UK Visa Refusal on General Grounds: Material Facts Not Disclosed

General Grounds for Refusal Deception: Material Facts Not Disclosed

This post explains consideration when an applicant applying for entry clearance has not disclosed material facts and the application is refused under, Mandatory General Grounds for refusal, paragraph 320(7A) of the rules. For visitors, refusal under paragraph V 3.6 of Appendix V.

Not Disclosing, Withholding Information Relevant to the Decision


An application is refused under paragraph 320(7A) when an applicant does not disclose a fact that is material (relevant) to the decision to grant entry clearance. To do so, it must be able to prove that the information the applicant withheld is relevant to the decision.

Applicant Don’t Know: What Relevant Information is Missing?

An application cannot be refused on these grounds if it has not been told to the applicant the kind of information which is relevant to their application. The applicant does not have to give information unless it is being told to an applicant: what kind of information is material to his/her application.

Reasons for UK Visa Refusals on Mandatory General Grounds and Appealing/Challenging a Refusal and 10 Year Ban Decision

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If you have got a 10-year ban under paragraph 320(7A) or V 3.6 of Appendix V for visitors then you may need to consult an appropriate UK Visa Immigration Solicitor. For information you may read our posts: Judicial Review to Challenge UK Visa Refusals and Bans and Remedies for UK Visa Refusal- Reapply, Appeal, Judicial Review.

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