UK Visit Visa Application- Allowed Extensions, Stay Inside the UK

Extending Stay in the UK on a Visit Visa under Immigration Rules

In exceptional circumstances, a person visiting the UK might contemplate furnishing an application outside the Immigration Rules so as to extend his/her stay. However,  in a limited number of circumstances, it is possible to submit a request for an extension of a visitor visa under the rules, the details of which are as follows:

Criteria for UK Visitor Visa Extensions from Inside the UK

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An extension is not possible if a visitor is on a Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE) Visa or is a transit visitor. However, Other types of visitors can potentially apply for an extension during their stay if they are able to meet the following criteria:

  • Suitability and Eligibility Requirements – an extension application to stay as a visitor in the UK must satisfy that the visitor will continue to meet the requisite requirements relating to suitability and eligibility prescribed in the Immigration Rules;
  • Not in Breach of the UK Immigration Rules – applicant must not be in violation of the UK Immigration Rules. The only exception to this is overstaying of twenty-eight (28) days or less;
  • Private Medical Treatment –  Standard Visitor Visa applicants, travelling to the UK for Private Medical Treatment, are obligated to meet the following couple of additional requirements if a visitor intends to apply for an extension application:
    • Payment of the Medical Treatment –  the applicant has been able to meet the costs of the medical treatment, which he/she has received during the stay in the UK.
    • Letter/Medical Certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner – the applicant needs to furnish a letter – detailing medical condition(s) requiring further treatment in the UK – from a registered medical practitioner, either at a private practice or working at NHS hospital. The Registered Medical Practioner should either hold an NHS consultant’s post or enrolled in Specialist Register of General Medical Council.

Permissible Extensions for UK Visitors under Immigration Rules

Followings are the allowable extensions for visitors under the UK Immigration Rules:

Standard or Marriage Visitor | Initial Leave to Enter for less than Six (6) Months | UK Visitor Visa Extensions

If the initial duration granted for less than six (6) months to a standard or marriage or civil partnership visitors, then an extension of such a visa might be allowed. However, a visitor is not allowed to remain inside the UK (during the original grant plus the extension of stay) for more than six (6) months.

Standard Visitor for Private Medical Treatment | Permissible Extensions | UK Visitor Visa Extension

A further extension of leave to remain for six (6) months can be granted to a visitor visiting the UK on a Standard Visitor Visa for Private Medical Treatment. However, such an extension is only granted for the purpose of continuing the medical treatment inside the UK.

Standard Visitor on Academic or Sabbatical Leave | Main Applicant and Dependants

A visitor visiting the UK on a Standard Visitor Visa as an Academic on Sabbatical Leave for undertaking research, or is a dependant (spouse, partner or child) accompanying such an academic, is allowed under the Rules to apply for an extension of stay as a Standard Visitor. However, cumulative period of such a stay inside the UK (original grant plus the extension of stay) should not be for more than twelve (12) months.

Standard Visitor for PLAB Test | Permissible Extensions | UK Visitor Visa

If a visitor is on a standard visitor visa for undertaking a Professional & Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) Test then for re-sitting in the PLAB Test an extension up to six (6) months may be allowed. However, the applicant is required to meet the stipulations of Paragraph 22(b)(i) of Appendix 3 of the Immigration Rules.

Standard Visitor for Professional and Linguistic Assessment | Permissible Extensions | UK Visitor Visa

If a visitor on a Standard Visitor Visa has passed the Professional & Linguistic Assessment Board Test successfully, then an extension of stay can be granted to such a visitor for undertaking a clinical attachment. However,  such an applicant is required to meet the conditions enumerated in Paragraph 22(a) of Appendix 3 of Immigration Rules, so as to ensure that the total period the applicant remains in the UK (original grant plus the extension of stay) should not exceed more than eighteen (18) months.

Please note: in the Immigration Rules there is no provision for extensions of stay beyond these limits.