UK Visitor Visa Maintenance Funds, Sponsor Accommodation Details

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UK Visit Visa Maintenance Funds and Proof of  Accommodation

uk visitor visa maintenance funds

An applicant should have access to sufficient funds/resources to maintain and accommodate himself/herself and dependants adequately during the visit to the UK or for the duration of an extension of stay.

UK visitor visa funds requirements– applicants are not required to show any prescribed level of funds for their maintenance and accommodation in the UK.

For entry clearance at the port, i.e. airport, the immigration officer is authorised to ask questions relating to the whereabouts of an applicant’s accommodation in the UK and details of access to funds for meeting the costs that an applicant will be incurred during the period of stay in the UK.

For visa and extension applications, the details relating to accommodation and maintenance costs are required to be disclosed in the application form, and an applicant needs to enclose the supporting documents such as bank statements, payslips, tax documents, dividend vouchers, etc. to ascertain:

  • Revenue/Income of an applicant that enables him/her to meet the cost of the stay in the UK. The sources of revenue and income can be many such as salary, profits, dividends, capital gains, annual bonus, rents, income from agricultural produce, etc. The income needed to put in the application form is the Net Income i.e. Gross Income minus Personal Income Tax. For instance, if the Gross Income is £1000/- per month and the Personal Income Tax rate is 20% then the Net Income will be £800/- per month;
  • Financial Obligations are the ongoing financial commitments/liabilities that an applicant has to fulfil in his/her home country- even during his/her leave of absence from the native country and stay in the UK. There can be various types of financial obligations that an applicant is liable to fulfil such as business expenses, rent, mortgage payments, maintenance of dependants (spouse, children, elderly parents, relatives) that are required to be looked at for yielding net monthly savings;
  • Savings, the income or savings, exclusive of the financial commitments, should be sufficient to meet the costs of visiting the UK and the expenditure should be reasonable vis-à-vis financial circumstances of an applicant;
  • Account Turnover and Origin of Funds, in case an applicant provide documents that show sufficient funds for the planned stay in the UK; however, either all or the majority of available funds are not held in the account for a long duration of time then an applicant needs to provide the details of the origin of the available funds;
  • Third Party Funds, in case the funds are provided by a third party then these should be in agreement with the immigration rules on maintenance and accommodation. If the funds from the third party do not conform to the immigration rules, then there is a likelihood that the application would be refused. If the applicant fails to declare the third party support – for instance on the application form- and is unable to show that the funds genuinely belong to him/her then the funds will not be counted in the assessment process;
  • Children under 18 years of age, applying to come to the UK as a visitor or seeking to extend stay, are not expected to have funds in their name. They may fulfil the maintenance requirements by showing access to funds from their parents or a bonafide third party. An unaccompanied child, at the border, may be asked for source/evidence of maintenance and accommodation during the trip to the UK.

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A third party such as a family member, friend, a business associate can provide for maintenance and accommodation in support of a visit visa application. Moreover, any other person with whom an applicant has a genuine personal or professional relationship can also act as a third-party whether in the UK or outside the UK.

Sponsor inside the UK Providing Maintenance and Accommodation

The third party in the UK should not be in violation of the immigration laws at the time of application submission and its assessment. If the third party is in breach of the immigration rules/law, then the support will not hold sway.

Sponsor Outside the UK Providing Maintenance and Accommodation

A friend, family member or business associate outside the United Kingdom can provide financial support if he/she meets the following conditions:

  • the third party has a genuine relationship – professional or personal –  with the visitor; and
  • the third party is in a position to bear the cost of accommodation and maintenance of the UK trip;

Establishing Genuine Relationship with the Third Party Sponsor

The genuineness of the relationship with the third party and intentions of the third party to support an applicant’s UK trip can be gauged by:

  • the previous history of the third party of ‘sponsoring’ visitors – for instance, past failures to support visitors may raise questions about the intentions and ability of the third party to do so for this application as well;
  • the nature of the relationship between an applicant and the third party, for instance, where the applicant and the third party first met and how frequent and by what means and ways they communicate with each other;

Ability and Intentions of the Sponsor for Providing Maintenance and Accommodation in the UK

In case the sponsor is a friend or a family member then the sponsor must demonstrate that he/she has ample financial and economic resources that in addition to supporting the applicant’s visit to the UK, the sponsor can adequately support himself/herself and his/her dependents. In case the sponsor either fails to provide adequate evidence or there are some doubts about sponsor’s intentions to support the applicant then the application is likely to be refused.

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Non-Financial Support by a Third Party for Visiting the UK

For a UK Visit Visa Application, the third party support for ONLY the provision of maintenance and accommodation are entertained under the immigration rules.

However, at times, third parties such as Member Parliaments provide undertakings in support of a visit visa application. Such commitment could be considered relevant for establishing an applicant’s credibility and intentions, but these are neither considered as evidence of funds nor a guarantee that a visitor will conform to the immigration rules. Moreover, the immigration officer neither actively seek out such undertakings nor accept an offer by an applicant to provide such a commitment.

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