Perhaps, the focus of the post is to provide guidance for UK visa requirements from India in 2020, especially for those Indian nationals who wish to apply for UK tourist and visitor visa for visiting London, England, for very first time! Therefore, explains how to apply for visitor and tourist applications and meet UK visa requirements from India? Moreover, also provides a checklist of the required supporting documents for tourist and visitors to apply for UK visa from India.

UK Visitor and Tourist Visa Requirements from India 2020

In fact, the most common and popular application UK visa from India is the 6 months standard visitor visa aka England/London tourist visa. Therefore, a fresh applicant usually applies for the 6 months multiple-entry visitor visa for tourism, family or business visits from India. Whereas, a repeat visitor can also apply for a long-term visitor visa for tourism, meeting family or business from India. Moreover, after a refusal, an Indian citizen can reapply or file a judicial review. As a matter of fact, there is no right of appeal to challenge visitor visa refusal from India.

How to apply for UK tourist visa from India?

In fact, the requirements for applying UK visa from India as tourist or visitor essentially relates to:

  1. Specifying the Purpose of the Visit
  2. Gathering the Required Documents to Apply for UK Visa from India
  3. Filling the Online Form to Apply for UK Tourist Visa from India
  4. Scheduling an Appointment
  5. Paying the Application Fees
  6. Upload/Prepare Documents Required for UK Visa from India
  7. Visiting UKVAC for Biometrics and Submitting Documents Required for UK Tourist Visa from India
  8. Waiting for the UK Tourist Visa Decision
  9. Passport Collection

In light of the current Coronavirus alert, the Application Centres in India will be closed until further notice.

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Specifying the Purpose of the Visit

In fact, it is important requirement to specify the purpose of UK visa from India. Perhaps, the purpose of visiting is usually tourism, meeting family or attending a business meeting or a conference. Therefore, the first step is to clearly, specify the purpose of the visiting. And then gather the required supporting documents to apply for the UK tourist visa from India.

Gathering the Required Documents to Apply for UK Visa from India

Perhaps, an applicant applying for a UK visa from India may need to gather (and subsequently submit) following types of documents with the final application at the UKVAC:

  1. Online application form
  2. Current valid Indian passport
  3. Previous Indian passport, if applicable
  4. Translation of documents, which are not in English/Welsh
  5. Invitation letter, if applicable
  6. A UK address for staying during the visit
  7. Residential address in India
  8. Telephone or mobile number
  9. Marriage certificate, if applicable
  10. Family certificate, if applicable
  11. Business/Employer details
  12. Tax registration certificate
  13. Tax returns
  14. Bank statements
  15. Salary slips (for employed persons)
  16. Conveyance/Mortgage Deed or Rental Agreement of the address in India
  17. Evidence of assets

Please note, this is not an exhaustive checklist of the required documents to apply for UK visa from India, as these may differ due to the personal circumstances. For further details, please refer to supporting documents checklist.

Moreover, there is no requirement of submitting photographs with UK tourist visa from India. Certainly, the procedure has changed during the last few years. Therefore, the information relating to the requirement of submitting a photograph with UK tourist visa from India is misleading and outdated.

Filling the Online Form

An applicant needs to apply for UK tourist visa from India online. Moreover, applicants have the option of reading the questions in Hindi. However, can answer only in English. Accordingly, after selecting a language for reading the questions, one needs to select INDIA as the country to apply for the UK visa from India. And needs to fill the following sections of UK tourist visa online application form from India completely and correctly.

  1. Travel Information
  2. Personal Information
  3. Passport Details
  4. Spouse/Partner Details
  5. Dependant Details
  6. Parent Details
  7. Employment, Income and Expenditure
  8. Accommodation Details
  9. Travel History (UK)
  10. Travel history (other)
  11. Other History
  12. Convictions and other Penalties
  13. Medical Treatment
  14. Extra Information
  15. English Language
  16. Documents
  17. Payment
  18. Declaration

For further details, please refer to UK Tourist Visa 2020: how to fill the online application form?

Schedule an Appointment for UK Visa from India

Once an applicant has reviewed and finalised the application then can select the service type (standard or priority). And accordingly can schedule an appointment at one of the UKVACs in India. Moreover, an applicant can fast track a UK visa and immigration application from India by purchasing the priority or super-priority service. In fact, for facilitating business visitor visa application from India, the Home Office launched the super-priority visa service in May 2013. At present this service is available at UKVAC Mumbai (North), Chennai and Bangalore. Perhaps, the super-priority visa service is for a straightforward application. Moreover, the super priority service in India is only available for UK visitor visas, PBS Tier 2, Tier 5, Tier 4, Tier 4 (Child) and Tier 4 (Dependants) applicants.

Who may use priority visa service from India?

Perhaps, it is advisable to use UK priority service to fast track only a straightforward application from India. A straightforward application means that the credentials of the applicant are immaculate, without any past refusals and adverse immigration history. Moreover, purchasing priority service does not influence the result.

Who may use super-priority visa service from India?

As a matter of fact, the super-priority service from India for a visitor visa application is not available to the citizens of Commonwealth countries, overseas domestic workers and customers from British Overseas Territories. Therefore, most of the applicants can’t avail it for visitor visa applications.

How to pay for the priority and super-priority service?

Please note: a few years ago, the UK visa online application form does not have the option for payment of priority service. Accordingly, an applicant needed to purchase the priority service separately. However, presently, most of the applicants usually pay for the priority and super-priority visa fee at the time of finalising the online application form. Therefore, only a few applicants opt for paying the priority and super service fee separately.

Does the Priority Service guarantee anything?

No, certainly the priority or super-priority service does not guarantee a favourable result. Moreover, payment for priority service does not even guarantee a quick decision. However, the UKVI usually expedite the processing of priority applications. Moreover, also inform an applicant via email, if the priority visa does process within 5 working days!

Paying the Application Fees for UK Visa from India

Perhaps, paying the application fees is a mandatory requirement for completing and finalizing the UK tourist visa from India. Therefore, once an applicant has scheduled the appointment and selected the service type then can proceed forward to make payment online. And may take a print out of the final UK tourist visa online application form.

Upload/Prepare Documents Required for UK Tourist Visa from India

Quite clearly, the requirements for submitting supporting documents for UK visa from India is the same as that for any other visa national. Therefore, an applicant applying for a UK tourist visa from India needs to upload/submit the required supporting documents.

Biometrics Requirements at UKVAC for UK Tourist Visa from India

An applicant needs to attend appointment at one of the application centres in India for biometrics and submitting passport and the required documents for UK visitor or tourist visa application. Accordingly, the staff of the VFS Global application centre takes an electronic photograph of the applicant at the time of application submission. Moreover, the staff of UKVAC also takes an applicant’s biometrics i.e. scanning of fingers + thumbs. Therefore, in case of a successful decision, the British HC or Embassy use the electronic photograph for the UK tourist visa vignette.

List of UKVACs

  1. Ahmedabad – Ground Floor, Emerald House, Near Parimal Garden Cross Road, Off C G Road, Ahmedabad 380006, India
  2. Bangalore – Global Tech Park, O Shaughnessy Rd, Langford Town First Floor ( Landmark Hockey Ground ) Bengaluru Karnataka 560025
  3. Chandigarh – SCO 62 63, Sector 8 C, near Hotel Icon and Times of India office, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh 160018
  4. Chennai – Fagun Towers, Second Floor, No 74, Ethiraj Salai, Egmore, Chennai 600008
  5. Cochin – ST Arcade, Kurisupally Road, Ravipuram, Cochin 682016 Gurgaon – ILD Trade Centre, Fourth Floor, Sector 47, Sohna Road, Gurgaon 122001
  6. Hyderabad – 8-2-700 3rd Floor, Sride Anushka Pride, Opposite to Ratnadeep Super Market, Banjara Hills Road No 12, Hyderabad 500034
  7. Jalandhar – Lower Ground Floor, MIDAS Corporate Park, Plot No. 37, G.T. Road, opposite Jalandhar Bus Stand, Jalandhar 144001
  8. Kolkata – 5th floor, RENE tower, Plot No. AA-I, 1842, Rajdanga Main Road, Kasba, Kolkata 700107
  9. Mumbai North – Trade Centre, ‘G’ Block, Ground Floor, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai 400051
  10. Mumbai South – Urmi Axis Building, 1st Floor, Behind Famous Studio, Opp E Moses Road, Mahalaxmi West, Mumbai 400011
  11. New Delhi – Mezzanine Floor, Baba Kadak Singh Marg, Shivaji Stadium Metro Station, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001, India
  12. Pune – 4th Floor, E core, Marvel Edge, Viman Nagar, Pune 411014
  13. Jaipur – Manglam Ambition Tower, 1st Floor Agrasen Circle (Malan Ka Chauraha), Subhash Marg C Scheme, Jaipur 302001
  14. Goa – Gera Imperium – I, Office No 301, 3rd Floor, Patto, Panjim, Goa 403001
  15. Thiruvananthapuram – T.C 2/2408-3 First floor, Asiatic Business Centre, Attinkuzhy, Kazhakootam, Trivandrum, Kerala 695581
  16. Lucknow – Golden Tulip Lucknow, 6 Station Road, Lucknow 226001
  17. Whitefield Bengaluru – Brigade IRV Centre – Nallurhalli, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066

Additional Fees

Moreover, there is a new VFS Centre viz. Electronic City TEL located at The Oterra Hotel 43, Velankani Tech Park, Hosur Road, Electronics City Phase 1, Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560100. However, applicants need to pay an additional fee of INR 5061.00 for using the VFS Global’s Electronic City TEL application centre.

VFS Global User-Pay Services

In fact, the VFS Global in India offers a number of commercial User Pay Services, which may help applicants. And also may help Indian nationals to meet the requirements relating to the required documents for UK tourist visa from India:

  1. Premium Lounge Service costs ₹3,250/- and usually effluent Indian citizens opt this service. However, sometimes applicants erroneously refer it as premium visa in India!
  2. Application and Document Checks cost ₹500/-. In fact, the checking service includes work relating to sorting and arranging UK tourist visa documents for scanning.
  3. Document Scanning Assistance cost ₹1,000/-. Indeed, it is usually for preparing, sorting and arranging supporting documents for visa application.
  4. Courier Service costs ₹650/-. However, it is quite a useful service as it is for the return of documents and passports after visa processing directly to an applicant’s home or work address
  5. Extended Hours Passport Collection charges are ₹600/-. Indeed, this service is for after-hours passport collection from UKVAC and at times it is quite useful.
  6. Primetime Appointment costs ₹3,500/- to apply for applications outside the standard service hours. Perhaps, the service is for business professionals, who don’t have time to visit the UKVAC during office hours. However, due to its high price, it is not as popular as the Premium Lounge Service.
  7. Automated Call-Back cost ₹200/- for updates on the application processing.
  8. Form Filling Assistance costs ₹2,000/- for personal assistance on the phone or in person. Given the low price of the service, it is certainly not meant for immigration advice, but merely to fill an application form.

Waiting for the Decision of UK Tourist Visa from India

Perhaps, the processing time for all types of short and long-term UK tourist and visitor visa applications from India is usually within 15 working days. However, the fast track or priority processing time of UK tourist visa from India is normally within 5 working days. Here it is important to note that UKVI’s max service standard for processing UK tourist visa from India is up to 12 weeks.

How to know the visa application status in India?

As a matter of fact, the cost of enquiry service fees in Indian Rupees 2020 for knowing the application status in India is:

  • ₹519 (£5.48) for International Contact Centre Email Service (per query)
  • ₹130 (£1.37) for Telephone Helpline (per minute).

Passport Collection

Once the UKVI makes the decision on the application then the UKVAC will inform the applicant for passport collection. However, if the UK tourist visa from India remains unresolved even after 12 weeks or 60 working days then an applicant may need to contact the UKVI.

UK Tourist Visa from India 2020: FAQs

How much is the UK Tourist Visa Application Fees in India?

Usually, a fresh applicant applies for the 6 months multiple-entry visitor visa for tourism or family visit. Accordingly, the charges for UK tourist visa from India are ₹8,990/-. Moreover, at times applicants also refer to UK 6 months visitor visa as England or London visit visa from India. Perhaps, a repeat visitor can also apply for a long-term visitor visa. Accordingly, the charges for 2, 5 and 10 years UK tourist visa from India are ₹34,161/-, ₹61,981/- and ₹77,784/-, respectively. However, if an applicant intends to fact-track UK tourist visa from India then also needs to pay the priority service fee of ₹20,818.

When an Indian national can apply for UK tourist visa from India?

Indeed, an Indian national can apply for a tourist or visitor visa application from India 3 months prior to the intended visit. For instance, if an Indian passport holder wishes to apply for UK tourist visa from India from July 15 to Aug 5, 2020, then can submit visitor visa application with the required supporting documents at the UKVAC in India from April 15 onwards. However, Indian nationals usually submit a UK tourist visa from India 3-6 weeks prior to the scheduled visit as the processing time from India is 10-15 working days!

What to do if UK Tourist Visa from India is refused?

Generally speaking, after a UK tourist visa refusal decision, an Indian national can reapply or challenge a rejection decision by lodging an appeal, administrative review or judicial review. However, there is no right of appeal against the refusal of a UK tourist visa from India. Therefore, an Indian national has the option of re-applying or filing an immigration judicial review against the refusal.