UK Visa Refusal on General Grounds, Deception- False Documents

Deception: False Documents, Refusal under 320(7A), V 3.6

This relates to consideration when an applicant applying for entry clearance has submitted a false document with his/her application and the application is refused under Mandatory General Grounds for Refusal under paragraph 320(7A) of the Immigration Rules. For visitors, refusal under paragraph V 3.6 of Appendix V.


An application is refused under paragraph 320(7A) if there is an evidence that a false document has been submitted. Such an application are refused even if:

  • the false document is not relevant to the application or the decision;
  • the applicant does not know that the document is false.

An Examination of the Documents, Checks on Evidence is Required

To be satisfied that a document is false, one of the following needs to be undertaken:

  • examination of the document and filling in a document examination report (DER) –  findings must be set out to justify the decision that the document is false, and photographic evidence must be included where needed;
  • have evidence, as a result of the checks, that the document is false and fill in a document verification report (DVR);
  • show that the document is identical to another document on which there is a current and reliable evidence that it is false – for example, the body which issued the document has either given information on security features or already told that an identical document is false;
  • have an admission from the applicant that they used a false document – this must be either in writing or recorded in the question and answer notes.

Reasons for UK Visa Refusals on Mandatory General Grounds and Appealing/Challenging a Refusal and 10 Year Ban Decision

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