Three Types of Short-Term 6 and 11 Months UK Student Visas

The short-term student visa is for those, who intend to visit the UK to study a short duration course, which does not include either a work placement or a work experience. The short-term student visa is previously called student visitor visa.

Types of Short-Term Student Visa

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There are three (3) types short-term student routes:

  • short-term student six (6) months – applicants having an age of eighteen (18) years and more can study any suitable course in the UK for a maximum period of six (6) months;
  • short-term student eleven (11) months – for applicants aged eighteen (18) and over for a maximum of eleven (11) months for studying an English Language course only;
  • short-term student (child) – for applicants aged under eighteen (18) to study a course in the UK for a maximum duration of six (6) months;

Apply for a Visa under PBS Tier-4

Those who intend to visit the UK to study one of the following types of courses are required to apply for a visa under Points-Based System (PBS) Tier 4 route:

  • an English language course that lasts longer than eleven (11) months;
  • any other course that lasts longer than six (6) months;
  • a course that involves a work placement/experience;

Visitors are Allowed to Study a Course for up to Thirty (30) Days

As explained in our posts on the study for visitors, a person on a visitor visa to the UK for instance as a tourist or family visitor can pursue a course of study for up to thirty (30) days. However, studying should not be the main purpose of the visit.