Proof of Ties to Home Country UK Visa

This post relates to proving intent to return to home country as required under Paragraph V4.2(a) Appendix V of Immigration Rules. Accordingly, the post highlights details of documents to proof of ties to home country UK visa viz. evidence of family, employment, business and personal assets for proving intent to return to home country.

Reasons to Return to Home Country | Documents to Show Family Ties

Proof of Ties to Home Country UK Visa

The Paragraph V4.2(a) of Appendix V for Visitors requires that visitors must prove their genuine intentions to return to the home country at the end of their visit. Therefore, it is prerequisite to furnish documentary evidence as a proof of sufficient ties to home country for proving intent to return to home country (at the end of the visit) before the grant of a visitor visa.

Immigration Rules Appendix V

Genuine intention to visit
V 4.2 The applicant must satisfy the decision maker that they are a genuine visitor. This means that the applicant:
(a) will leave the UK at the end of their visit;

Evidence of Family Members Remaining in Your Home Country

A family is a basic unit of society, therefore, it is important to furnish reasonable proof of family ties for UK visa. Documents to show family ties usually relates to partner and children.

Marriage or Civil Partner

If a spouse is travelling alone then an evidence of marriage or civil partnership certificate may help increase the balance of probabilities for the grant of a UK visa.

Divorce or Death of a Partner

In case of divorce or death of a spouse, in terms of Paragraph 3.6(b) of Appendix V, an applicant is liable to disclose the material facts. Therefore, an applicant should furnish requisite information about divorce and death of a partner in the application, and if available then enclose a copy of the divorce or death certificate.

V 3.6 An application will be refused where:
(b) material facts have not been disclosed, in relation to their application or in order to obtain documents from the Secretary of State or a third party provided in support of their application.


If both the parents are applying and leaving their children behind in the home country then children birth certificates, family registration form, along with a certificate of enrolment and studies from the educational institution will be helpful in establishing family ties with the home country.

If both the parents are intending to visit and leaving children under the age of 6-12 in the home country, an affidavit from a close relative for the guardianship of the children may be furnished with the UK visa application.

Unmarried or Single Applicants

Since many applicants, who apply for a UK Visitor Visa, are single with no children, therefore, it is not possible for them to prove sufficient family ties to the home country. However, it is important to understand that proof of family ties for UK Visa is only a supplementary evidence for proving intent to return to home country. Nevertheless, ceteris paribus, the Balance of Probabilities UK visa will work in favour of a married applicant vis-à-vis an unmarried applicant.

Professional and Business Ties to the Home Country

Evidence of income not only provides information about the affordability of trip expenses and availability of funds for the UK visa but also help in establishing professional and business ties with the home country. If an applicant is adequately employed or running a successful business in the home country then he/she has sufficient reasons to return to the home country after the end of the trip.

Income from Employment

Evidence of income from employment could be established by furnishing monthly payslips and last six-month personal bank account statement in which the salary is regularly credited. This can be supplemented by appointment or employment letter, tax returns, bank account maintenance certificate, evidence of annual bonus or increment, promotion letter etc. An effective prove of employment in the home country is a plausible evidence that an applicant is likely to return to home country after visiting the UK.

Self Employed Businesspersons

A self-employed businessperson can furnish documents relating to business registration such as sole proprietorship certificate, partnership deed, Memorandum of Association in case of a private limited company.

Bank and tax details of the business such as bank certificates and last six month statements, tax registration certificate and annual income tax returns for the last 2-3 years help establish business ties in the home country. Depending on the nature of the business, an applicant can supplement the evidence with Import and Export License, Registration with the Local and National Chamber and Trade Bodies, License from Government such as Trade or Custom’s Licence etc.

Evidence of Assets for UK Visa

This mainly relates to immovable assets such as residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural property, especially for landlords and agriculturalists, who are generating income from property rents and agricultural produce. Provision of a clear and adequate information relating to the ownership of the property increases the balance of probabilities. However, if the evidence is meaningless then it may reduce the chances of granting a visitor visa.

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