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Form FLR(IR) – Applications for Extension of Stay in the UK

Form FLR(IR) and Guidance Notes

This relates to Form FLR(IR) for an extension of stay in the UK and FLR(IR) Guidance Notes. Please note: Form FLR(IR) covers different routes for the extension of stay in the UK, some of which, prior to Dec 1, 2016, were covered by Form FLR(O). It is important to note that the applicants need to apply for the extension before the end of their permitted stay in the UK. Please note: Form FLR(IR) is to be used for any Leave to Remain application under the Immigration Rules that is not covered by another form.

British Citizenship Fees | Indefinite Leave to Remain Fee 2018


This relates to the announcement of the Home Office dated March 16, 2018, for the annual revision of the Immigration & Nationality Charges, which will be effective from April 6, 2018. This post provides the details of the Home Office Fees 2018/19 and Premium Service Charges for the Visa, Immigration, Nationality Applications made by Applicants from Inside the UK. If you are applying from Outside the UK then can find the details at UK Visa Fees 2018 for the relevant fee for the UK Visa and Immigration Applications and Charges for Premium and Priority Services. Indefinite Leave to Remain Fee £2,389 British Naturalisation Fees to include citizenship ceremony fee £1,330 Naturalisation British overseas territory citizens £1,000 British Citizenship Fees Nationality registration as a British citizen – adult £1,206 and Nationality registration as a British citizen – child £1,012 The arrangement of a citizenship ceremony (including the administration of a citizenship oath and pledge at the ceremony) £80 The administration of a citizenship oath, or oath and pledge where the oath, or oath and pledge, are not administered at a citizenship ceremony or by a justice of the peace £5. Expedited processing of an application (premium service centre) £510.

UK Visa Fees 2018 from OUTSIDE the UK | Home Office Fees 2018/19


On March 16, 2018, Home Office has revised the Immigration & Nationality Charges, which will be effective from April 6, 2018. This post provides the details of the UK Visa Fees 2018/19 and Premium Service Charges from Outside the UK. If you are applying from Inside the UK then go to Home Office Fees 2018/19 for the UK Visa and Immigration Applications made in the UK…

UK Family Visitor Visa Processing Time 2018

UK Family Visitor Visa Processing Time

The details for UK Family Visitor Visa Processing Time from a random sample of twenty (20) UKVACs during the month of January 2018 indicates that usually most of the applications are processed within 15-30 working days i.e. 3 to 6 weeks. However, in some cases, the decision exceeds 30 days, but it is concluded within 60-90 days. Therefore, if one is making a family visitor visa application from outside the UK then he/she is not wrong in expecting a decision within 6 weeks or 30 working days or maybe earlier with 5-15 working days, especially if the applicant has purchased the priority service. SEE ALSO UK Visa Delay Reasons.

UK Visa Applications from Europe

UK Visa Applications from Europe

This relates to UK Visa Applications from European Countries (other than EU) for the UK Visa and Immigration Applications made from Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Cyprus, Former Yugoslavia, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, and Ukraine during the April-June 2017 quarter.
During the quarter NO application was submitted from Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, and Vatican City. According to the Official Statistics in April-June 2017 quarter, 31,242 Applications were made for Entry Clearance from Other European Countries. 127,532 applications were Resolved during the Quarter, and 119,317 Visas were Granted and as many as 7,876 applications were Refused. Therefore, the overall UK Visa Refusal Rate during the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2017 was 6.18%. Moreover, 339 applications were withdrawn and NO application lapsed during the quarter from Other European Countries.

UK Visa Delay Reasons- Why UK Visa Getting Delayed 2018?


This post explains the possible reasons for the delay in visa, immigration, spouse settlement processing time. Why UK visa getting delayed 2017? UK visa delay reasons are mostly due to an Applicant’s Adverse Immigration (Travel) History and also due to the fact that some of the applications require Further Assessments so as to verify the credentials…

UK Child Visitor Visa Application for Children Under 16 Years

UK Child Visitor Visa Requirements

This post relates to UK Child Visitor Visa Requirements, which are essential to consider whilst making a UK Child Visitor Visa Application for Children Under 16 Years of Age. Accordingly, the post provides details of the following aspects of UK Child Visitor Visa Application: Child Welfare Duty, Child Travelling or Residing without a Parent or a Guardian, Parental Consent and Responsibility for Care, Private Foster Care, Child Visiting to Stay with a Host Family, Charity Organising a Child’s Visit to the UK, Accompanied Children with Visa Nationals and Unaccompanied Children.

UK Visa Fees 2017 | Home Office Fees 2017/18 Premium Service


UK Visa Fees 2017 has been revised on April 6, 2017, for most of the UK Visa categories.  The post provides the complete details of the Home Office Immigration & Nationality Charges 2017 from Inside and Outside the UK and also Charges for Discretionary Services at the Border: Home Office Fees 2017/18 and Premium Service Charges from Outside…

UK Visit Visa Extension- Can I Extend My UK Visitor Visa?

Extension of Stay Visitor Visa UK

Yes, in exceptional circumstances, a person visiting the UK might contemplate furnishing an application outside the Immigration Rules so as to extend his/her stay. However,  in a limited number of circumstances, it is possible to submit a request for an extension of a visitor visa under the rules for extending Visitor Visa Beyond 6 Months…

Permitted Paid Engagement Visitor Visa

Permitted Paid Engagement Visa Guidance

This explains assessment and documentation for permitted paid engagement visitor visa application for Visiting Examiners or Assessors, Visiting Lecturers, Recognised Organisations Inviting Visiting Examiners/Assessors/Visiting Lecturers for PPE, Designated Air Pilot Examiners, Qualified Lawyers and Arts, Entertainment and Sporting Professionals. Visitors are allowed to undertake permitted paid engagements (PPE) under Appendix 3 and 4 of Immigration Rules for Visitors. For instance, a professional footballer can enter the UK for giving a paid interview and also for attending meetings to discuss an agreement/contract. The PPE visitors are not allowed to use the PPE route repeatedly for temporary employment in the UK. Although payment is allowed to a PPE Visitor, this is only for a short engagement and the applicant’s/visitor’s main place of employment is overseas. In case, an applicant is making repeat visits to the UK on PPE, the visa is likely to be refused.