UK Tourist Visa application guidance 2019

UK Tourist Visa 2019 how to apply and reapply successfullyThe guidance relates to successfully applying and reapplying for UK tourist visa application. Accordingly, provides general and basic information and tips for making a UK tourist visa application for the very first time. Perhaps, the post tries to clarify a few common questions relating to the UK tourist visa. Accordingly, covers the following topics:

  • UK Tourist Visa 2019: how to apply and reapply successfully?
    • The simplicity of UK tourist visa online application form
    • Supporting documents for UK tourist visa
    • How to pay for the UK tourist visa fee?
    • Where to submit the application form?
    • How to submit a UK tourist visa application?
    • The role of a consultant or lawyer?
    • Is an invitation or sponsor letter necessary for UK tourist visa?
    • Is it possible for me to book a flight without paying first?
    • Can I get a UK visa decision in about 2 to 3 days?
    • Can you reapply for a UK tourist visa a month after leaving?

UK Tourist Visa 2019: how to apply and reapply successfully?

When an applicant applies for UK Standard Visitor Visa for the purpose of tourism then it is commonly known as UK Tourist Visa. Moreover, there is ONLY ONE METHOD of Applying for UK Tourist Visa i.e. Apply online at AccessUK and afterwards, an applicant submits documents at UKVAC and undergoes the biometrics.

The Simplicity of UK Tourist Visa Online Application Form

The online application form is fairly simple. If an applicant has done homework then it may not take more than 1-2 hours to fill and finalize the online application form. Therefore, it is important to gather and finalize supporting documents before completing the online application form.

Supporting Documents for UK Tourist Visa

Perhaps, to substantiate the credentials, ability to maintain during the visit and bearing the cost of a return journey, an applicant needs to submit relevant personal and financial circumstances relating to marriage or civil partnership certificate, family form, bank statements, income and tax certificates and returns. However, there is no need for submitting meaningless supporting documents such as credit card statements.

How to Pay the UK Tourist Visa Fee?

Once an applicant finalizes the application form then can proceed to pay the UK standard visitor visa fee online. However, an applicant cannot make any changes in the application form after making the fee payment. Therefore, applicants may review the form 2-3 times before making the payment. And also can take a print out, which will not have barcodes. However, the print out of the final UK standard visitor visa application form after the fee payment will have barcodes on the top right side of every page- with GWF number at the bottom of the barcodes.

Moreover, once an applicant finalizes the online application form and pays the fee the system automatically provides for the checklist of UK tourist visa supporting documents. Therefore, if documents are missing in an applicant’s documents then can add the remaining documents.

Where to submit the application form?

If there are more than one UKVACs in a country then the online UK visa application enumerates a list of all available UK visa application centres. For instance, in Lebanon there is only one UKVAC; whereas, in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, China there are several UKVACs. Moreover, it also indicates whether priority and super priority visa service are available in a particular UKVAC.

How to submit a UK tourist visa application?

An applicant needs to submit at the UK visa application centre (UKVAC). Every applicant needs to go through biometrics. Therefore, even a family member such as a spouse/father can’t submit the UK tourist visa application on behalf of spouse/children.

For instance, if a three-member family (i.e. husband, wife and a 12-year-old) is intending to visit the UK for holidays then all three applicants need to apply online. And also to pay the fee online. Moreover, on the appointment date, all three family members need to go to the UKVAC. The staff of the UKVAC will cursory review their application form and supporting documents. Afterwards will take their PHOTO and biometrics. And will seal the passports in an envelope.

The role of a consultant or lawyer?

The consultant or the lawyer can only help to prepare an application. However, can’t submit a UK tourist visa application at UK visa application centre (UKVAC) on behalf of an applicant.

Is an invitation or sponsor letter necessary for UK tourist visa?

No, a Sponsor Letter is not a pre-requisite for UK tourist and certainly, it is not mandatory. What is necessary is a travel itinerary to justify the purpose. Certainly, what is most critical is the genuine intention of an applicant to return to the home country and the ability to financially maintain himself/herself without recourse to public funds.

Is it possible for me to book a flight without paying first?

Yes, it is quite possible. You can ask your travel agent and who can book for the return journey. Moreover, you can also check for online booking directly from any suitable airline website. Usually, quite a few airlines provide for online ticket booking without payment for a certain duration. However, there is no need for Paying for the ticket as it would not increase the balance of probability of granting a UK tourist visa. Please note: it is quite a normal practice to provide the booking of the flights. Therefore, any travel agent can provide you with a travel booking without paying for the ticket. However, once you get an affirmative decision you can pay for the ticket and proceed with your journey!

Can I get a UK visa decision in about 2 to 3 days?

You may get a decision within 5 working days if you opt for priority service. Therefore, there is only a remote possibility of getting a decision within 2–3 days with priority service. However, if super-priority service is available in your country then you may get a decision with 24 hours!

Can you reapply for a UK tourist visa a month after leaving?

Well, there is no hard and fast rule for reapplying the UK tourist. The immigration rules for visitors does not specify any time period before reapplying for UK tourist visa. Therefore, yes, one can reapply for UK tourist visa a month after leaving the UK.

Important to justify the frequency of visits

However, one needs to justify the purpose of reapplying the UK tourist. Perhaps, it is not normal to visit the UK for tourism on a very frequent basis and staying in the UK for a long duration. Certainly, this indicates that a person has not much to do in his/her home country, therefore, may indicate weak ties. Therefore, usually, it is not expedient to reapply within a short span of time. For instance, if one has visited the UK during the summer holidays in August then may apply in November for Christmas and new year. However, immediately applying for a UK tourist visa in September to visit as a tourist in October may not reflect positively on the overall credentials and intentions of an applicant.

Perhaps, if a person has a good travel history and personal credentials, then applying for long term 2, 5 or 10 years multiple entry visitor visa is a more logical choice as such applicants can justify the purpose of frequently visiting the UK for tourism.


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