Student Spouse Dependent Visa UK for Bringing Family in 2024

Student Spouse Dependent Visa UK: This detailed guide provides an in-depth understanding of the 2024 requirements for students in the UK wishing to bring their spouses or dependents. It covers everything from entry prerequisites, course eligibility for students with dependents, to the complexities of verifying relationships and managing childcare provisions. Additionally, it outlines the financial requirements and essential supporting documents needed for a successful application. Aimed at simplifying the process, this guide is an invaluable resource for those applying for a UK Student Dependent Visa, ensuring they are well-prepared and informed.

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Student Spouse Dependent Visa UK

1. Overview of Student Spouse Dependent Visa Requirements

The Student Dependent Visa in the UK, also known as the “Dependent of a Student Visa,” enables family members of international students to join them in the UK. Eligible dependents typically include the student’s spouse, civil partner, unmarried or same-sex partner, and children under 18.

Eligibility for UK Student Dependent Visa

The eligibility criteria for a UK Student Dependent Visa ensure that only those dependents who genuinely require to accompany a student to the UK are able to do so. This includes spouses, partners, and children of students who are engaged in longer-term, full-time academic courses. These stipulations align with the UK’s immigration policies aiming to balance educational opportunities with necessary oversight. Understanding these requirements is the first step in preparing a comprehensive application for joining a family member studying in the UK.

Eligible applicants are dependents of international students who hold a valid student visa. The main requirements are:

  • The student must be enrolled in a full-time course lasting over six months.
  • Government-sponsored students must also be enrolled in a course of at least six months duration.
  • Note: Students enrolled in courses shorter than six months, as well as those on child student visas, are not eligible to sponsor dependents for a UK visa.

UK Student Spouse Dependent Visa Requirements Overview

Below is a summary of the key requirements for a UK Student Spouse Dependent Visa:

Requirement CategorySpecific Requirements
Eligible DependentsSpouse, civil partner, unmarried/same-sex partner, children under 18
Main Student CriteriaEnrolled in full-time course >6 months, or government-sponsored for ≥6 months
Entry ClearanceMandatory for non-EEA nationals; online application and biometrics required
TB CertificateRequired for applicants from specific countries; 6-month validity
Student Course EligibilityGovernment-sponsored, higher education students (courses ≥9 months)
Relationship VerificationMarriage/civil partnership certificate for spouses; cohabitation evidence for unmarried partners; birth certificates for children
Care Requirements (Under 16)Proof of appropriate care arrangements; residing with student and partner
Care Requirements (Over 16)Must not lead an independent life; financial and educational documents required
Financial RequirementsProof of adequate funds for living costs; £845/month in Greater London, £680/month elsewhere; reduced requirements for doctorate scheme
RestrictionsNo dependents for courses <6 months; not applicable for child student visa holders
UK Student Spouse Dependent Visa Requirements Overview

UK Student Dependent Visa Processing Time

  • Standard Processing Time: Typically within 3 weeks (15 working days) from the application submission date.
  • Factors Affecting Processing Time: Varies based on time of year, application country, and individual circumstances.
Service Type and Processing GoalFee
Priority Service – Within 5 working days£220
Super-Priority Service – Within 1 working day£956
Optional Speedy Services

Cost of Applying for the Student Dependent Visa UK

Application TypeFee
Application from outside the UK£363
Extension/Switching application inside the UK£490
Biometric Information in the UK£19.20
Cost of Applying for the Student Dependent Visa UK
  • Purpose: Grants access to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).
  • Fee: £624 per year, based on visa duration.

Statistics and Success Factors

Total Applications Resolved14,931
Visas Granted13,525
Success Rate90.58%
Rejection Rate9.33%
Admission of Main StudentCrucial for a successful application
Genuine Relationship ProofEssential to demonstrate an ongoing relationship
Financial StabilityAdequate funds for UK living expenses required
Adherence to RulesCompliance with UK immigration guidelines is vital
Statistical Overview and Key Factors Contributing to Success in UK Student Dependent Visa Applications

This statistical overview, sourced from Immigration statistics up to June 2021, highlights the success rate and factors influencing the outcomes of UK Student Dependent Visa applications.


Successfully applying for a UK Student Dependent Visa requires a comprehensive understanding of various requirements, from entry clearance to financial stability. Adhering to these guidelines and submitting the required documentation accurately and timely significantly enhances the chances of visa approval. Consulting with legal professionals or immigration authorities can provide additional insights and assistance for a successful application process.

    Our multilingual, qualified London-based immigration specialists will get back to you, usually within 2-3 working days. If you have not attached any documents, the UK-based law firm may ask for relevant case-specific documents such as refusal letters, deportation orders, application forms, etc. After reviewing the documents and information, the legal advisor may suggest a course of action and quote the fees for processing the application.

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    2. Course Eligibility for Students Bringing Dependents

    The ability of foreign students to bring dependents to the UK is governed by specific criteria set by the UK Immigration Rules. These criteria are designed to ensure that only students in certain categories and with certain types of courses can bring their family members.

    Student CategoryEligibility Criteria
    Government-Sponsored StudentsMust be backed by a government or international agency for courses of 6+ months.
    Higher Education StudentsEnrolled in courses of 9+ months at compliant higher education providers.
    Students with Recent PermissionPreviously or currently have permission for full-time study of at least 6 months.
    Doctorate Extension Scheme StudentsEligible to have dependents in the UK while under this scheme.
    Student Spouse Dependent Visa UK: Eligible Student Categories
    • Short-Term Students: Those in courses lasting less than 6 months are ineligible to bring dependents.
    • Child Students: Students under the child student visa category are not permitted to bring dependents, ensuring their focus remains on studies and personal well-being.
    • Main Focus: The rules aim to maintain the integrity of the student visa program, ensuring that only those in more stable and long-term courses can have their families join them.
    • Importance of Compliance: Adhering to these conditions is critical for the validity of both the student’s and their dependents’ visas.
    • Advice: Students considering bringing dependents should carefully assess their eligibility under these categories and plan accordingly.

    3. Verifying Relationships for the Student Spouse Visa UK

    Securing a UK Student Dependent Visa necessitates the demonstration of a genuine and ongoing relationship. This requirement is central to the application process, whether you are a spouse, civil partner, unmarried partner, or a dependent child.

    Relationship TypeRequired Proof of Relationship
    Married/Civil Partners– Valid marriage or civil partnership certificate.
    – Recognized overseas registration document for same-sex relationships.
    Unmarried Partners– Evidence of cohabitation for at least two years, such as joint financial statements, housing documents, and official correspondence.
    Dependent Children– Full birth certificates.
    – Special guardianship court orders.
    – Government-issued household registration certificates.
    Types of Relationships and Required Proofs for Student Spouse Dependent Visa UK
    • Documentation Variety: A range of documents can be used to prove the relationship, with the goal of convincingly demonstrating its authenticity.
    • Affidavits Limitation: While affidavits can support a claim, they may not be sufficient on their own to prove the relationship’s genuineness.
    • Tailoring Evidence: The selection of documents should align with the specific relationship type, ensuring that they directly substantiate the claimed relationship.

    4. Child Care Requirements on Student Dependent Visa

    Ensuring the well-being of dependent children is a vital aspect of the UK Student Dependent Visa application. The UK Home Office sets specific care requirements for children under and over 16 years of age.

    Age GroupCare Requirements
    Under 16Residence: Must live with the student and any dependent partner.
    Compliance with UK Legislation: Care arrangements should meet UK legislation standards.
    Section 55 Duty: Prioritization of child welfare in all immigration decisions.
    Over 16Application Eligibility: Dependents of students allowed to bring family members.
    Independence Criteria: Should not be living independently (unmarried, living with a parent, not working full-time).
    Care Requirement for Children on UK Student Dependent Visa
    • Financial Stability: Bank and credit card statements.
    • Educational Involvement: Official letters from schools or universities.
    • Support Evidence: Proof of financial support from the student or dependent partner, if not living together.

    5. Financial Requirements for UK Student Dependent Visa

    Understanding and meeting the financial requirements is crucial for the success of a UK Student Spouse Dependent Visa application. These requirements ensure dependents can sustain their living costs without relying on public funds.

    • For Dependents Residing in the UK for 12 Months: Automatically considered to meet financial requirements, eliminating the need for additional financial proof.
    • Monthly Amounts:
    • £845 in Greater London
    • £680 in other areas
    • Duration: Generally required for up to 9 months.
    • Doctorate Extension Scheme Participants: Financial proof needed for only two months.
    Document TypeDetails
    Bank StatementsMust adhere to Appendix Finance FIN 5.1 and FIN 8.1 requirements.
    Sponsorship LettersValid if mentioning the dependent and confirming coverage of living expenses.
    Additional DocumentsPayslips, tax returns, or other relevant financial records.
    Types of Financial Evidence

    6. Supporting Documents for Student Dependent Visa UK

    When applying for a UK Student Dependent Visa, it’s essential to provide a comprehensive set of documents. Below is a general checklist of what’s typically required:

    Document TypePreparation Guidelines
    Visa Online Application FormEnsure all information is accurate. Print out the completed form.
    PassportMust be current and valid for your intended UK stay.
    TranslationsProvide certified translations for any non-English or non-Welsh documents.
    Financial ProofShow sufficient funds in bank statements. If using a sponsorship letter, it must confirm coverage of living expenses.
    Sponsor ConsentNecessary if you received sponsorship in the last 12 months.
    IHS ReceiptInclude proof of payment for the Immigration Health Surcharge.
    Tuberculosis TestRequired for certain countries; include results from an approved clinic.
    Relationship ProofUse official documents like marriage or birth certificates. Shared bank statements can also be used.
    Living Arrangements for ChildrenDemonstrate suitable living conditions in the UK for any children under 16.
    Supporting Documents for Student Dependent Visa UK: Document Preparation Guidelines

    7. FAQs: Student Spouse Dependent Visa UK

    1. Who is eligible to apply for a UK Student Dependent Visa?

      Dependents of international students with a valid UK student visa can apply. Eligible dependents typically include the student’s spouse, civil partner, unmarried/same-sex partner, and children under 18.

    2. Can I bring my dependents to the UK if I am studying for less than 6 months?

      No, students studying in the UK for less than 6 months are not permitted to bring dependents.

    3. How can I prove a genuine and subsisting relationship with my partner or child?

      Use official documents like marriage or birth certificates. For unmarried partners, joint bank statements, tenancy agreements, or correspondence showing the same address are useful. Evidence of living together for at least 2 years is also pertinent.

    4. What are the financial requirements for a Student Spouse Dependent Visa?

      You need to show adequate funds to support yourself and any dependents, depending on your location in the UK and the length of your permission.

    5. How long does it take to process a UK Student Dependent Visa?

      Typically, it takes about 3 weeks (15 working days). Priority services are available for faster processing.

    6. Can a child over 16 be a dependent on a UK Student Visa?

      Yes, but they must not be leading an independent life and should rely primarily on parental support.

    7. Can my spouse work in the UK on a Student Dependent Visa?

      Spouses of students pursuing a degree-level course can work, including self-employment and voluntary work, but not as professional sportspersons or coaches.

    8. Can I Study in the UK with a Dependent Visa?

      Yes, you can study on a dependent visa, but ensure to check any restrictions related to the course level and type.

    9. Can I bring my husband to the UK while studying?

      Yes, under a Student Spouse Dependent Visa. Ensure to provide evidence of your relationship, financial stability, and relevant health documentation.

    10. Can I get married while on a student visa in the UK?

      Yes, but you may need to meet additional requirements and possibly apply for a different visa to formalize your relationship.

    11. Can dependents study while in the UK on a Student Dependent Visa?

      Yes, dependents are permitted to study in the UK. However, it’s important to note that restrictions may apply based on the course level and type.

    12. Are there any restrictions on the type of employment for dependents on a Student Visa?

      Spouses or partners of students can generally work without restrictions on the number of hours. However, they are prohibited from working as professional sportspersons, including as sports coaches.

    For further details please refer to Appendix Student of the Immigration Rules.