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If you wish to study GCSE, A-Level, graduate, undergraduate, foundation, project management, short-term study, English language, diploma or a degree program as an international student then this Study Abroad Inquiry Form enables you to initiate the admission process in UK, USA, Australia, NZ, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, Russia, China, Turkey or UAE in a number of reputable schools, colleges, pathways providers and universities. However, for best results, you need to fill the form realistically and correctly.

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How to initiate the admission process as an international student?

You can initiate admission as an International Student by following the 6-simple steps of the study abroad inquiry form.

The 6- Steps of Study Abroad Inquiry Form

  1. Personal Details: in this section you need state your name, address, mobile number and email. Moreover, if you wish you can also upload up to 3 personal documents such as CV or ID.
  2. Education and Work Experience: you need to select your educational qualifications, language and aptitude test results. And if you have any work experience then state the details. Additionally, you can also upload up to 5 documents relating to qualifications and professional experience.
  3. Study Abroad Plan: in this section you will answer straightforward questions relating to your study abroad plan. And accordingly, can select up to 3 broad type of courses from the list. Moreover, if you think if the broad category does not cover your field of interest then can Add your desired course category. Afterwards, you can select up to 3 countries, where you like to study abroad.
  4. List of Education Providers: depending on the number and name of the countries that you have selected, the system will generate a list of education providers. Accordingly, you can select up to 2 or 3 institutions for each country.
  5. Study Program Details: if you know your program details then can fill the details in this section for up-to 3-study programs
  6. Additional Information: in this section you can provide any additional information that you think is important for understanding your inquiry.

Study Abroad Inquiry Form: FAQs

How much time it takes to fill the form?

Perhaps, it should not take more than 15-30 mins to fill the study abroad inquiry form. Moreover, the form will guide you during the process.

Is it necessary to answer the optional questions?

No, it is not necessary to answer the optional questions. However, please note that a meaningful initiation of the admission process requires complete and correct information.

Is it necessary to upload documents?

No, it is not necessary to upload documents. However, as stated above, a meaningful initiation of admission process requires complete and correct information.

Can I make changes in the form?

Yes, you can make changes in the Study Abroad Inquiry Form before submission by clicking the Previous button. For instance, if you are on Step-5 Program Details then you can go back to any of the preceding steps to make the necessary changes

How to submit the form?

Accordingly, once you complete the form then simply press the Submit button. And the screen will display: Thanks for contacting us! We will be in touch with you shortly. However, if there are mistakes in your form then the system will indicate the errors.

Will I get a confirmation?

Yes, if you have used a valid email address then would also get a confirmation receipt on the email address mentioned in the Study Abroad inquiry Form. Perhaps, the only possible reason of not getting a confirmation is the use of incorrect email address. Therefore, it is important to use a valid and correct email address!

When someone will get in touch?

Perhaps, usually within 2-5 working days from the date of study abroad inquiry form submission. However, if you want to expedite the process then need to fill the form realistically, completely and correctly.

Where will I get the admission?

In fact, depending on your choices in Step-3 and 4, the system will display a list of education providers with an option of Any Other. Therefore, if you wish, you can make your selection accordingly. However, the chances of admission in the system generated list is high.

International Students Admission Enquiry Form

So, now, if you wish, can initiate the process of getting admission as an international student:

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Please note: the initiation process is 100% free of charge!
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Country-specific details

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