: 15882 BDT


  • Application form
  • Valid Bangladeshi Passport
  • Recent passport-sized photos
  • Invitation letter (if applicable)
  • Payment for visa fee in USD
  • Proof of UK accommodation


  • Internet access
  • Bangladeshi Passport
  • Financial documents

Materials: Photocopies of documents. Copy of online application form. If required, postal envelope for mailing documents.

UK Visa VFS Bangladesh Pvt Ltd.

  • UK Visa Application Centre Dhaka
    • 4th Floor, Delta Life Tower, Plot 37, Road 45, North Avenue, Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
  • UK Visa Application Centre Sylhet
    • 7th Floor, Nirvana Inn, Mirza Jungle Road, Ramerdhigir par, Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh

For further details please refer to find a visa application centre.

7. UK Visa from Bangladesh Required Documents

Primary Documentation

Documentation Based on Visa Type

For UK-Based Sponsors

Important Notes

  • For Bangladeshi applicants, sponsor documents are supplemental yet vital for certain visa types like family or work visas.
  • Fulfilling the primary visa requirements is critical for all UK visa categories.

8. FAQs: UK Visa for Bangladeshi Citizens 2024

  1. How much is UK Visa Fee in Bangladesh?

    UK visa fee requirements in Bangladesh depends on the type of application. For instance, UK tourist, student, and spouse visa fees in Bangladesh are ৳15,882, ৳67,671, and ৳254,939, respectively.

  2. How Long Does It Take to Process UK Visa in Bangladesh?

    In 2024, non-settlement visit, study, and work visa application processing time in Bangladesh is usually 3-weeks. UK priority non-settlement visit, study, and work applications processing time from Bangladesh is normally 5 working days. The additional cost of UK priority (non-settlement) visa service from Bangladesh is ৳69,052.

  3. What is Spouse Settlement Visa Processing Time for Bangladeshis?

    The UK settlement visa processing time after biometrics from Bangladesh for spouse, partner, family applications are usually within 12 weeks. Spouse priority settlement visa processing time for Bangladeshi passport holders is 6-weeks. The additional cost of UK priority settlement visa service from Bangladesh is ৳69,052.

  4. What are the entry requirements for a Bengali girlfriend’s visa to the UK?

    The type of visa required for a Bengali girlfriend depends on her purpose of visit to the UK. For tourism purposes, the standard visitor visa is suitable. However, if she intends to get married in the UK, a marriage visitor visa is necessary. In cases where the goal is permanent living and settlement in the UK, applying for a fiancé or spouse/civil partner visa is the appropriate course of action.

  5. How much does a UK visa cost for a Bengali girlfriend?

    The cost of a UK visa for a Bengali girlfriend varies based on the type of application. For a tourist or a 6-month visit visa, VFS fees in Bangladesh for UK is ৳15,882. On the other hand, if she is applying for spouse settlement route, the UK visa cost from Bangladesh escalates to ৳254,939.

  6. Can my Bengali girlfriend work in the UK on her visa?

    A Bengali girlfriend is not permitted to work in the UK while on a visitor or tourist visa. However, if she is in the UK on a family settlement visa, then she is allowed to work. Additionally, for the purpose of working in the UK, she may consider applying for specific work visas such as the Skilled Worker, Health and Care Worker, or Global Business Mobility visas.