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Immigration Appeal Tribunal Decisions: Immigration Appeal Success Rate

Immigration Appeal UK | First Tier Tribunal Immigration Decisions

This relates to UK Immigration Appeal Tribunal Decisions and provides the details of First Tier Tribunal Immigration Decisions and Upper Tribunal Immigration Appeal Decisions from Feb 2010 to Q3 2017/18 relating to Managed Migration, Entry Clearance, Family Visit Visa, Deportation Appeals, Deprivation of Citizenship, Asylum, Protection, Revocation of Protection, EEA Free Movement. According to Official Statistics, from 2010/11 to Q3 2017/18, the First Tier Tribunal Immigration & Asylum Chamber (FTTIAC) determined 580,851 immigration at hearing/papers. During the same period i.e. from 2010/11 to Q3 2017/18, the Upper Tribunal Immigration & Asylum Chamber (UTIAC) determined 51,454 immigration at hearing/papers. During 2010-18, the UK Immigration Appeal Success Rate for FTTIAC and UTIAC was 45.10% and 37.70% as approx. 318,868 and 32,056 immigration appeals were refused by the First Tier Tribunal and Upper Chamber, respectively.

UK Visa Appeal Solicitors | Immigration Appeal Success Rate

UK Visa Appeal Solicitors

If a UK Visa Application is refused, then one can either challenge the refusal decision or reapply with the requisite supporting evidence. The Immigration Act 2014 has a significant impact on the right of appeal if an application is refused. The applicant may have no right of appeal or the appeal rights may be limited, therefore, it is advised that applicants may consult with a specialist UK immigration solicitor before making a decision. Depending on the type of application, one can challenge the refusal decision through an immigration appeal, administrative review and judicial review. For details relating to rights of appeal please refer: Rights of Appeal Immigration Act 2014 If UK visa application is refused with no right to appeal then one can opt for Judicial Review, especially for UK immigration 10-year ban.

Right of Appeal Human Rights Claim Refusal

Refusal of Human Rights Claim- Rights of Appeal

This relates to right os appeal human rights claim refusal. Accordingly, the post explains the appeal rights against the refusal of protection and human rights claim. Moreover, the post also explains the circumstances in which a person might have an appeal’s right under the Immigration Act 2014 and other immigration legislation in the UK. Refusal of…

Rights of Appeal Immigration Act 2014

UK Visa Refusal- Rights of Appeal after Immigration Act 2014

The Rights of appeal can be exercised against the following decisions: Refusal of a human rights/protection claim and also revocation of protection status as per Part 5 of Nationality, Immigration & Asylum Act 2002. Refusal of entry clearance and refusal to vary leave to remain, under a few circumstances, where the application was made before the enforcement of the Immigration Act 2014. Refusals relating to the issuance of an EEA family permit and also a few other EEA decisions- as per Regulation 26 of the Immigration (EEA) Regulations 2006. Deprivation of Citizenship – u/s 40A of British Nationality Act 1981.