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Judicial Review UK Visa Refusal- Visitor, Marriage, Tourist, Family, Business, Spouse, Tier 1 Entrepreneur UK Immigration Judicial Review Solicitors London

Immigration Judicial Review Success Rate | ILR Judicial Review Success

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa ILR Judicial Review Success 2018

This relates to immigration judicial review decisions by Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum) (UTIAC) since November 2013. Moreover, the post provides details of Immigration Judicial Review Statistics such a tier 1 judicial review success rate. Here it is important to note that UTIAC decides applications for judicial review (JR) of certain decisions made by the Secretary…

UK Visa Appeal Solicitors to Challenge Immigration Refusals

UK Visa Appeal Solicitors

This relates to how UK visa appeal solicitors can help challenge UK immigration refusal decisions successfully? If a UK Visa Application is refused, then one can either challenge the refusal decision or reapply with the requisite supporting evidence. Accordingly, depending on the type of application, one can challenge the refusal decision through an immigration appeal, administrative…

Judicial Review Procedure Immigration UK: Process & Decision Time

How Long Does a Judicial Review Take?

This relates to Judicial Review Procedure after UK Visa and Immigration Decision. And provides the details of the steps involved in filing a judicial review for UK Visa and Immigration Refusals and 10 Year Ban decisions such as visit visa refusal, family visit visa refusal, Tier 1 Entrepreneur Refusals and bans. Judicial Review Procedure against…

UK Visit Visa 2018 | How hard is it to get a Standard Visa?

UK Visit Visa 2018 | How Hard is it to Get a UK Visitor Visa?

If an applicant is not able to establish his/her bona-fide in the application then instead of a visa, the passport is returned with a Refusal Letter stating the reasons for refusing the visitor visa application. In more than 80–90% of the visitor visa applications the common reasons relate to establishing income i.e. origination of funds in the bank statement from employment or business, especially large deposits in the bank statements, which do not commensurate with the stated income of an applicant. Moreover, quite a few applications are refused/banned on General Grounds due to past adverse immigration history- over-stayers, deportation, removals- or submitting false documents or making false statements in the application/during the interview. Please note: in case of a BAN, any future applications are automatically refused up-to 10 years. Therefore, if an applicant deems that the BAN is not justified then he/she needs to the challenge the refusal through a Judicial Review, as there is No Right of Appeal even for the Family Visitors since June 25, 2013.

TOEIC Test Court Decision: Update for Victims & Affected Students

An In-Country Right of Appeal for Accusers of TOEIC Cheating

This relates to TOEIC Case Update 2017 and highlights the details and implications of the TOEIC Test Court Decision 2017, Ahsan v Secretary of State, on Dec 05, 2017. This affects more than 45,000-50,000 TOEIC Victims, who now can challenge their deportation orders and refusal decisions so as not only to re-enter the UK but also to get compensation…

UK Entrepreneur Visa Statistics Reveal a Rising Success Rate!

UK Entrepreneur Visa Success Rate 2008-18

This relates to UK entrepreneur visa statistics and provides the details of entry clearance, leave to remain, extension and ILR (Settlement) applications from 2008 to September 2018. Perhaps, for the prospective Tier 1 entrepreneur applicants it is good news that the settlement grants and also the success rate for entry clearance and extension applications are…

UK Visa Refusal Reasons for Standard, Tourist, Business Visitors

Most Common UK Visa Refusal Reasons for Standard Visitors

This relates to most common reasons for UK standard visa refusal as family, tourist and business visitors. And also in terms of Appendix V for Visitors, the post also covers the general grounds for refusal. Perhaps, the underlying reason for UK visitor visa refusal is the lack of understanding of the immigration rule. Accordingly, the refusal reasons in…

UK Visa Reapply or Appeal: what to do after UK visa refusal?


UK visa refusal what to do? After receiving a UK Visa Refusal Decision, most of the applicants are not really sure whether to reapply or challenge a UK Visa Refusal Decision. The post: UK Visa Refusal Appeal or Reapply (i.e. When to Reapply or Challenge a UK Visa Refusal Decision?) elaborates on when reapplying is better than challenging a refusal decision and vice versa. Please note: if either no right of appeal or limited right of appeal is stated in the refusal decision then an applicant can file a judicial review against the refusal decision. In the event of a refusal decision, for a UK Visa and Immigration Application, one can take the following actions: Furnish a Reapplication and address the issues highlighted in the rejection letter; When a Legal Challenge against a Refusal Decision is inevitable?

Genuine Entrepreneur Test and Intentions of Doing Business in UK

Tier 1 Entrepreneur | Genuine Entrepreneur Test

The post relates to Tier 1 Genuine Entrepreneur Test for determining the intentions of an applicant of doing genuine business activity in the UK. Accordingly, the post covers the details of the genuine entrepreneur test in the context of the purpose of the Tier 1 entrepreneur route. Moreover, the post discusses the elements of the…

Judicial Review UK Immigration to Challenge UK Visa Refusal & Ban

Judicial Review UK Visa Refusal

This relates to UK Visa Judicial Review and explains the meaning and purpose of Judicial Review and how it can be helpful in challenging Immigration Refusal Decisions, especially when there is either no right of appeal or limited right of appeal is stated in the refusal letter. The section relating to Judicial Review UK Visa…