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UK Visa from Ghana 2024: Application Fees and Tips for Ghanaians: In 2023, Ghanaians submitted 88,904 visa applications, with 89,573 cases being resolved. The UK visa success rate for Ghanaians was 72.31%, with 64,772 visas granted and 24,237 refusals. The 6 months UK visit visa fee in Ghana is 2024 is US$148 (GHS2,023). UK student visa fees in Ghana 2024 is US$630 (GHS8,612). Application fee for spouse visa UK in Ghana is US$2,372 (GHS32,425). UK Visa Processing Time in Ghana is 3 weeks. For 5 working day processing, UK priority visa fee in Ghana is US$642 (GHS8,776). The super priority visa UK fees is US$1,285 (GHS17,566) for next working day processing.

UK Visa from Ghana 2024

1. UK Visitor Visa Fees from Ghana 2024

During 2023, Ghanaian nationals submitted 39,526 applications for UK visitor visas. The UK authorities resolved 39,853 of these applications, granting 21,554, which represents a grant rate of 54%. There were 18,186 refusals, reflecting the challenges and stringent criteria faced by many Ghanaian applicants.

Standard Visitor Visa to UK from Ghana

The Standard Visitor Visa enables Ghanaians to participate in various activities like tourism, visiting family, attending business meetings, and short-term studies. Familiarizing yourself with the eligibility criteria is essential before applying.

Most common visa for visiting the UK from Ghana is 6 months standard visitor visa. For frequent visits to the UK Ghanaians can opt for 2, 5, and 10 years long term visitor visa. However, on a visitor visa Ghanaians can stay in the UK up to 180 days per visit.

Eligibility for UK visa requirements for Ghanaians is determined by several factors, including the visit’s purpose, financial stability, and arrangements for accommodation and departure.

UK Visit Visa Fee from Ghana 2024

For Ghanaian citizens planning to visit the UK in 2024, the cost of a standard visitor visa varies depending on the duration of the visa. Cost of UK visa in Ghana for Children under 5 is the same as those for adults.

How Much is UK Visit Visa Fee in Ghana 2024?
  • UK Visa Fee for 6 Months in Ghana: US$148 (GHS 2,023).
    • 6-Months UK Visa Fees in Ghana: $790 (GHS10,799)
    • 6-Months Super Priority Visa UK Fees: $1,433 (GHS19,589)
  • Cost of 2 Year Visit Visa for UK from Ghana: US$555 (GHS7,587).
    • Priority 2-Year UK Visa Price in Ghana: $1,197 (GHS16,363)
    • Super Priority 2-Year Visa Fee from Ghana to UK: $1,840 (GHS25,153)
  • 5 Years UK Visa Application Fees in Ghana: US$991 (GHS13,547).
    • Priority 5-Year Visa: $1,633 (GHS22,323)
    • Super Priority 5-Year Visa Price from Ghana to UK: $2,276 (GHS31,113)
  • 10 Years UK Visa Fee in Ghana: US$1,237 (GHS16,910).
    • Priority 10-Year Visa Price: $1,879 (GHS25,686)
    • Super Priority 10-Year Price of UK Visa in Ghana: $2,522 (GHS34,476)

UK Tourist Visa Fees in Ghana 2024

In Ghana, the 6-months standard visitor visa is commonly known as tourist visa or visa to London from Ghana. For frequent visits to the UK for tourism, Ghanaians can apply for 2, 5, and 10 years tourist visa.

How Much is UK Tourist Visa Fee in Ghana 2024?
  • 6-Months UK Tourist Visa Fee in Ghana: US$148 (GHS 2,023).
    • Priority 6-Months Tourist Visa: $790 (GHS10,799)
    • Super Priority 6-Months Tourist Visa Ghana: $1,433 (GHS19,589)
  • 2-Year London Visa Fee in Ghana: US$555 (GHS7,587).
    • Priority 2-Year London Visa: $1,197 (GHS16,363)
    • Super Priority 2-Year London Visa Ghana: $1,840 (GHS25,153)
  • 5-Year London Visa Fee in Ghana: US$991 (GHS13,547).
    • Priority 5-Year London Visa Fee: $1,633 (GHS22,323)
    • Super Priority 5-Year London Visa in Ghana: $2,276 (GHS31,113)
  • 10-Year UK Tourist Visa Fee in Ghana: US$1,237 (GHS16,910).
    • Priority 10-Year Tourist Visa: $1,879 (GHS25,686)
    • Super Priority 10-Year Tourist Visa in Ghana: $2,522 (GHS34,476)
UK Tourist Visa Requirements for Ghanaians

Ghanaians must also provide several documents to support their visa application, including proof of their intent to return to Ghana, such as employment or educational commitments, and financial proof showing they have sufficient funds for the duration of their stay. Ghanaians should provide details of travel plans and accommodation arrangements, like hotel bookings.

How Much Does It Cost to Travel from Ghana to UK?

Expected amounts range from GBP 3,000 to 5,000, depending on the visit’s length and number of travelers.

Other Visitor Visas from Ghana

  • Visiting Academic Visa: Catering specifically to Ghanaian academics visiting the UK for research or teaching engagements lasting between 6 to 12 months, this visa is priced at US$257 (GHS3,513).
  • Marriage Visitor Visa: Ideal for Ghanaian citizens planning to marry or form a civil partnership in the UK, with a visa fee of US$148 (GHS2,023).
  • Permitted Paid Engagement Visa: Enables Ghanaian professionals to engage in specific paid activities for up to one month, costing US$148 (GHS2,023).
  • Private Medical Treatment Visa: For Ghanaian nationals seeking medical treatment in the UK for periods ranging from six to eleven months, the application fee is US$257 (GHS3,513).
  • Visa for Chinese Tour Groups: Although targeted at Chinese citizens, it’s pertinent for Ghanaian travel operators organizing tours, priced at US$148 (GHS2,023).
  • Short Term Student Visa for English Language: Designed for Ghanaians studying English in the UK for more than 6 months but less than 11 months, the fee is US$257 (GHS3,513).
  • Transit Visas for Ghanaians:
    • Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV): Essential for Ghanaians transiting through UK airports without entering the UK, with a fee of US$45 (GHS615) .
    • Visitor in Transit Visa: Necessary for Ghanaians transiting to other countries via the UK, this visa costs US$82 (GHS1,121).
    • Crew Member Visa: For Ghanaian crew members joining a ship or aircraft in the UK, the fee is also US$82 (GHS1,121).
  • Parent of a Student Child Visa: For Ghanaian parents whose children are enrolled in UK schools, this visa allows up to 12 months stay and costs US$818 (GHS11,182).
UK Visa from Ghana 2023
Snapshot Of Uk Visa From Ghana: Success Rate, Application Fee, Processing Time, Priority Service Cost Requirements For Ghanaians

2. UK Student Visa Fees in Ghana 2024

Ghanaian applicants filed 11,015 sponsored study visa applications in 2023, with 11,268 being resolved during the same period. The UK granted 9,026 of these applications, leading to a high grant rate of 80%. The number of refusals stood at 2,128, showing strong compliance with the UK’s educational visa requirements among Ghanaian students.

The UK Student Visa enables Ghanaian students to pursue educational and extracurricular activities in the United Kingdom. To get UK student visa,Ghanaians need to provide a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from a UK institution, English proficiency (typically via IELTS), and proof of financial stability for tuition and living expenses.

Degree-Level Courses allows Ghanaians to work part-time up to 20 hours per week during term, and full-time during holidays. Ghanaian dependents can also work full-time. Sub-Degree Courses limits Ghanaians to work 10 hours per week. After graduation, Ghanaian graduates and PhD holders may secure a 2-year and 3-year post-study work visa, respectively.

How Much is UK Student Visa Fee in Ghana?

The UK student visa fee in Ghana is US$630 (GHS8,612). For 5-day processing, the fee is US$1,272 (GHS17,403), which includes US$642 (GHS8,776) for priority services. For next-day processing, the cost is US$1,915 (GHS26,197), including US$1,285 (GHS17,566) for super priority services. From 6 February 2024, the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) is £776 per year (up from £624) for both Ghanaian students and dependents.

Other Study Visa Fees

  • For Short-Term English Language Courses (6-11 months) the UK visa fee in Ghana 2024 is US$257 (GHS3,513).
  • The Child Student Visa fee is US$630 (GHS8,612) in Ghana.
  • For Educational Engagements (up to 6 months) the UK Visa fee Ghana 2024 is US$148 (GHS2,023).

3. Family and Settlement UK Visa Fee Ghana 2024

There were 2,185 family visa applications made by Ghanaians in 2023, with 2,815 resolved by the end of the year. Of these, 2,294 were approved, resulting in a grant rate of 81%. The category saw 496 refusals, indicating rigorous checks on eligibility for family reunification.

Family and settlement visas provide pathways for Ghanaians to join family members who are settled in the UK. These visas cater to different family situations, including partners, children, parents, and other dependent relatives.

Family Visa UK Cost in Ghana 2024

  • Cost of a UK Spouse Visa from Ghana: For those specifically seeking to establish marital or partnership ties in the UK, the cost of a UK Spouse Visa from Ghana is set at US$2,372 (GHS32,425).
    • The UK spouse visa processing time 2024 in Ghana is 12-24 weeks.
    • Ghanaians can use the priority service option that reduces UK spouse visa processing time to 6 weeks for US$642 (GHS8,776). Therefore, the total cost of priority spouse visa in Ghana is US$3,014 (GHS42,431).
  • Fiancé(e) Visa: For couples planning to marry in the UK, is priced at US$2,372 (GHS32,425).
  • Joining Family Members in the UK: For Ghanaians planning to join a partner, parent, or child in the UK, the visa fee is US$2,372 (GHS32,425). This also applies to applications made to the Isle of Man, Bailiwick of Jersey, and Bailiwick of Guernsey.
  • Adult Dependent Relatives: For those applying to join an adult dependent relative, the fee is considerably higher at US$4,176 (GHS57,086), reflecting the additional scrutiny these applications often undergo.
  • Returning Residents: Ghanaians who previously held resident status and wish to return to the UK can apply for a returning resident visa for US$818 (GHS11,182).

4. UK Work Visa Fees in Ghana 2024

In 2023, there were 36,178 worker visa applications from Ghanaians, with 35,637 resolved by year’s end. Of these, 31,898 were granted, equating to an 90% approval rate. However, 3,427 work visa applications from Ghana were refused.

Can someone from Ghana work in the UK?

Yes, the main pathway for Ghanaians seeking employment in the UK is via the Skilled Worker Visa. Other notable options for Ghanaians to work in the UK are the Innovator, Startup, Global Business Mobility, and Health and Care Worker Visas.

How Much is UK Work Visa Fee in Ghana?

Skilled Worker Visa UK Cost in Ghana

For Ghanaians seeking employment opportunities in the UK, the Skilled Worker Visa provides a pathway to work in various roles sponsored by a licensed Home Office employer. This visa also opens the door to permanent settlement in the UK. The UK work visa fee in Ghana for 2024 is US$924 (GHS12,631) for a visa valid up to three years. For those requiring a longer duration, known as the 5-year work visa UK cost, the fee is US$1,824 (GHS24,934).

Job on the Immigration Salary List: Cost in Ghana

For skilled workers applying for jobs on the Immigration Salary List, the Skilled worker visa UK cost in Ghana depends on the visa’s duration. A Certificate of Sponsorship issued for three years or less is priced at US$708 (GHS9,678). If the visa extends beyond three years, the cost for the main applicant and dependents rises to US$1,393 (GHS19,042).

Health and Care Visa Costs in Ghana

Targeted at qualified health professionals from Ghana, the Health and Care Visa also serves as a route to permanent residency in the UK. In 2024, the cost is US$365 (GHS4,990) for visas up to three years. For longer stays, reflecting a work visa Scotland cost and broader UK regions, the fee increases to US$708 (GHS9,678).

UK Visa Fees in Ghana 2024: Global Business Mobility

For Ghanaian professionals and specialists, the Global Business Mobility category offers various UK work visa options, each tailored to specific business needs and roles. Here are the 2024 fees for these visas:

  • Senior or Specialist Worker Visa: For senior managers or specialists transferring to a UK branch. Fees are US$924 (GHS12,631) for visas up to three years, and US$1,824 (GHS24,934) for durations longer than three years.
  • Graduate Trainee Visa: Targets Ghanaians in graduate training programs that lead to specialist roles in the UK, with a fee of US$383 (GHS5,236).
  • UK Expansion Worker Visa: Aimed at senior personnel or specialists involved in expanding a business into the UK, priced at US$383 (GHS5,236).
  • Service Supplier Visa: For Ghanaian professionals providing services under international trade agreements, also costing US$383 (GHS5,236).
  • Secondment Worker Visa: For Ghanaians seconded to the UK for significant contracts or investments, with a fee of US$383 (GHS5,236).

These categories and fees provide Ghanaian applicants with clear options for business mobility to the UK in 2024.

Innovator Visa UK Cost in Ghana 2024

For Ghanaians aiming to establish a business in the UK, the Innovator Founder Visa provides a critical pathway. The 2024 costs associated with the Innovator Visa for main applicants and dependants are as follows:

  • Innovator Founder Visa Fee: The application fee for the main applicant and dependants is US$1,530.
  • Endorsement Fee: An additional fee of US$1,285 (GHS17,566) is required for the endorsement by an authorized body, which is crucial for validating the business idea and its potential.
  • Contact Point Meeting Fee: There is also a charge of US$642 (GHS8,776) for mandatory contact point meetings with the endorsing body, which help ensure ongoing support and compliance with the visa requirements.

These fees collectively contribute to the total cost of obtaining an Innovator Visa in Ghana, facilitating entry into the UK’s dynamic business environment.

Summary of UK Work Visa Fee in Ghana Across Various Categories

  • Global Talent Visa:
    • With Approval Letter: US$247 (GHS3,376) for the main Ghanaian applicant, plus US$673 (GHS9,200) for the Approval Letter.
    • Without Approval Letter: US$920 (GHS12,576) for both main Ghanaian applicants and their dependants.
  • Temporary Work Visas for Ghanaians: US$383 (GHS5,236) for each visa type, applicable to:
    • Ghanaian charity workers, creative professionals, participants in government exchange programs, religious workers, and those involved in international agreements. Youth Mobility Scheme and Seasonal Worker visas are limited to the main Ghanaian applicant only.
  • Other Work and Business Visas for Ghanaians (2024):
    • Start-Up Visa: US$559 (GHS7,642), for Ghanaians aiming to establish innovative businesses in the UK.
    • Investor Visa: US$2,380 (GHS32,535), for Ghanaians making significant financial investments in the UK economy.
    • High Potential Individual (HPI) Visa: US$1,039 (GHS14,203), for Ghanaian graduates from top global universities.
    • Scale-Up Visa: US$1,039 (GHS14,203), for Ghanaians with job offers from approved UK scale-up companies, offering a path to settlement.
    • T2 Minister of Religion Visa: US$924 (GHS12,631), for Ghanaians planning to engage in preaching and pastoral work.
    • International Sportsperson Visa: US$383 (GHS5,236) for a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) valid up to 12 months, US$924 (GHS12,631) for a CoS longer than 12 months.
How To Apply Visit Visa UK from Ghana
Uk Visa From Ghana In 2024: Step-By-Step Guide To Apply Visit Visa

5. FAQs: UK Visa from Ghana 2024 Fees and Requirements

  1. How much is a visa from Ghana to the UK?

    The cost of a UK visa from Ghana varies depending on the type of visa applied for. For instance, the cost for a UK visitor visa is approximately GHS2,023 (USD $148), for a student visa it’s approximately GHS 8,612 (USD $630), and for a spouse visa, it’s approximately GHS32,428 (USD $2,372).

  2. How much is UK visa fee in Ghana Cedis?

    6 Months, 2, 5, and 10 years visitor visa fees in Ghanaian Cedis are US$148 (GHS 2,023) US$555 (GHS7,587), US$991 (GHS13,547), and US$1,237 (GHS16,910), respectively.

  3. How much is UK priority visa fee in Ghana?

    Priority visa fee in Ghana is US$642 (GHS8,776). The price of super priority visa service is US$1,285 (GHS17,566).

  4. How long does it take to process a UK visa in Ghana?

    The standard processing time for a UK visa in Ghana typically ranges from 10-15 working days. If priority processing is chosen, the processing time can be reduced to approximately 5-7 working days, but in certain cases, it may extend up to 12 weeks.

  5. Can Ghanaians work on a visiting visa in the UK?

    Ghanaians visiting the UK on a visitor visa are not permitted to engage in any form of work.

  6. What should Ghanaians do if their UK visit visa is refused?

    After a visa refusal, Ghanaian applicants can choose to reapply or file a Judicial Review. It’s important to note that there is no right of appeal or administrative review against a standard visa denial. However, if the application was made on human rights grounds, an appeal can be lodged.

For more information about UK visa from Ghana, explore UK Government Visa Regulations.