UK Visas and Immigration Services Specialist Solicitors London

This relates to UK Visa and Immigration Services Specialist Solicitors London for Applications, Reapplications after Refusals, Immigration, Spouse and Dependants Settlement, EEA Family, Settlement of EU Citizens in the United Kingdom, Appeals, Administrative Review (AR) and Judicial Review (JR) for Applicants from outside and inside the GB.

UK Visas and Immigration Specialist Lawyers London

UK Visas and Immigration Services

For Applicants applying from outside the United Kingdom, following services relating to Visit, Immigration, Work, Study and Settlement are provided:

Applications and Reapplication after One or More Refusals

Representation and case processing for the following types of Visits are provided:

  • Standard Visit Applications for the Family, General, Child, and Sports Visitors. Business Visitor, including academics, doctors, and dentists and Entertainer Visitors. Applications for Prospective Entrepreneur, Private Medical Treatment and Approved Destination Status. 
  • Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE) Application for Visiting Examiners or Assessors, Lecturers, Assessors, Designated Air Pilot Examiners, Qualified Lawyers,  Arts, Entertainment and Sporting Professionals.
  • Marriage or Civil Partnership Applications.
  • Parent of a Tier-4 Child Applications.
  • Short-Term Study for studying a short course or English Language and Short Term Child Student.

Spouse and Dependant Family Applications, Appeal after Refusal

Settlement and Leave to Enter applications for spouses, dependent children as well as dependent parents’ applications and Appeals against Refusal Decisions:

  • Spouse Settlement Applications for spouses of British Citizens, spouse/partners of PBS Migrants and Leave to Enter or Extension of Stay as a Fiance(e).
  • Settlement of Unmarried or Same-Sex Civil Partner of a British Citizen or a Refugee in the United Kingdom.
  • Dependent Child Settlement Applications such as Indefinite and Limited Leave to Enter or Remain as a Child, Child of a Fiance(e), Adopted Children, Child of a PBS Tier 1 Entrepreneur, Investor, Tier 2 Worker, Tier 4 Student and Tier 5 Temporary Worker, Child of a Refugee and  Child of a Relative of a Refugee.
  • Dependent Parents and Relatives Applications such as Indefinite Leave to Enter or Remain as a Parent or Relative of a Settled Person or a Refugee.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur/Investor Application- AR and JR after Refusal

Entry Clearance and Leave to Remain Applications (and Judicial Review in case of Refusal and 10 Year Ban) for high-value Tier 1 Migrants looking to apply under Points Based System (PBS) Tier 1 Entrepreneur and PBS Tier 1 Investor.

Tier 2 Work and Tier-4 Student Application- AR/JR after Refusal

Work applications for PBS Tier 2 categories including intra-company transfer and PBS Tier 5 categories. And PBS Tier 4 (General) Student applications.

EEA Family Application and Post-Brexit Settlement of EU Citizens

EEA applications including EEA family permit, Post Brexit Settlement of EU Citizens, and EEA extended family members’ applications under EEA Regulations.

For Applicants from Inside the UK

Assistance is provided for following applications to the Applicants who are applying inside the United Kingdom:

  • Leave to remain applications under immigration and work categories such as Tier 1 Entrepreneur, Tier 1 Investor, Tier 2 Work Permit and Tier 5 Temporary Worker.
  • Other Leave to remain applications for further leave to remain applications under private and family life and other categories {FLR (HR), FLR (FP)}, spouse applications {(FLR (M)}.
  • Applications as a (sole) parent of a British national child.
  • Applications as a parent of a British national citizen or a person who is settled in the United Kingdom (person with Indefinite Leave to Remain).
  • Applications for Tier 4 students.
  • All type of settlement applications such as long residence, SET (O) – individuals who are eligible to apply for settlement under Tier 1 and Tier 2 categories.
  • All type of dependent applications.
  • Applications under EEA regulations – such as family members, extended family members, retained right of residence and permanent residence card applications; and
  • Citizenship applications.

Immigration Services- Detentions, Refusals, Appeals, JRs

Importantly, assistance in detention cases, refusals, appeals and applications for Judicial Reviews as well as administrative review requests are provided.

For refusals and bans, professional represented reapplications or file a Judicial Review against the Refusal Decision.

Refusals of An Immigration Decision?

If you have received any refusal for an application you made within or outside and should you have any issue regarding the same, we are here to assist and guide you.

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