Short Stay Visas

This category covers short stay visas under Appendix V of the Immigration Rules for visitors.

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UK Short Stay Visas

How to Apply for Standard Visitor Visa UK?

This guidance relates to UK standard visitor visa requirements under Paragraph V4.2-V4.10 of Appendix V, Immigration Rules. Moreover, also explains how to apply for UK standard visitor visa...

Business Visitor Visa UK Requirements 2022

Visitors are allowed to do certain business related permitted activities in the UK such as attending conferences or meetings, intra-corporate activities, visiting company's offices or client sites,...

How to Get 2, 5, or 10 Years Long-Term Standard Visitor Visa UK?

After visiting the UK on a 6-months visa, applicants intend to apply for a long-term visit visa. Therefore, this relates to successfully applying for UK long term 2, 5 and 10-year standard visitor visa. And explains: What constitutes a genuine intention to visit the UK on a regular basis? What to do if long term visitor visa UK is refused?

Child Visitor Visa UK: All You Need to Know!

This relates to UK child visitor visa application requirements and guidance notes for minors under 18 years of age. And covers details of child welfare duty of the Home Office, Parental Consent Letter, Private Foster Care, Host Family, Sponsoring Charity, and Short Term Child Student Visa Requirements.

Why UK Visitor Visa Cancelled (at the Airport)?

A person can only visit the UK under certain restrictions. Therefore, if a visitor fails to abide by these restrictions, then their UK visa (or leave to remain) can be cancelled (or curtailed). Accordingly, this post explains UK visa cancellation by Home Office in the light of permitted and prohibited activities under Part V9 of Appendix V, Immigration Rules. Please note, if UK visitor or tourist visa is cancelled at the airport, then this may lead to re-entry ban. Visa cancellation at the airport may be due to long and frequent stays in the UK or doing prohibited activities during the preceding visit.

Sponsor Support and Bank Balance for Visit Visa UK

For successful UK visitor visa applications, applicants require to have sufficient bank balance to cover the trip expenses. However, at times, family members or other third party sponsor can provide the evidence of support for meeting the UK visit visa financial and accommodation requirements. Therefore, in the light of Appendix V of the Immigration Rules, the post explains the details of maintenance funds (bank balance), accommodation and sponsor documents for the UK family, tourist, and business visitor visa.

UK Visit Visa Refusal Reasons for Tourists and Family Visitors

The tourist or family visitor visa is mostly rejected due to doubtful intentions (weak ties in home country), insufficient funds for visiting the UK, and large unexplained deposits in the bank statement. However, there could be other reasons for tourist or family visitor visa rejection such as false documents, limited travel history, long stays in the UK on previous visits, poor documentary evidence etc. Accordingly, this post provides the details of all the possible UK visa refusal reasons and tips to avoid rejections.

Supporting Documents for Standard Visitor Visa UK

To get a tourist or family visitor visa an applicant needs to prove that they have ample funds for the trip and will leave UK at the end of the visit. Accordingly, applicants need to provide the supporting documents required for UK Tourist or Family visitor visa application. For making a successful UK family visitor or tourist visa application, this post explains the details of supporting documents to prove ties to home country, employment, bank balance and evidence of assets.

Is it Possible to Extend Visitor Visa in the UK?

A person can only apply for an extension of visitor visa in the UK if it is necessary. Extending visitor visa in UK depends on the type of the visit visa and the purpose of extension. A visitor on standard visit visa can apply for an extension in the UK. However, a visitor on Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE) or transit visa cannot apply for an extension. Moreover, switching from and to visitor visa is not possible in the UK.

Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE) Visa UK Guidance 2022

The PPE Visa is for visiting examiners, assessors, lecturers, designated air pilot examiners, qualified lawyers, artists, entertainers, and sports professionals for doing a permitted paid engagement in the UK for up to 30 days. The PPE route is not for making repeat temporary paid employment as visitor is only for a short engagement and their main place of employment is overseas. Therefore, if an applicant intends to make repeat visit on PPE visa UK, then the application is likely to be refused.

Marriage Visitor Visa UK Requirements and Guidance 2022

In the light of Appendix V and immigration rules, this guidance relates to UK marriage and proposed civil partner visitor visa requirements. Moreover, also explains the supporting documents required for marriage visa UK.

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