Applying for UK Visitor Visa after Tier 4 Student Visa

This relates to Applying UK Visitor Visa after Tier 4 Student Visathe chances of getting a UK Visitor Visa for attending graduation ceremony after completing studies in the UK on a Tier 4 Student Visa. Many students face difficulty in getting UK visitor visa after successfully completing their studies in the UK. This post tries to explain the underlying reasons for UK visitor visa refusals for such cases.

Will I be able to Get a UK Visitor Visa After Tier 4 Visa?

Circumstances of the Applicant

  • I recently completed studies at a UK university as a Tier 4 Student.
  • Afterwards, I returned to my home country and now intends to visit the UK for attending my graduation ceremony, which will be held after the announcement of results.
  • Presently, I am not doing any work and my parents will be bearing the expenses of the trip; as a matter of fact, one of them will be travelling with me to attend the graduation ceremony. I have made it clear in my application that my parents still support me.
  • I have submitted following documents as an evidence that my parents have adequate funds to support the travelling expenses:
    • letter from my parents’ employer;
    • copies of the tax returns;
    • bank account maintenance certificate and last six months account statement;
    • affidavit of support by my parent;
  • I have also submitted my personal bank statement;
  • I have furnished travel plans along with:
    • fully paid return tickets to my home country;
    • hotel reservations in the UK;
    • email copy of the letter of invitation from my University for attending the Graduation Ceremony;
    • fully paid tickets to go to Schengen Countries from the UK;
  • I have an extensive travel history and have travelled to many countries across the globe. As a matter of fact, I have travelled to the US and Europe on several occasions in the past, and even in the recent past. And have never overstayed on a visitor visa.

Chances of Getting the Visitor Visa after Tier 4 Student Visa

Prima-facie, it seems to be a DONE DEAL. Quite good and above average credentials. However, UK visitor visas are granted on the principle of Balance of Probability and the Onus of Proof is on the applicant. Importantly, as a practice, dependant Children reaching 18 years of age are granted a visitor visa only valid up to 6 months past their 18th birthday. Since a university graduate is likely to be around 22-25 years of age, therefore, this practice of curtailing the grant of visitor visa only up-to 6 months beyond 18 years of age will really make the task of the ECO quite difficult! Moreover, the purpose of attending a Graduation Ceremony in the UK is not a stated purpose to apply for the Standard Visitor Visa; however, one can apply as a General Visitor.

The Immediate Reason for Travelling to the UK

Invitation from the University establishes an immediate purpose of visiting the UK but does not guarantee that the applicant will visit and return to the home country.

Positive Factors

The positive factors in the application are Travel History and Family Background.

Negative Factors

The negative factors are that the applicant is single and unemployed- even recently graduating from the UK might fall under the negative factor. How the applicant will be able to fill in the details relating to Employment and Income in the application form? 

Applicant’s Home Country Risk Rating and Perception

Country of Residence and Applicant’s Nationality – are important factors that are taken into account during the assessment process. An ECO has necessary information relating a country’s political, economic and security situation. Therefore, applicants applying from countries where there is social and political turmoil have to prove their credential in a much more precise and robust manner than nationals of those countries where there are relatively better and stable economic, political and social conditions. via UK Visa Refusal Rate by Country and Application Assessment

Issuance of a Single Entry Visa

If the applicant is from a high-risk country then the application is likely to be refused; however, if the applicant is from a low-risk country then the chances of granting a six-months multi-entry visitor visa (UK C Visa) are quite high. However, since the application for the visitor visa is for a specified purpose i.e. to attend the Graduation Ceremony, therefore, the possibility of Single Entry Visa for 15 days or one-month visitor visa could be a likely outcome for enabling the applicant to attend the graduation ceremony as there are weak grounds for issuing a multiple entry visa.

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