Short Term Student (11 months)- UK English Language Visa

This track is for those applicants who would like to come to the United Kingdom for studying ‘English Language’ for more than six (6) months but not more than eleven (11) months.

Definition of English Language Study- UK Short-Term Student

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For the purpose of this route ‘English Language Study’ is a course which teaches English as a Foreign Language only and does not include any other subject(s). An applicant is not allowed to study mixed courses under this study route.

Any other applications under this route, including applications to undertake research as a short-term student (eleven months), is likely to be refused.

Acceptance Letter for Admission as an English Language Student

The applicant is required to be accepted for a course of study at an accredited institution. The applicant is to provide an acceptance letter from the institution with details of the course.

Applicants for entry clearance/leave to enter as a short-term student (eleven months) is required to all the stipulations of paragraphs A57C and A57E of the Immigration Rules.

An entry is likely to be refused to those applicants who do not have entry clearance as a short-term student (eleven months).

Police Registration Requirement for UK English Language Students

All applicants under the Short Term Student (eleven months) route are required to register with the police in the UK if the application is:

  • a national or citizen of a country or territory listed in Appendix 2 to the UK Immigration Rules;
  • a stateless person;
  • a person holding non-national travel documents;

Health Surcharge Requirements for English Language Students

All Short Term Student (11 months) for English Language Study in the UK are required to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge at the reduced rate for students (£150 for each 12 months of leave) at the time of making the application for entry clearance.