Add’l Supporting Documents for Specific Type of UK Visitor Visas

This relates to Additional Supporting Documents Required for Specific Types of UK Visitor Visas viz. Marriage (or Civil Partnership) VisitorProspective EntrepreneurAcademicsMedical Treatment,  Medical Visa Extension, Organ Donors, Work-related TrainingPerformers at Permit Free Festivals, and Transit. For Approved Destination Scheme (ADS) please check the details at specific guidance for ADS visitors.

Prospective Entrepreneur, Medical, Marriage Visitor Visa UK

Marriage Visitor Visa UK Supporting Documents

Since Standard Visitor Visa covers a number of purposes for travelling to the UK. The most common purposes are visiting family, tourism and business meetings, which entails furnishing of mandatory documents, usually a passport, and supporting documents, relating to evidence of employment (or Studies), finances and bank statements, sponsor documents, evidence of family members, with the visitor visa application. However, for specific purposes, along with the supporting documents, an applicant is required to furnish Additional Supporting Documents for justifying the specific purpose of visiting the UK.

Marriage Visitor Visa UK Supporting Documents

As explained above, if an applicant is applying for a Marriage Visitor Visa then in addition to the usual supporting documents required for UK Visitor Visa, an applicant needs to furnish additional supporting documents.

Legally-Free to Marry

In case an applicant in the past has remained married, or in a civil partnership then the applicant needs to give documents to demonstrate that the applicant is legally free to marry or form a bond of civil partnership again.

Marriage Arrangements

Evidence such as a letter from a UK Registry Office to demonstrate that necessary arrangements have been undertaken for the proposed marriage or civil partnership.

For further information refer: Who Can Apply for UK Marriage Visitor Visa?

Prospective Entrepreneur

A prospective entrepreneur is required to submit a Letter in support of his/her application from one or more than one registered venture capital firms that are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, entrepreneurial seed funding competitions, Her Majesty’s government departments. An inability to provide the letter will limit subsequent switching to Tier-1 (Entrepreneur).

Academic Visitor Visa UK Supporting Documents

An academics visiting the UK for undertaking research (12-Months Visa), requires furnishing additional supporting documents with the Standard Visitor Visa Application.

Letter from the Employer

The visiting academic requires a letter from the present employer on the official letterhead of the establishment, enumerating the period of exchange, sabbatical, or outlining the research that will be undertaken during the visiting period;

Letter from the Host Organization

a letter from the host organisation in the UK confirming the arrangements for the proposed research or exchange program; and

Medical Certificate

Applicants, and their accompanied Dependant Family Member(s), from countries listed in Appendix T Part 1, are required to furnish a valid medical certificate issued by an authorised medical practitioner as listed in Part 2 of Appendix T of the Immigration Rules.

Additional Documents for UK Visa on Medical Grounds

For applying 6 to 11 months private medical treatment visa UK, it is mandatory for an applicant to provide:

A Letter from Doctor

A Letter from Doctor or a Certified/Authorised Consultant in the United Kingdom detailing the conditions that necessitate/require treatment and consultations in the UK, costs estimates and indicative time duration of the treatment, details of the treatment centre where the prescribed treatment is expected to take place.

Medical Certificate

For applicants applying for an eleven (11) months visa, who are residents of countries listed in Appendix T Part 1 of Immigration Rules, the applicants must provide the required valid medical certificate duly issued by medical practitioners listed in Part 2 of Appendix T of the Immigration Rules.

For further information please refer Long-Term Private Medical Treatment Visitor Visa UK.

Medical Visa Extension UK

For an extension of stay application for private care/medical treatment, applicants are required to provide a Letter from a Registered Medical Practitioner.

Who can issue Letter for Medical Visa Extension?

A Registered Medical Practitioner working in a private practice or NHS hospital either holding an NHS consultant post or enlisted in the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council.

What must the Letter Confirm?

The Letter must confirm the conditions requiring further treatment in the UK and payment of Costs of any treatment so far received in the UK.

Organ Donors

In addition to the documents required for Private Medical Treatment, it is mandatory for organ donors to provide a letter confirming:

  • Genuine Intentions of the Organ Donor – that the organ donor genuinely intends to donate an organ to a particular individual with whom the organ donor has a personal or genetic relationship;
  • Endorsement of a Confirmed Match – an endorsement that the organ donor is a confirmed match to the identified individual, i.e. the recipient, OR is in the process of undergoing further tests for establishing that he/she is a confirmed match;
  • the date of the proposed transplant;
  • name of the medical institute/hospital where the proposed operation/tests are to be conducted;

It is mandatory that the letter above is from either one of the followings:

  • a lead nurse or a coordinator of NHS Trust’s living donor kidney transplant team;
  • a registered medical practitioner who either holds NHS consultant post or appears on the specialist register of the General Medical Council;

Organ donors also need to submit a document clearly stating that the beneficial recipient is a legal resident of the UK. This can be proved by enclosing a copy of the British passport or residence permit of the recipient. If the recipient is also applying for a visa with the Organ Donor, then the applicant must provide the details such as name, nationality, date of birth of the recipient.

For work relating training visa, a letter from the General Medical Council & Nursing and Midwifery Council is required to confirm the arrangements for the following tests:

  • Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board Test;
  • Objective Structured Clinical Examination Test.

For an unpaid clinical attachment or dental observer post following confirmations are mandatory:

  • a written confirmation to take up the offer;
  • confirmation that an applicant has not previously undertaken the activity in the United Kingdom.

Performers at Permit Free Festivals

For visa application, a performer/artist requires an invitation letter from the event organisers of permit free festival(s) confirming dates of the performances and details of payments that an applicant will be receiving for taking part in the event.

Transit Visitor

The Transit Visitors are required to demonstrate that an onward journey from the United Kingdom has been confirmed/booked, which is either within twenty-four (24) hours of arrival in the UK for Direct Airside Transit or forty-eight (48) hours of the applicant’s arrival in the UK for Visitor in Transit such as:

  • travel booking confirmation (can be in the form of an email or a hard copy of the tickets);
  • confirmation from a travel agent.

Evidence to demonstrate that the applicant is assured entry into an onward country that the applicant is travelling to, for instance, valid visa, a residence permit, or a green card.

In case the applicant is not a resident or national of the onward destination, then the applicant needs to provide evidence to demonstrate the reason for travel, such as a holiday booking confirmation.

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