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UK Family Visa for Spouse, Children, Parent Settlement & Reunion

Family visa UK is for entry clearance, leave to remain (or switching), further leave to remain and ILR (settlement) in the UK for partners, children, adult dependent relatives and parent of a child.

Family Visa UK for Partner, Child, Parent and ADR

Accordingly, posts in section mainly relate to Article 8 applications or claims submitted on or after 9 July 2012 by an applicant who first applied for entry clearance or leave to remain on or after that date, as a partner or parent of a British citizen child living in the UK or a settled child living in the UK.

Family Visa UK: 5 and 10-year settlement routes

The 5-year route as a partner or parent is for those who meet all the suitability and eligibility requirements of the Immigration Rules at every stage. However, if a partner is not able to meet the financial, English language or lawful immigration status eligibility requirements then the applicant is not entitled to leave to remain as a partner under the 5-year route. However, if exceptional circumstances apply then they may be considered for the 10-year partner route if they meet all other requirements.

10-year settlement route on the basis of private life in the UK

The Immigration Rules provide for leave to remain on a 10-year route to settlement on the basis of private life in the UK. Such applications cannot be made from outside the UK.

When a valid application is not required for UK family visa?

Under Appendix FM a valid application is not required when the Article 8 family or private life claim is raised:

  • as part of an asylum claim, or as part of a further submission in person after an asylum claim has been refused
  • where a migrant is in immigration detention
  • in an appeal

A person who has made a claim or wishes to make a claim for leave on the basis of Article 8 and who is not required to make a valid application can only be considered for leave to remain under the 10-year partner, parent or private life route to settlement. However, if the person wishes to be considered under the 5-year partner or parent route, they must submit a valid application.

UK Family Visa for Adoptive Child and Adult Dependent Relatives

Moreover, the posts also cover Adult Dependant Relatives (ADR) such parent, grandparent, brother or sister, son or daughter aged 18 years or over. And also covers overseas adoptive child.

UK Settlement Routes other than Family Visa UK

The posts in this section only relate to settlement on the basis of family visa UK and private life. Accordingly, do not cover the details of settlement grants under other routes such as:

  • Claim to the right of abode upheld & other grants
  • Own right or on a discretionary basis relating to work, asylum, Special vouchers and Commonwealth citizens (resident on 1 Jan 1973 and for 5 years)

Contact Specialist UK Family Visa London for Assistance

For applications, reapplication after refusal and to appeal against UK visa refusal contact specialist immigration solicitors London by filling the UK Visa Enquiry Form.

Exceptional Circumstances Appendix FM and Compassionate Grounds

UK Visa Outside Immigration Rules on Compassionate Grounds

This relates to the details of exceptional circumstances Appendix FM relating to minimum income requirements and unjustifiably harsh consequences under the 5-year settlement route on the basis of family life. And also explains the UK visa application outside the rules due to compelling compassionate circumstances. Perhaps, a refusal of entry clearance or leave to remain…

Parent Visa UK Requirements: parent of a child visa Appendix FM

This relates to entry clearance, leave to remain and ILR applications under Appendix FM, Immigration Rules as the parent of a child in the UK under the 5-year settlement route on the basis of family life. Accordingly, the post explains the eligibility requirements to apply for parent visa UK. And also covers suitability, relationship, financial…

Bereaved Partner ILR requirements under immigration rules

Requirements for Indefinite Leave to Remain as a Bereaved Partner

This relates to bereaved partner ILR in the UK for spouse and a civil partner under the family route as per Appendix FM of Immigration Rules. Accordingly explains the eligibility and suitability requirements for the grant of indefinite leave to remain as a bereaved partner. And also the refusal reasons. Apparently, these rules are not applicable…

Spouse visa refusal reasons UK: checklist of 29 possible reasons

Common Reasons for UK Spouse or Partner Visa Refusal

In terms of Appendix FM, a spouse, civil, unmarried, same-sex partner and fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner visa may be refused due to a number of factors. Therefore, this provides the details and checklist of 29 possible UK spouse visa refusal reasons. Please note: usually, the spouse visa refuses due to failure of an applicant…

Spouse Visa English Requirement: language test and exemptions

English Language Requirement for Spouse Visa

This relates to Spouse Visa English Requirement: language test and exemptions in the light of Appendix FM for Family Members of the Immigration Rules. Accordingly, covers the following topics: What is the spouse visa English language requirement? Immigration rules for spouse visa English requirements Exemptions for meeting the spouse visa English requirement Who is a national of…

Spouse Visa Accommodation Requirements: support letter templates

Spouse Visa Adequate Accommodation Appendix FM

This relates to Adequate Accommodation Requirements for UK spouse or partner visa under Appendix FM. Accordingly, discusses the details relating to Proof of Adequate Accommodation. Moreover, also provides a checklist of UK spouse visa relating to accommodation in the UK. Please note: it is not mandatory to make any payments for accommodation until the applicants receive a decision…

Adult Dependent Relative visa UK: Appendix FM family settlement

Adult Dependent Relative Visa UK: Purpose & Requirements

This relates to adult dependent relative visa UK applications for elderly parents and dependent relatives such as brother, sister and other family members under Appendix FM of Immigration Rules. Accordingly, the post covers the following topics: Purpose of the UK adult dependent relative visa route Requirements for adult dependent relative visa entry clearance application Documentary…

Fiance Visa UK guidance for fiancée or proposed civil partner!

Fiancé Visa is for enabling marriage or civil partnership in UK

This relates to Fiance Visa UK 2019: guidance and requirements for fiancée or proposed civil partner entry and extension under Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules. Accordingly, the post covers the following topics: UK fiance or proposed civil partner visa: purpose and FAQs Duration Application cost UK fiance visa: the difference between fiancé and fiancée? What is…

Set DV Modernised Guidance for Spouse Visa Domestic Violence UK

Set DV Modernised Guidance for Spouse Visa Domestic Violence UK

This relates to Set DV guidance for victims of domestic violence. Accordingly, the post covers the details for spouse visa domestic violence UK and requirements to apply for an ILR in terms of Appendix FM, Immigration Rules. Spouse Visa Domestic Violence UK This category is for those applicants who have been granted a limited leave…