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This mainly pertains to the British Citizenship through Naturalisation under Section 6 of the British Nationality Act 1981. Requirements. However, the posts in this section also provide details of types of British Citizens, especially British Citizenship by Registration.

Certainly, a certificate of naturalisation is not granted to a person who is either already a British Citizen or who has an entitlement to British citizenship under another provision of the British Nationality Act 1981. Interestingly, every year quite a few (hundreds!) applicants come to know that they are already British Citizens after submitting an application for naturalisation or registration.

Moreover, Children under the age of 18 cannot be naturalised. Where a child is included on an application, it is considered whether the child is already a British citizen or he/she can be registered as a British citizen either because he/she has an entitlement or at the discretion of the Home Secretary.

How many British citizens living abroad and migrants in the UK?

British Citizens Living Abroad have increased to 4.92 million

This relates to British citizens living abroad statistics from 1990 to 2017. And also provides the details of immigrants living in the UK by country of origin. Moreover, the post also tries to answer: how long British Citizen can stay outside the UK in the light of British Nationality Act 1981 and immigration rules. British…

Naturalisation Residency Requirements: what you need to know?

Residency Requirement for Naturalisation UK | British Citizenship

In order to qualify for naturalisation as a British Citizen, an individual is required to demonstrate close links with and a commitment to the United Kingdom. As part of this, the expectation is that an applicant should meet the residency requirements. Whilst there is some discretion to waive some of these requirements, this cannot be done to the extent that the requirements are ignored.

Naturalisation Requirements: what you need to know for success?

Naturalisation Requirements u/s 6 of British Nationality Act 1981

This relates to Naturalisation as a British Citizen by Discretion and explains the Requirements to Naturalise as a British Citizen, which an applicant must meet in order to naturalise as a British Citizen under Section 6(1) and 6(2) of the British Nationality Act 1981. Therefore, grant of British Citizenship under Section 6 is NOT a fundamental Human…

British Citizenship Automatically: what you need to know?

British Naturalisation Applications and Automatic Claims

During 2017 nearly 600 applications for British naturalisation either withdrew or refused as the applicant was deemed to be “British already”. Perhaps, this is a recurring patron and every year quite a few naturalisation applications are withdrawn or refused for the same reason. Therefore, this post explains consideration processing to check for automatic claims and…

Naturalisation Statistics UK: what you need to know for success?

Naturalisation Statistics UK 2008-17 and Reasons for Refusal

This relates to Naturalisation Statistics UK & British Citizenship by Registration 2008-17. Apparently, during the period 1,625,058 applicants granted British Citizenship and the average refusal rate was 5.10%. Perhaps, the highest number of grants (843,579) made under naturalisation based on residence. Most noteworthy: the single most significant reason for British Citizenship Application Refusal is “not of good…