Long-Term Private Medical Treatment Visitor Visa UK

Since a good majority of visitors intending to undergo private medical treatment are expected to stay in the UK for six (6) months or less, therefore, an applicant planning to stay longer than six months for private medical treatment needs to apply for an eleven (11) month visitor visa. Accordingly, the applicant needs to provide all the appropriate medical evidence to support his/her application to remain in the United Kingdom (UK) for a period as long as eleven (11) months in the UK for a private medical treatment.

UK Medical Treatment Visa Requirements

Private Medical Treatment Visitor Visa UK

A visitor intending to visit the UK for a private medical treatment might not be able to provide specific documentary evidence for the medical care; however, the applicants are required to satisfy the following points in the visa application:

  • present medical condition and its treatment history;
  • an estimate of the expenses that may incur on the private medical care in the UK;
  • the source of funds for the proposed medical treatment;
  • an approximate duration of medical treatment – to be received in the UK.

Contagious Disease

If an applicant is diagnosed with a contagious disease, then during the visit visa application assessment process the case will be referred to a medical officer by the ECO.

Length of Medical Treatment in UK

A visa, for a long period of medical treatment up to 11 months, may be granted if an applicant is able to state and prove a clear need for the treatment to be received in the UK and the ability to bear the cost of the treatment.

The applicant needs to justify the duration of treatment as the immigration officer will assess the time period of the treatment and may also talk to the medical consultant/doctor who will be either conducting or supervising the treatment. If the treatment is deemed to be open-ended, then the application is likely to be refused.

UK Medical Visa Extension

For extension requests for private medical treatment, the applicant needs to provide the proof of funds.

If the either applicant’s own funds or a third party’s funds will be transferred from abroad, then the applicant needs to furnish evidence of transferability of the funds. For third party’s funds, a recent/fresh confirmation of the sponsor’s willingness/ability to meet the cost is also required.

Confirming Details of a Medical Doctor in the UK

During the assessment process, Medical Doctor’s registration with the General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK will be checked.

On the Registered Medical Practitioners’ List, the doctor should be on the Specialist Register. Moreover, if in the assessment process there is any doubt, then the immigration officer may contact the hospital directly to confirm that the doctor is practising at the hospital.

Medical Clearance for Danger to Public Health

Applications of all such applicants, who are diagnosed with either a communicable disease or suffer/appear to suffer from a severe illness/disability for any reason, are referred for a medical clearance during the assessment process.


In the UK Immigration Rules, there is no provision to allow a person as a surrogate mother. Application as a private medical visitor is not appropriate because the applicant may not be suffering from any adverse medical condition.

Applications at the Border

At the border, if a visitor is coming to the UK for either receiving or intending to receive, health/medical treatment then such cases are referred to a port medical inspector. Accordingly, an entry can either be granted or refused on the recommendation of the medical inspector.

Applicants are required to satisfy that they are able to meet the requirements i.e. have sufficient funds and other necessary requirements for receiving private medical treatment in the UK.

Such applicants are usually granted entry for not more than six (6) months, subject to mandatory stipulations i.e. no recourse to public funds, work and study.

Persons Accompanying Visitor

Please refer the section on Accompanying Visitor of our post Permitted Activities – Medical Treatment for details.

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