UK Visa Delay Reasons- Why UK Visa Getting Delayed 2018?

This post explains the possible reasons for the delay in visa, immigration, spouse settlement processing time.

Why UK visa getting delayed 2017? UK visa delay reasons are mostly due to an Applicant’s Adverse Immigration (Travel) History and also due to the fact that some of the applications require Further Assessments so as to verify the credentials of an applicant.

Delays in Processing Due to Adverse Immigration History

UK Visa Delay Reasons- Why is UK Visa Getting Delayed 2018?

Delays in Processing Time could be experienced in-spite of purchasing Priority Service could be due to a previous refusal of an Application and/or refusal of leave to enter the UK. Deportation, removal, or required to leave the UK in the past. If the applicant has overstayed in the UK and/or has been refused a leave to remain in the United Kingdom by the Home Office. If an applicant has been refused a visa for the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or the Schengen countries. If the applicant has been convicted of criminal offence either in his home country or in any other country. All the aforesaid decreases the balance of probability of granting a visa.

It is not expedient to purchase a Priority Service if one has an adverse travel and immigration history. As stated above, purchasing Priority Service only enables jumping an application on the queue, but does not guarantee either an expedient resolution nor a favourable decision.

Delays in Processing due to Further Assessments

In some circumstances, applications require further assessment which can take longer than the published customer service standards of UKVI. If an application is going to take longer than expected the UKVI will inform the applicant accordingly.

Delays in Processing due to Documents Verification

The immigration officer might like to get your documents verified. Therefore, he/she might write to third parties such as Tax Authorities or Regulated Financial Institutions. Accordingly, even if you have paid for the Priority Service, your application might take get delayed due to further assessment as payment of Priority Service Fee neither guarantees a favourable result nor an expedient processing– if the ECO has doubts on the circumstance of the applicants!

Delays in Processing due to Additional Information

The immigration office can direct the applicant for furnishing additional information if the documents already submitted with the application are not enabling the immigration office (ECO) to make a firm opinion about either granting or refusing an application.

Purpose and Sponsor Verification

The ECO may like to check with your sponsor about the purpose of your visit and your planned activities during your trip to the UK. Accordingly, these checks on the sponsoring individual or institution relating to credential and purpose of visiting the UK may cause a delay in processing.

Seasonal Factors Might Cause Delays in Processing

Apart from Delays in Processing due to an Adverse Immigration History and Further Assessments, the Delays in Processing could also be due to seasonal factors such as sudden increase in the number of visa applications from tourist during the summer months or student submitting applicants before the start of Fall or Winter Semester.

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