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UK Visitor Visa, Spouse and Family Settlement, High Value Migrants, Skilled Workers, Refusals, Reapplications, 10-Year Ban, Appeals, Administrative Review and Judicial Review Specialist Solicitors and Lawyers, London.  Apparently, millions of people apply for UK visa and immigration application every year. However, due to lack of information and understanding about the application procedure, quite a few are unable to make a successful application. Therefore, the focus of the UK Visa Blog is to provide detailed guidance and insight for making a successful application. Moreover, where possible, the blog also tries to provide updates on the impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic on UK visa and immigration.

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How to Fill the UK Visitor Visa Application Form?

How to Fill the UK Visitor Visa Application Form?

This guidance relates to how to fill the UK visitor visa online application form for sight-seeing and tourism. And accordingly explains: how to plan travel and trip itinerary, use supporting documents to fill and download the online visitor visa form 2020 PDF for UK...