UK Visit Visa Documents Checklist- Family Members in Home Country

This post relates to UK Family, Tourist and Business Visit Visa documents checklist and also explains evidence of family members remaining in your home country whilst you travel.

There is no particular list of documents designated for UK Visit Visa as different types of documents are required for various purposes of visitor visas. This post covers a tentative list of the following documents:

UK Visit Visa Documents Checklist

uk visit visa documents checklist

Please note: this ‘Documents Checklist for UK Visit Visa Applications‘ is to give general guidance to an applicant. It is not a listing of papers that one has to provide but an indication of the sorts of documents that are generally submitted.

Mandatory Documents Required for UK Visit Visa

These are the documents that an applicant is likely to provide with an application, especially the travel document such as a valid passport:

  • Valid passport or travel document;
  • Previous passports can be submitted with the application;
  • One recent photo as per UKVI’s guidelines;
  • Proof of the applicant’s permission to be in the country where he/she is applying if he/she is not a national of that country.

Purpose of Visiting UK

These documents are required for establishing the purpose/objective of the application. For instance, in the case of a family visitor visa, an applicant may submit an invitation letter or a sponsorship letter so as to justify the purpose of the trip. For business visits, an invitation letter from a business establishment might be necessitated.

  •  Evidence of arrangements made. Such as:
    • tour details, hotel booking;
    • flight details, merely the booking details may suffix;
    • letter of invitation;
    • evidence of sponsors immigration status in the UK such as British passport, permanent resident card, student permit, etc.

Evidence of Employment

It is important for an applicant to furnish details regarding the source of income so as to establish his employment or self-employment status. Therefore, an applicant can furnish one or more of the following documents to do so:

  • Evidence of the job/work and all income stated on the application form. Such as:
    • letter from employer;
    • pay slips;
    • tax returns;
    • business registration documents;
    • business bank account statements;
  • Evidence of being in education (where applicable);
  • Proof of qualifications obtained.

Evidence of Finances and Bank Statements

It is important for any applicant to clearly establish that either an applicant him/herself would be able to bear the cost of the trip or his/her sponsor is in a position to do so. In this regard, an applicant may furnish one or more of the following documents:

  • Evidence of the monthly income stated on an application form. Such as:
    • Bank statements;
    • Bank book;
    • Bank letters;
    • Balance certificates;
    • Tax returns for the last 2-3 years;
    • Crop receipts;
  • Confirmation of the ability to meet costs of a trip, as stated on an application form. Such as:
    • Bank Statements of the sponsor paying for the journey.

This mostly relates to the details of an applicant’s accommodation during the trip to the UK i.e. whether the applicant will be staying privately with the sponsor or in a hotel. In this regard, an applicant may submit these kinds of documents:

  • Evidence of assets like property or land. Such as:
    • property deed;
    • mortgage statements;
    • tenancy agreements;
    • accountant’s letters;
    • land registration documents;
  • Proof of UK accommodation and travel details. Such as:
    • hotel booking confirmation;
    • travel booking confirmation;
    • travel agent confirmation;
    • sponsor accommodation details.

Evidence of Family Members Remaining in Home Country

Depending on the idiosyncrasies of an applicant’s personal and professional circumstance, an applicant can submit any important documents, for instance:

  • Evidence of marital status, such as:
    • marriage certificates;
    • civil partnership certificates;
    • divorce records;
    • death certificates;
  • Proof of family members remaining in the home country i.e. applicant will be travelling, and his/her near relatives will not be going with him. For instance, a husband going without the wife, parents travelling without children;
  • Any other documentary evidence that an applicant may deem appropriate and necessary to disclose with the UK Visit Visa Application for ascertaining an applicant’s bonafide.

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