UK Visa Document Requirements | UK Visitor Visa Checklist

This relates to documents required for UK visitor visa for Standard Visitor Visa Applications as Family, General Tourist and Business Visitor to the UK.

Supporting Documents for UK Visitor Visa

UK Visa Document Requirements | UK Visitor Visa Checklist

In terms of Appendix V of the Immigration Rules, for the success of an application, it is imperative to attach necessary supporting documents for ascertaining the purpose, circumstances and bonafide of an applicant as visitor visa application is decided on the information furnished by an applicant.

Applications are decided based on the information provided by the applicant and any other relevant circumstances at the date of decision.

Translation of Documents is Important

It is important to note that for documents that are not in English/Welsh, an applicant is required to submit a translation of such documents, along with the copies of the originals. The translated documents are required to be verified independently and must enumerate:

  • translator’s confirmation that the translated document(s) are an accurate translation/account of the original non-English/Welsh documents;
  • the date on which the translation has been done;
  • full name and signatures of the translator.

Valid Travel Documents

All Visitors are required to provide a Valid travel document such as a national passport or any other such document that lawfully enables the holder to travel internationally.

The passport must be in good condition and have at least one-page blank on both sides.

Previous Travel Documents

If the applicant has had a UK visa previously, but this is in an old passport, then it is advisable to enclose the current as well as the previous passport with the application.

Information About the Visit

Documents showing any plans the applicant has made. In case of a family visit, an invitation letter from the family member living in the UK. For business visitor, a formal invitation letter for attending a meeting or a conference, negotiating a business deal, an export or import contract etc. For a general tourist, a tentative trip plan, which may indicate a list of places and sights that an applicant intends to visit during the trip.

Accommodation in the UK

Documents showing UK accommodation and travel details, such as Hotel booking confirmation, travel booking confirmation, travel agent’s confirmation and sponsor accommodation details.

Information About Residential Dwelling in the Home Country

In order to certify his/her residential address, an applicant may furnish a copy of property deed, mortgage statements, tenancy agreements and land registration documents. In case of joint family, then also an affidavit from the family member, who is the owner of the property.

If Applicable: Documents Confirming the Legal Residence

If an applicant is not a national of a country in which the applicant is applying from or does not have the right to reside there is not included in his/her passport then a copy of the document confirming the legal residence is required. For instance, a Pakistani national working in Dubai needs to furnish the UAE’s residence permit as an evidence of legal residence.

Ownership of Immovable Assets

Documents showing that ownership of residential, commercial and agricultural property such as property deed, mortgage statements, accountant’s letters and land registration documents.

Evidence of an Applicant’s Employment and Business

If an application has stated in the application form that he/she is either a self-employed or full time (or half-time) employed or is a full-time student, then the applicant needs to provide necessary documents to ascertain the claim. Documents showing the income and employment stated on the application form, such as a letter from employer, pay slips, tax registration certificate, tax returns, business registration documents, business bank account statements etc.

Self Employed Businessperson, Agriculturalists, Landlords

Self-employed businessperson needs to furnish documents relating to business registration, confirming business owner’s name and the date on which the company has started operations.

In case of an Agriculturalist or landlord details of the property from which income is generated, along with income tax registration, property tax receipts etc.

Salaried Individuals

An Employment Letter from applicant’s employer on company letterhead, detailing his/her role, salary and length of employment.


A student may provide a Letter of Study from the educational institution, on the letterhead, confirming the enrollment of the applicant and sanction of leave of absence.

Evidence of Sufficient Funds

Financial documents demonstrate that an applicant has ample and sufficient funds available for undertaking a journey to the UK. The financial documents must unequivocally show that a claimant has access to the funds.

Details of Funds

Availability of funds for the trip can be shown through the savings in the personal bank statement. The bank statement should cover a period of preceding six months. Any documents relating to funds such as bank statements, bank books, bank letter, balance certificate should not be more than one month old on the application date i.e. the date on which an applicant submits the application and does the biometrics at the UK visa application centre.

Earnings Proof

Letter from applicant’s employer confirming the details of employment (starting date of employment, role, salary, contact particulars of the company/business entity). For self-employed businesspersons, income tax return to demonstrate gross and net income.

Sponsor’s Invitation Letter

If a family member or a friend has invited the applicant to the UK then Sponsor Letter, enumerating the details of the invitation i.e. whether the applicant will be staying with the host in the UK and will the host be providing any financial support to the applicant or not.

If the sponsor is a business entity for a business visitor visa then a formal invitation on the letterhead of the organization stating the terms of invitation. In case if the inviting organization undertakes to either fully or partially fund the proposed trip then it is a practice to state the same in the invitation letter.

Activities Relating to Professional Work

When an applicant is intending to visit the UK for undertaking activities that relate to his/her professional work, then such an applicant is required to tender documents showing what he/she will be doing in the United Kingdom, including any letters from inviting organisations. For any business activities, a letter from an employer outlining the reason(s) for the proposed visit, which the applicant will be meeting and details of payments and expenses in this regard. For performances and entertainment visitors, a letter mentioning that whether an applicant is working as a professional or as an amateur, and what, when and where the applicant will be performing.

Child Visitor Visa UK

Applicants under eighteen (18) years of age are advised to submit either a Birth Certificate or a legal document – such as adoption papers – so as to determine the relationship between a child and his/her parent or guardian;

If the child is travelling unaccompanied or with someone other than the parent(s) the applicant needs to give:

  • a signed letter from a parent establishing the details of anyone else accompanying the applicant, and details of care and accommodation arranged for in the UK;
  • a copy of parent(s) or legal guardian’s biographical page of the passport, which includes parent’s or legal guardian’s signatures and passport numbers if a parent(s) do not have a passport then the applicant must provide any other official document that bears the signatures of the parents.

Additional Information

Documents showing applicant’s marital status, such as Marriage certificate, civil partnership certificate, divorce certificate and spouse or partner’s death certificate. For further details refer: Evidence of family members

Documents that May Not be Required

Most of the times, even if these are included to support a visitor visa application, these are not taken into account. Therefore, these should usually not be enclosed, unless specially required/requested to prove some particular point:

  • if applicants are applying as a family/group, applicants are not obliged to provide multiple copies of the same documents;
  • bank statements or letters issued more than one (1) year before the date of application;
  • notarial certificates;
  • photographs (other than passport photos required);
  • business cards;
  • driving licence;
  • hotel bookings;
  • flight bookings;
  • photocopies of bank cards;
  • credit card statements;
  • documents relating to leisure activities;
  • evidence of car ownership;
  • travel insurance;
  • sponsor’s utility bills;
  • sponsor’s council tax bills;
  • educational certificates (unless specifically listed/required).

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