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UK Work Visa Fees 2024: As of 2024, the UK offers a range of work visa options tailored to various professional and sector-specific needs. This detailed guide provides current and updated fees for key visa categories such as Innovator, Skilled Worker, and Global Business Mobility. It ensures applicants are well-informed about the financial requirements for their applications, helping them navigate the complexities of UK work visa costs effectively. Prospective applicants must prepare for the financial aspects of their visa applications, with fee structures varying significantly across different categories.

UK Work Visa Fees 2024

1. UK Work Visa Fees 2024: Skilled Worker Visa

General Skilled Worker Visa

The General Skilled Worker Visa is crucial for individuals who have secured a job offer in the UK and need to move for roles in sectors such as IT, engineering, teaching, and healthcare. This visa is categorized based on the duration of stay:

UK Work Visa Fees 2024 for Skilled Workers

  • Up to 3 Years:
    • Outside the UK: £719
    • Inside the UK: £827
  • More than 3 Years:
    • Outside the UK: £1,420
    • Inside the UK: £1,636

This UK work visa fee structure facilitates the entry of skilled workers essential for filling gaps in the UK’s labor market, particularly in strategic sectors.

Health and Care Visa

A subcategory of the Skilled Worker visa, the Health and Care Visa offers reduced fees to attract and retain qualified medical professionals, helping to support the UK’s healthcare system:

UK Work Visa Fees 2024 for Health and Care Workers

  • Up to 3 Years: £284
  • More than 3 Years: £551

These UK work visa fees are significantly lower to remove barriers for healthcare workers considering positions in the UK.

Shortage Occupation List

Jobs on the Shortage Occupation List, such as those in teaching, engineering, and IT, benefit from reduced fees to encourage applications from overseas to fill critical roles:

  • Fee for Up to 3 Years: £551

The reduced UK work visa fee aims to stimulate applications in high-demand areas, ensuring that sectors with the greatest need are supported by skilled international professionals.

UK Work Visa Fees 2024
Uk Work Visa Fees 2024

2. Encouraging Business Innovation: Work Visa Fees UK

Innovator Founder Visa

The Innovator Founder Visa caters to individuals planning to establish innovative businesses within the UK. The fee remains at £1,191 for applicants applying from outside the UK and £1,486 for those applying within the UK, covering both the main applicant and any dependants. This visa category necessitates additional costs related to endorsements and essential interactions with endorsing bodies. A notable introduction is the new £500 fee for contact point meetings with endorsing bodies, reflecting the increased administrative involvement required to facilitate these critical evaluations.

UK Work Visa Fees 2024 for Innovator Founder Visa:

  • Outside the UK: £1,191
  • Inside the UK: £1,486
  • New Fee: An additional £500 for contact point meetings with endorsing bodies, indicative of heightened administrative requirements.

Start-Up Visa

The Start-Up Visa is designed for emerging entrepreneurs who aspire to initiate a business venture in the UK but do not yet qualify for the Innovator Visa. It is priced at £435 for applications from outside the UK and £584 for those submitted within the UK, maintaining its accessibility to encourage new business innovations.

Business Start-up Work Visa Fees UK 2024:

  • Outside the UK: £435
  • Inside the UK: £584
  • This visa serves as an accessible option for budding entrepreneurs, underlining the UK’s commitment to fostering business innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

These visa categories are pivotal in supporting the UK’s strategic objective to attract and nurture talents pivotal to the sectors of technology and sciences, bolstering the country’s position as a global hub for innovation and business excellence.

3. Global Talent and Exceptional Talent Visas: Fees Overview

The Global Talent Visa is specifically designed for recognized leaders and emerging leaders in the fields of science, humanities, engineering, the arts, and digital technology. For 2024, the UK work visa costs have remained unchanged to maintain the UK’s competitive edge in attracting world-class talents.

UK Work Visa Fees 2024 for Global Talent Visa:

  • With Approval Letter: £192 – This fee applies when an applicant must provide a letter from a competent body endorsing their qualifications and contributions to their field.
  • Without Approval Letter: £716 – This applies to those who have already received recognition or awards that exempt them from the need for an additional endorsement.

The UK work visa fee for Global Talent route is consistent for applications made from both inside and outside the UK, simplifying the process for international professionals considering a move to the UK.

4. Global Business Mobility: UK Work Visa Costs for Companies and Employees

The Global Business Mobility category is designed for multinational companies looking to temporarily transfer employees to the UK. This visa facilitates various business needs, such as establishing a UK presence or transferring senior or specialist employees.

UK Work Visa Fees 2024 for Senior or Specialist Workers:

For assignments up to 3 years:

  • From outside the UK: £719
  • From inside the UK: £827

For assignments over 3 years:

  • From outside the UK: £1,420
  • From inside the UK: £1,636

Graduate Trainee and UK Expansion Worker:

These visas are tailored for employees in training programs or those setting up a UK branch. Regardless of the application location, the fee is consistently £298, reflecting the temporary and specific nature of these assignments.

5. Scale-Up and High Potential Individual Visas: Fee Structure

The Scale-Up and High Potential Individual visas are integral to the UK’s innovation strategy, both priced at £822 regardless of the application being inside or outside the UK. These visas are specifically designed to attract individuals who show exceptional promise and potential in their fields, aligning with the UK’s objectives to be a leader in global business and technological advancements.

Scale-Up Visa

This visa category is tailored for individuals who are pivotal to the rapid growth of UK scale-up businesses. By maintaining the same fee structure both inside and outside the UK, the government ensures that financial barriers do not hinder the attraction of top talent necessary for sustained economic expansion.

High Potential Individual Visa

Targeted at recent graduates from top global universities, this visa aims to bring fresh, innovative perspectives to the UK’s strategic sectors such as technology and sciences. The consistent fee encourages these high-potential individuals to consider the UK as their preferred destination for advancing their careers, thereby contributing to the country’s dynamic knowledge economy.

These visa categories not only facilitate the entry of emerging leaders but also underscore the UK’s commitment to fostering an environment that supports innovation and growth across key industries.

6. Specialist Religious and Ministerial Work Visa Cost

UK Work Visa Fees 2024 for T2 Minister of Religion Visa

Applicable to those coming to the UK to undertake preaching, pastoral and non-pastoral work:

  • Main Applicant and Dependants: £827

UK Work Visa Fees 2024 for International Sportsperson Visa

For elite sportspeople and qualified coaches, who are recognized as being at the highest level of their sport:

  • Up to 12 Months: £298
  • Over 12 Months: £827

7. Temporary Work Visas: Comprehensive Fee Details

This category includes visas for individuals coming to the UK for short-term employment in specific sectors, such as arts, charity, religious, and government-authorized exchange programs:

  • Seasonal Worker, Religious Worker, Charity Worker, Creative Worker, International Agreement Worker, Government Authorised Exchange Worker and Youth Mobility Scheme: £298

Representative of an Overseas Business Visa

For senior employees of overseas businesses planning to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary or register a UK branch for an overseas parent company:

  • Main Applicant and Dependants: £827

8. Legacy Tier 1 Visas: Status and Fees for Dependants

Note on Tier 1 Visas: Several Tier 1 routes have been discontinued for new applicants but remain relevant for dependants or extensions of existing visa holders. Here’s a brief overview of these legacy categories:

Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) Visa:

This visa category was designed for recognized leaders in specific fields. While it has transitioned to the Global Talent visa, those already holding this status or their dependants can still apply for extensions under the original terms.

  • Fee for Dependants Only: £716

Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa

Previously aimed at those intending to set up or run businesses in the UK, this route is now closed to new applicants but remains open for extensions and dependants.

  • Main Applicant and Dependants: £1,486

Tier 1 (Investor) Visa

Targeted at high-net-worth individuals willing to make substantial investments in the UK. Although closed to new entrants, those already in the UK under this route can seek to extend their stay.

  • Main Applicant and Dependants: £1,884

It is crucial for individuals who are part of these programs or their family members to understand their options for extending their stay and the financial requirements involved. Additionally, for those looking for similar opportunities, exploring alternative routes that have replaced these visas may be beneficial.

9. Frequently Asked Questions: Understanding UK Work Visa Fees 2024

  1. Has there been an increase in any work visa fees for 2024?

    Most work visa fees have remained stable from the previous year; however, specific changes include administrative fees for contact point meetings under the Innovator Visa category.

  2. What is the fee for the Skilled Worker Visa in 2024?

    For a Skilled Worker Visa, the fee depends on the length of the sponsorship and whether it is for a shortage occupation. For three years or less, it’s £719 from outside the UK, and £827 from inside the UK.

  3. What is the cheapest UK work visa in 2024?

    The cheapest UK work visa in 2024 is the Temporary Worker – Creative and Sporting visa, costing £298 for both main applicants and dependants.

  4. What are the fees for the UK Innovator Visa in 2024?

    For applicants applying from outside the UK, the fee for the Innovator Visa is £1,191. For those applying from inside the UK, the fee is £1,486.

  5. How much does a Start-up Visa cost in 2024?

    The Start-up Visa costs £435 for applications made from outside the UK and £584 for those made from inside the UK.

  6. Are there any additional costs associated with the Innovator Visa?

    Yes, applicants must also pay a £500 fee for contact point meetings with endorsing bodies, reflecting the increased administrative requirements.

  7. What are the fees for the Global Business Mobility Visa in 2024?

    The Global Business Mobility Visa costs vary by the specific sub-category and duration. For a Senior or Specialist Worker for up to 3 years, the fee is £719 from outside the UK and £827 from inside the UK.

For the most current information and details on visa fees and regulations, applicants should visit the official UK government website. Updates to visa categories and fees are periodically posted on the UK Visa Fee Changes and Regulations Policy Paper.